Euromediterranean Model-”Partner”, Morocco, Horrifies EU Parliament by Murdering Muslims, Lack of Freedom, Nationalism, Threats – Exposing the Evil of the Euromediterranean Project

Summary: EU´s  Euro-Mediterranean Project started in 1973 and since then through the Barcelona Declaration of 1995 and the Mediterranean Union by 2008 mobilized considerable effort and feigned enthusiasm from the EU due to lack of commitment among the Arab “partner countries” toward democratization and economic progress. The project stalled, as the EU funds dwindled, the only thing that had Arab interest.
But one country was praised and highlighted by the EU as a model “partner country”, viz. Morocco. Its communications minister describes the country as the “partner” country closest to the EU’s “values”, ie. the “Fundamental Rights”, which protect Muslims – and are used as a weapon against European “racism and xenophobia.” And although Morocco, if any, is exhibiting racism and xenophobia by sending its Christian citizens 15 years in prison, e.g. for a trivial burning of 2 unused wooden posts, which blocked the road to a Christian’s house, after the authorities had ignored requests to remove them. Furthermore Morocco expels Christians for postulated missionary activity – without evidence – under the pretext that they pose a danger to the state and public order!

But this did not impress an enthusiastic EU. Only when Morocco unmasked and killed an unknown number of Muslim Sahrawi citizens who demand independence from a despotic Moroccan annexation of the area in 1975 it was  too much for the EU. Parliament strongly condemned this attack. Morocco felt its “national pride deeply offended” – the worst word in the EU´s vocabulary – and threatened the EU for “playing with fire.”

Euro Mediterranean Human Rights Network demonstrates that democracy and freedom of association in “partner countries” suffer violent assaults – even by means of military courts. All the Euromediterranean mendacious premises are thereby exposed.
Moreover, the EU´s praised Euromed Investment Bank, the EIB, shows up as incompetent or corrupt. Big European taxpayer money disappears into the pockets of corrupt banks – with no explanation of how the money is spent.

The reason why we have not heard of these things is given by the Anna Lindh Foundation´s chairman, Azoulay: “The media today play a central role not only in shaping our perception, but also the development of our values and behavior.This is the spirit of partnership which aims to support all those journalists who through their courage and talent are able to communicate our common Mediterranean complexities.” The EU has given narrow rules for what journalists are allowed to write and not to write – apparently nothing at all about the Euromed.

Nevertheless, the show will continue for New World Order reasons – as evidenced by the convulsive efforts at the 9th Euromediterranean Trade Ministers´Conference to create the free trade area, acc. to the Barcelona Declaration set to be established by 2010. “Partners” have nothing to sell – and their workers remain unskilled in Europe and  disastrously expensive for tax payers. The Euromed is a success in one point only: It provides an unprecedented stream of unqualified poverty refugees to Europe and thus a good complement to the economic and cultural collapse of  Europe – as requested by European politicians.


EU politicians were so enthusiastic about amalgamating fire and water, Europe and Asian/African Islam. They flattened European culture in the Council of Europe (Bat Ye´or Eurabia 1975, pp. 170–172) in the most embarrassing way. They introduced the Euromediterranean Project for shared prosperity, free trade area and culture with the Barcelona DeclarationThey promised the “partner Countries” the 4 freedoms of the EU (incl. free mobility for people) in return for economic and democratic progress, a status grandiosely granted to Morocco on 13 Oct. 2008. And on 13 July 2008, all EU countries proclaimed the Union for the Mediterranean – to provide for  millions of  unproductive and ungrateful Queen24_308x385Muslim immigrants (30% of national budgets in Sweden and Denmark spent on immigration in 2001).

Submission to Islam: Humble Queen Elizabeth II goes barefoot to the mosque in Abu Dhabi, wearing a head scarf (which old women, who no longer arouse the desire of men, need not do – sura 24:60. So this is an obvious submission to Islam), a country foreseen by Italian Foreign Minister, Frattini to be a member of an enlarged Mediterranean Union – extending to the Persian Gulf. I think it is the first time the queen has been seen barefoot in public penance to Islam!

