Adam Weishaupt´s Legacy II: One-World Government

First posted on 19 Febr. 2010

Summary: Prime Minister Gordon Brown declares to his progressive friends that he wants a World Economic Constitution – and states that the world is in an unseen radical transformation. There are press announcements that the weak US dollar is forging a new world order and that a global bank tax may be a reality soon. Soros demands China to take the lead in a new world order (communist/fascist) economy. A new economical world order is now being advocated from many sides as the de facto world government – and the UNCTAD back in September 2009 presented a programme for planned Communist world economy with redistribution of the world´s wealth under the supervision of a global authority, imposing a tax on all international trade, with a global central bank and a world currency based on the IMF´s Special Drawing Rights as advocated by Sarkozy and Gordon Brown. Economic activity and inflation would be regulated by the IMF by its printing/reduction of printing of SDRs and relative wealth by IMF-regulation of fixed exchange rates.  The explanation is 234 years old: Adam Weishaupt´s Illuminati/Illuminist Organization which he formed at the request of Mayer Amschel Rothschild in Frankfurt am Main to work secretly at all leading levels of the world´s societies for a one-world state, subservient to Rothschild and his money.I have received a dissertation on Adam Weishaupt´s pedagogic significance. This extensive work gives an excellent insight into Weishaupt´s illuminati organization: A dictatorial, despotic organization standardizing its members to Weishaupt´s manipualtive thinking, teaching submission, spying and squealing on their surroundings  before they were sent into the world to direct its regents. Weishaupt wanted to set mankind in motion and flames. The Organization was exposed and disbanded in 1790 – but after the Wilhelmsbad Conference in 1782 its members had widely infiltrated the freemason lodges – especially the French Scottish Rite. Count de Mirabeau was a leader of the French Revolution – and managed to make French freemasonry largely illuministic. According to David Allen Rivera, this band was the force behind the French Revolution. According to Winston Churchill, they have been behind every revolution since 1776. Weishaupt declared that he wanted to abolish the national state, Christianity and any morality therewith connected. Gordon Brown, Sarkozy, Barroso etc. repeatedly speak of the New World Order to replace the old order, secretly (now exposed) even stating to be using unlimited multiculturalism for this purpose  – thus today finishing the job Weishaupt started. In a bill, the EU has declared itself illuministic.


See on this video Gordon Brown praising the radical transformation of the world by the New World Order in his arrogant manner  – demanding the Paradise ensuing from a “World Constitution for Economy”!! Further: AFP 4 Oct. 2009US Economic Decline Forges New World Order The crisis is redrawing the world map of economic power as the influence of US consumer spending declines and major emerging markets like China and India take the lead, finance chiefs said.  A global tax on banks may be a reality soon. However, it will be blocked by Canada??? 

How ever did we land there. I know no one who has chosen or been informed about this radical transformation of the world. The following gives the explanation.

Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830) was the son of a a Jewish rabbi, converted to become a Jesuit – but left the order and was recruited by Mayer Amschel Rothschild in Frankfurt am Main in 1770 to form an organization for Rothschild to rule the world with. This was delivered on 1 May 1776.

I just received a dissertation on Adam Weishaupt´s pedagogical significance. Much of his and illuminism´s nature is revealed in this paper, from which I extracted the following:

The author denies Weishaupt to be a global conspirator. Her dissertation, however, makes very clear that Weishaupt’s world perfecting form of government – based on his personal approach – was to be extended to the entire world(“Their aim, he said, was to have a one-world government, to allow the elite to govern the world, thus preventing future wars”).This was to succeed in secrecy by manipulative, authoritarian upbringing of individuals – so that he could send into the world a swarm of uniformly thinking and -acting pupils as leaders of men – especially of those in power. He thought he could make a world of bliss for everybody through reason. For now though, “we must make the people,” he said. The state should dictatorially patronize people – until everybody fell asleep after being so brainwashed that government was redundant – (ie. never!). Autocracy, discipline, submission, squealing and coercion are the means. Everyone must be mobilized for the “great common purpose” (“Common Purpose, Nazism) ”But we Illuminati do not obey the Regent – only ourselves!” Franz Friedrich Knigge called Weishaupt’s teachings, illuminism, despotism.
This task of the individual to perfecting himself according to the rules of the great dictator, Weishaupt, for the “great common purpose” fascinated – and is fascinating people.

