Building the World State II: Sarkozy Will Enforce Hitler´s Ideas of Making a Master Race

Ironically Jewish Nicolas Sarkozy, the present rotating president of the EU, has adopted Adolf Hitler´s ideas Sarcozy-presidentfrance-satanic293hof having a master race rule the world.
Hitler4_3Only, whereas Hitler strived for a purified “aryan” race and culture for the job, the EU apparently strives for a “universal” mixture of black, brown and white genes and cultures – will even enforce this mixing, according to Mr. Sarkozy.

The following is from a speech made by Mr. Sarkozy on December 17 to the students of the Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau.  And here is a  video from that speech.

Are you willing to give up your identity – not only spiritually and culturally – but also genetically. If not, this new EU fascism must be combated now! Only together can we do that!
Is this really acceptable to the Europeans? All the more amazing is the fact that about 3 weeks ago, the EU Parliament passed the Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia – guaranteeing up to 3 years of imprisonment for racism!

The speech was covered by “Galliawatch

“The excerpt in question centers on France’s obligation to become a mixed country – that troublesome word “métissé” is once again at the heart of his incredibly threatening speech. The verb “métisser” theoretically means to mix blood or to crossbreed, but at times it is used more loosely to mean mix cultures. Sarkozy uses the word, or a form of it, at least 7 times in the first few seconds of the video. Whether he is referring to the mixing of blood or merely destroying French culture by bringing in hostile aliens, it is impossible to avoid the fact that he is telling the French people, in terms that have never been so menacing, that they have to mix, or else…

Here is my rendition of his words. It is far from perfect, because his grammar seems a bit off at times. Except for two places, I have retained the French word “métissage” (crossbreeding), and it’s various verbal and adjectival forms, since “crossbreeding”, “racial mixing” and other similar terms don’t always convey the right meaning. “Crossbreeding” sounds too scientific, as when farmers crossbreed crops. “Miscegenation” is too technical and refers to marriage. “Mongrelization” and “bastardization” are too graphic.

Mixed marriageSarkozy: “(…) the objective is to meet the challenge of “métissage” – the challenge of “métissage” that the 21st century is confronting us with. The challenge of “métissage”, France has always been familiar with it, and by meeting the challenge of “métissage” France remains faithful to her history. Moreover, it is consanguinity that has always provoked the end of civilizations and societies.”

Note: In the above sentence we see that he IS talking about racially mixing the BLOOD of his compatriots with foreigners (and we know that the foreigners in question are not Swedes or Italians).

“In the course of centuries, France has always known “métissage”, France has always been “métissée”.

Note: This is insanity. France has never been “métissée” in the way he is using the wordHe is attempting to equate the mixing of the Franks, Latins and Celts with the mixing of white and black or of European and North African Muslim.

“France has crossbred cultures, ideas and histories. France, who was able to crossbreed these cultures and these histories, constructed a universal language, because France herself is universal in the diversity of her origins.”

Note: I’m not certain what he’s trying to say except that out of the racially diverse mix, comes something universal. That may or may not be true, but it is not the point. Why does he want to destroy the civilization that grew and flourished over the past 2000 years, from the Roman Empire, to the Second World War? What is his complaint about French civilization, other than he doesn’t like it very much?

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the last thing: If republican will power does not function, it will be necessary for the Republic to resort to even more forcible methods.”

Sarkozy-OKNote: It is the above sentence that has Desouche’s readers reaching for their guns.

But we don’t have a choice. Diversity at the base of the country must be reflected by diversity at the head of the country.
It is not a choice. It is an obligation. It is an imperative
. We cannot do otherwise at the risk of finding ourselves faced with considerable problems.

We must change, so we will change.”

Note: For a man who only looks to the future, who admittedly cares nothing for the past, Nicolas Sarkozy seems to be completely out of step with the needs of his people. They did not elect him to change the DNA of the country, but to improve their lot, to fight crime, to reduce immigration, and to restore a sense of national pride. Of all the betrayals France has endured, this is the unkindest cut of all.

François Desouche has over 200 comments from readers. They range from “Let’s take our families and get out of Europe” to “Send this guy to the gibbet”.

Rothschild-globesChaplinglobe1174402984Left: These globes can be seen on this Roth
Right: Chaplin as the Great Dictator
Rothschild website

Sarkozy has strong Zionist relations
And he seems to be a Rothschild PuppetCNN Money Sept. 5, 2007 
Nicolas Sarkozy used his position as president to enforce a $110-billion merger agreement between two French energy companies – the privately-held firm Suez and state-controlled gas utility Gaz de France (GdF) – Sarkozy has taken that dirigiste attitude to an extraordinary level.
Sources familiar with the situation say his key adviser on this deal is a former Rothschild banker named François Pérol who is now at the Elysée (although, interestingly, Rothschild itself was advising Suez on the transaction).

The Guardian June 11, 2007 : In the past, Sarkozy has admitted contacting his friends, who also include Edouard de Rothschild, chief shareholder in the left-leaning daily Libération, to complain when reports have troubled him.

Mr. Sarkozy´s scandalous racism makes me think of another philosemitic elitist racist: the freemason and champion of the EU, Coudenhove Kalergi – so adored by the EU. He looked forward to a mixed race of Europeans  looking like the ancient Egyptians!

Considering that the likewise Jewish Mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, last summer made immigration and multiculture the yardsticks of success in his city, which is increasingly pestered by criminality, one cannot help asking: What is the common denominator of these people? Whom do they work for?  Here is a suggestion: The illuminists. And perhaps rather: Who works for them? As appears from a  later article on this Blog racial mixing is a precondition for the production of perfect slaves.Only so is it possible to divide and reign. But Hitler´s thoughts about dividing mankind into a master race and underlings persist today.

Illuminati signs of the world´s  fascist elitist  brotherhood
Here are many more elitists doing this

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