And things are not developing according to schedule
The Union for the Mediterranean Summit has been postponed after Arab countries refused once again to participate in the summit if Israel attends.
Euromediterranean Human Rights Network 31 Oct. 2010: A close examination of recent developments in the Euro-Mediterranean region reveals that freedom of association has experienced setbacks in the past few years and there has been very little positive development worth mentioning. The trend observed in the past three years is that new restrictions have been put in place in the name of public order, security and the fight against terrorism. Arbitrary denials of registration for many organisations, in particular those active in the human rights field (Libya, Syria, Tunisia), including in promoting diversity and minorities (Greece, Morocco, Syria, Turkey),  ever-growing interference in NGO activities by the authorities, for example by impeding their right to peaceful assembly (Algeria, Israel, Egypt), intervening in the affairs of their boards (Syria, Tunisia) or dissolving organisations on arbitrary grounds (Palestine) arefrequent.These developments have left human rights activists in a deplorable situation, marked by physical and psychological attacks, smear campaigns and restrictions on the freedom of movement of many activists in a number of countries of the Eastern and Southern Mediterranean. Sentences imposed on NGO activists, in some cases by military tribunals, also provide distressing evidence of the trend towards more restrictive policies observed over the past three years.

Marokko-saharaEU Parliament 25 Nov. 2010: Parliament expresses its “greatest concern about the significant deterioration of the situation in Western Sahara” and “strongly condemns” the violent events of 8 November, when a still unknown number of people were killed during a raid by Moroccan security forces aimed at dismantling the protest camp of Gdaim Izik, in the outskirts of Laâyoune. While noting that the Moroccan parliament has set up a committee of enquiry, MEPs believe that the United Nations is the most appropriate body to launch an international and independent investigation on the events, deaths and disappearances.
Lastly, Parliament deplores the attacks on press freedom, which have affected many European journalists.

EU business 27 Nov. 2010: In a report released, the New York-based Human Rights Watch said security forces repeatedly beat and abused people they detained. Morocco says 11 security officers and at least two civilians were killed in the violence, while the Polisario Front, which wants independence for Western Sahara, said the toll was much higher.
The UN Security Council also deplored the raid.

ANSAmed 26 Nov. 2010: Morocco is putting itself in the role of victim of a media offensive and Westsaharan-campthe EU Resolution over the Western Sahara which is being orchestrated by hostile countries and political forces which are using ”falsehood” and about Laayoune on November 8.

Speaking to ANSAmed, Morocco’s Minister for Communications, Khalid Naciri, said: ”As a people, we have been hurt deeply as victims of a media campaign engaged against us by Polisario and by Algeria, which is being supported by the majority of Spain’s mediaAl Qaeda, that is, ready to take advantage of the situation to fasten its roots in the Maghreb.
Al Qaeda is trying to de-stabilise Morocco, the most advanced country in the area in terms of development, of democracy and of respect for human rights as well as being an important economic partner,” soMohammed Nabil Benabdallah, General Secretary of the Progress and Socialism Party .

Spanish-protests-against-morocco”Europe is playing with fire with regards to Morocco, which is the country in the area closest to its own values,” Benabdallah warns, referring to the resolution passed by the European Parliament. This resolution comes as a blow to national pride, especially with its recommendation that the UN set up an inquiry.

Thousands of furious demonstrators in Madrid demanding independence for West Sahara from Morocco now (African Star 13 Nov. 2010).

The fate of Christians in Morocco adds to the picture of the real face of the EU´s pet “partner”, MoroccoI have found no EU protest or condemnation of that.
Compass Direct 1 July 2010: Moroccan authorities expelled eight more foreign Christians from the country last weekend, bringing the total of deported Christians since March to 128. Authorities called the foreigners to police stations across Morocco on Friday (June 25) and told them they had 48 hours to leave the country on grounds of “threatening public order.”
The ambassador said the Moroccan Penal Code imposes fines and prison sentences for those who “use means of seduction in the aim of undermining a Muslim’s faith or of converting him/her to another religion.”

JamaaJamaa Ait Bakrim, a Moroccan Christian who has been imprisoned for his faith since 2005.
Jamaa (prisoner number 26574) was imprisoned in 2005 for his faith and is currently in Prison Centrale, located in Kenitra, Morocco.
ICC says: “In actuality Jamaa burned two unused wooden posts that were blocking access to his house. He requested permission from local authorities and heard nothing until his arrest.” A professor who had known Jamaa since childhood said: “Fifteen years for two abandoned posts, it is scandalous. Jamaa presented a serious problem for the authorities. He displayed his convictions in broad daylight and it is for this reason he underwent a crackdown.” A businessman who knew Jamaa: “Jamaa is a convinced Christian, he is far from being mad. The business of two burnt posts gave the authorities an excuse to rid their city of a man they hated.”