Weishaupt called any institution for the promotion of superstition an attack on humanity – even usurpation. However, his illuminati Class III includes minor mysteries, mysteries, major mysteries, Magus, Docet. Revolution? You can see about this topic in the questions asked candidates for the degree of Priest: e. But how about introducing this blessed season and a general moral regime? By public institutions, through violent revolutions, or in any other way? f. does not the pure Christian religion give us hints for this? Does it not preach such a happy state to us, does  it not prepare us for that? g. But is, in fact, is this simple, sacred religion the same, which now the various Christian sects are teaching, or is it better?
h. Kan you teach this better religion? Would , in fact, the world as it now is, be able to tolerate more lightIlluminated-mindDo you think that until innumerable difficulties are removed, it might be of any use giving people purified religion, higher philosophy, and art or preaching to them to be able to govern themselves to their advantage? Does not the avoidance of these things depend so closely on our political and moral conditions that a lot of people out of ill comprehended interest, and several due to ingrained prejudices, would be opposed to ennobling of the human race, because they are accustomed to the old forms and yet consider as wrong what does not fit into this, be it ever so natural, great, noble? After the 1782 Wilhelmsbad Conference, illuminists infiltrated Freemasonry, who ran the French Revolution – especially active in the French Scottish Rite (Annex).

We now insert this Weishaupts 6–point programme:1) Abolition of the Monarchy and all ordered government. 2) Abolition of private property. 3) Abolition of inheritance. 4) Abolition of patriotism. 5) Abolition of the family, through the abolition of marriage, all morality, and the institution of communal education for children. 6) Abolition of all religion.
After the demise of the original illuminati in 1790, Weishaupt wrote according to David Allen Rivera: “By this plan we shall direct all mankind. In this manner, and by the simplest means, we shall set in motion and in flames. The occupations must be allotted and contrived, that we may in secretinfluence all political transactions.” And furthermore: “Princes and nations will disappear without violence from the earth. The human race will then become one family, and the world will be the dwelling of rational men.” Weishaupt´s disciples (i.a. de Mirabeau) made the French masons illuminist – and they ran the French Revolution, according to Rivera.

Babel-tower-europe-many-tongues-one-voice-150All of these entities in a secret society are indeed the definition of conspiracy – worldwide as declared above. This dissertation gives a very good understanding of the background of the model of Communism – and Fascism. The EU (explanatory statement) professes illuminism, which is simply Weishaupt’s teachings. Right: EU poster with the Tower of Babel with robot-people (cubic heads, Luciferian, i.e. inverted pentagram stars)

This explains the following endeavours by the illuminist world elite to build a world government of a Fascist (corporative)-Communist nature, aiming at the Communist Utopia which so miserably failed in the Soviet Union, China and anywhere else: “to receive according to need and give according to ability”. This “charitable” ideology has one clear origin: Adam Weishaupt.

Truth and Liberty 26. Sept. 2009 Institutions of global governance and global central banking have been steadily increasing their power throughout the last century. But this month, several key announcements have been made – quietly and disguised by political rhetoric – that usher in a global transformation that will lead to the completion of the planned World Government.

On 7th September 2009, the UN released their Trade and Development Report, which called for:* The establishment of a global central bank.* The establishment of a single world currency.* A new tax on all international trades.* Increased power to international regulators. * Increased government intervention in the financial sector.* Further bailouts of failing banks and industries. * Increased use of government price controls * Increased intervention in the global food market. * A cap-and-trade carbon emissions trading system.

Imf-structural-ajustmentThe single currency will be based on IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR’s), and all national and regional currencies will be exchangeable at a fixed exchange rate with SDR’s and other currencies. The exchange rates will be managed by the IMF. This makes SDR’s the de facto world currency.