The EU´s European Investment Bank (EIB) , the prime funder of Euromediterranean aid, is incompetent or fraudulent
The Guardian 25 Nov. 2010: Hundreds of millions of pounds of European Union aid to help the poor in Africa is being handed over without public scrutiny to banks and private equity companies and funnelled into tax havens, a new report claims. Counter Balance, a group of non-government organisations, has investigated the €1.1bn (£932m) of annual aid from the taxpayer-funded European Investment Bank to Africa and the Caribbean. It alleges that the cash disappeared into African banks, a Luxembourg tax haven and a Nigerian bank whose managing director was under investigation for fraud. The report condemns the EIB for lack of checks and failure to make public what is happening to the cash. “The bank provides next to no information on where this money ends up.”

So, this insanity will not stop  ANSAmed – CAIRO, NOVEMBER 19 – The European Union has agreed on choosing the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality to outline new unified specifications for jobs in Euro-Mediterranean countries starting from next year.
This came in meetings of the working groups of the industry ministers in the Euro-Mediterranean countries, held recently in Brussels. The move is meant to achieve rapprochement at the vocational level among the Mediterranean states. Comment: So that “Partner” citizens can “legally” migrate to and work in the EU, which has no other morals than money and power greed.

The 9th Union for the Mediterranean Trade Ministerial Conference
Brussels, 11 November 2010: The Conference will allow Ministers to take stock of progress made towards the objective agreed in Barcelona in 1995 of establishing a genuine Free Trade Area by 2010. Ministers will first take stock of progress achieved in the on-going negotiations for the liberalisation of trade in services and establishment, negotiations on the establishment of dispute settlement mechanisms and market access for agricultural, processed agricultural and fishery products.
Joint working priorities for 2011 include actions to complete the Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area and to boost Euro-Mediterranean trade and investment flows. In particular, Ministers will discuss the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean Trade and Investment Facilitation mechanism and ways to enhance regional cooperation on fight against piracy and counterfeiting. A series of initiatives to Anna-lindh-reportintegrate the Mahgreb countries are funded by the EU.

Did we ever hear about this? No, for our media are being manipulated Anna Lindh Foundation 9 Nov. 2010: The President of the Anna Lindh Foundation, André Azoulay: “The media today plays a central role not only in terms of


shaping of our perceptions but also the evolution of our values and behaviours. In that regard, this partnership is aiming to support all those journalists who through their courage and talent are able to communicate the complexities of our shared Mediterranean Region.”

The case of Morocco shows how stupid the Euromediterranean Project is and was from the beginning. It is an ideological project wanted by the Europeans from the beginning, acc. to Bat Ye´or´s Eurabia. European politicians have even expressed their will to have an overwhelming Muslim immigration to destroy our old societies radically . The forces behind the Euromediterranean Project have a world state agenda by  fusing the upcoming North American Union (NAU) with the Far East (more on NAU here and here). So, the Euromediterranean is a very important piece in the puzzle – and cannot be abandoned by any means or at any cost. So the show will go on – without people even knowing about this Project nor its consequences.

Notice how Morocco, too, tries to benefit from the fictitious Al Qaeda danger for political gain.
The EU did not achieve its Euromed. Free Trade Area and here in 2010 stipulated in the Barcelon Declaration. Morocco was the model child among the “partners”, praised by the EU – closest to EU “values”, as Morocco´s minister for communications said, as he made thinly veiled threats at the Europeans (“Playing with fire”) for having offended the thing the EU disgusts most of all: “national pride”. The EU is totally amoral in relation to Old European values – having made its Fundamental Rights for protecting – Muslims. Now Morocco has thrown the mask – and the EU Parliament makes as if it is horrified – because Morocco is killing Muslims. That Christians are being persecuted in Turkey – by and by exterminated – has by no means stopped the EU´s admission negotiations with Turkey. That Christian missionaries are being thrown out of Morocco and here did not upset the EU, nor deprive Morocco of its advanced status, under which it is receiving the 4 EU Freedoms – including free movement for persons. Evil European politicians will tolerate what they themselves see as evil. Christians do not matter to the EU , which seems to want Muslims to persecute Christians in the EU, as well..  What a travesty – others would say high treason.

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