Now inflation and business cycles will be created at the global level, by the issuing of SDR’s. Relative prosperity of the various nations will be controlled by the IMF via making adjustments to the exchange rates.

In 2009, food emergencies persist in 31 countries, and it is estimated that between 109 million and 126 million people, most of them in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, may have fallen below the poverty line since 2006due to higher food prices. Markets are not functioning in an orderly manner. In addition, forecasts by specialized agencies expect food prices to remain high in the longer run.”  In blaming the free market, the Report ignores the huge distortions to the international food market caused by government (and Rothschild)involvement, for example the huge subsidies encouraging biofuel production in the name of fighting climate change.

At the end of this article, you can see a more detailed list of UNCTAD proposals to take over  world government by means of money

Soros-davos-20080123_jpg_ss_20080123150130The Raw Story brings an F.T. Interview with Soros: “You really need to bring China into the creation of a new world ordera financial world order,” Soros told FT. I think the makings of it are already there because the G20 effectively is moving in that direction.” Soros also advocated for the creation of at least a limited global currency. Soros said the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights — could be the backbone of a new global currency. “Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, were created in 1969 as a way of supplementing countries’ currency reserves. Their value is determined by a formula based on the values of the US dollar, the British pound, the Japanese yen and the Euro. As Soros noted, China itself has advocated creating a global reserve currency from the IMF’s drawing rights. European leaders such as British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have also called for an expanded role for the IMF in the emerging global economy.

Some critics of the global financial system have argued that SDRs are the  like the thin end of the wedge to the creation of a world government, IMF and the G20 undermine the sovereignty of nations by taking control of economic policy out of the hands of national leaders. Soros’ comments are unlikely to assuage those concerns.

Thus, Adam Weishaupt´s legacy today is world communism (as expressed above and by UN´s secretary general) which by no means fell with the Soviet Union in 1990 – as well as corporative fascism. Just like the illuminati they spread in secrecy like sourdough in the elite of the world. The consequence is that the political spectrum has ceased to exist – right and left has no meaning any more. Elections are but a theatre to try to keep up  democratic appearances. The programme is the same no matter who wins: Dismantling Christianity and the national state i favour of the one world state, Adam Weishaupt´s “noble aim of illuminism” (as the EU writes – explanatory statement). And when the voice of the people would be a constitutionally secured stop to e.g. the Lisbon Treaty, these illuminists deny peoples their right– or ignore the votes.

Weishaupt said the name illuminati (illuminists) was derived from Luciferian teachings, and means, ‘Holders of the Light.’  Weishaupt´s idea of the Luciferian one–world state has defeated all culture, which our parents developed over the past 2.000 years. The barbarian anti-culture to replace it is mental hygiene fused with the Frankfurt School perversities of the communist 68– revolution – and now encompassing Islamism as well – with the “noble” purpose of destroying the old world order entirely, creating a stupid and violent void called by the illuminists The New World Order (see videos on right margin of this blog). What Adam Weishaupt achieved was to destroy the Christian soul, he hated so much, being a renegade Jesuit – putting in its stead – nothing. Next, the wealth of the western world will be given to never developing, steadily Illuminat-pyramide-belyser-klodengrowing populations to whom we are “CO2–endebted”, endebted because of colonialism which at least brought them some western technics, endebted, because our ancestors 900 years ago dared meet Islam on the battlefields the Muslims had so bloodily and inhumanely taken from Christianity – in stead of waiting for Islam to come and conquer us, a grave sin which our hateful, brainwashed, corrupt politicians are now deliberately making up for – throwing us before the Islamic lions – at the cost of our money, safety, and dignity!
I often wonder, why our politicians have submitted to Weishaupt to the extent, that they have ceased to be politicians. Politicians fought and discussed – now they just accept and immediately give in to The New World order–consensus!

The Illuminists are now building Weishaupt´s one-world state by what they call world governance: They take power in field after field, most conspicuously now finances/economy – the soul of Weishaupt´s master, Rothschild, who owns the world´s money, they take out a patent on the climate, and they are bringing the world where they want it: to living Hell in a New Soviet Union. We even have to be thankful, if their war on terror does not bring us WWIII. Their tool is “crises” based on cruelty and lies, and here, and here which they make themselves – and then use as excuses to grab more and more power for the benefit of whom? Their master, Rothschild, their wallets and careers.
Unctad_logoThe following is regular old-fashioned Soviet planned economy – without reward for industry and invention. As we know from the Soviet Union this leads to social poverty – due to man´s natural idleness.

World governance by means of inflationary money production and regulation: UNCTAD Trade and Development Report 2009 :
III E Conclusions1. A key objective  of regulatory reform should be the weeding out of financial instruments with no social returns and providing incentives to channel resources towards investment projects with high social returns.
2. Regulatory arbitrage can only be avoided if regulators are able to cover the whole financial system and ensure that all financial transactions are overseen.
3. It is necessary to complement micro-prudential regulation with macro-prudential policies aimed at smoothing the leverage-cycle
The incentives of credit rating agencies could be improved by establishing a regulatory authority that supervises the operations of the agencies.
5. Participation of developing countries in the various agencies different regulatory requirements.
6. Chapter IV D subsection 3: The report of the Stiglitz Commission: Reform involving Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) as the main form of international liquidity.
7. A system of managed flexible exchange ratesThe Bretton Woods system and the European Monetary System provide precedents.
8. Better, if countries whose currencies were under pressure to devalue were joined in their fight against speculation by the monetary authorities of those countries whose currencies were under pressure to appreciate.
9. Example: Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), plus China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ASEAN+3): collectively managed fund that will pool the foreign exchange reserves of these countries.
10. The global economic governance would gain greater coherence if multilateral trade rules were complemented by an effective system of surveillance and macroeconomic policy coordination. So far, policy surveillance by the IMF has been effective only for countries borrowing from the Fund. (And what a misery to such countries – see the year 2000!).
Free-trade11: Chapter V: F: Countries need to lead global action to mitigate climate change. They need to assume responsibility for the accumulation of emissions affecting the global climate, which have resulted from their past actions. If strengthened, many of its elements could contribute… to the greater participation of developing countries in those efforts.
12: Putting a price on emissionsin the form of taxes or tradable emission permits…, could help set in motion a process towards establishing lowcarboneconomies.
13: Direct government intervention in the form of emission performance standards and strict regulations.
14: The international community can support industrial development in this direction by allowing developing countries sufficient policy space in the context of relevant international agreements on climate change, trade, Foreign Direct Investment and intellectual property rights. Allow banks the possibility to deposit dollar reserves in a special “substitution account” at the IMF, to be denominated in SDRs. The SDRs could also be used to settle international payments. The risk would have to be covered either through the generation of higher revenues by the IMF or by guarantees from member States.
15: Enable a new “Global Reserve Bank or a reformed IMF to issue an “artificial” reserve currency, such as the “bancor” suggested by Keynes in his Bretton Woods proposals for an International Clearing Union. The new global reserve system could be built on the existing system of SDRs.
16: One possibility is for countries to agree to exchange their own currencies for the new currency, so that the global currency would be backed by a basket of currencies of all the members. But other variants are also discussed in the Commission’s report. The new system could contain penalties against countries that maintain deficits, and equally against countries that maintain surpluses.
17: The G-20, at its London Summit in April 2009, announced its support for a new general SDR allocation, which would inject $250 billion into the world economy and increase global liquidity. However, a major problem with the G-20 proposal is that the new SDRs are allocated among the IMF’s various members, so that the G-7 countries would get over 45 per cent of the newly allocated SDRs, while less than 37 per cent would be allocated to developing and transition economies, and less than 8 per cent to low-income countries.
18: SDRs should be allocated to member States on the basis of some estimation of their demand for reserves, or, more generally, on some judgement of “need”.
19: The G-20 finance ministers meeting in April 2009 endorsed the proposal for a countercyclical issuance of SDRs. If the purpose of SDR allocation is to stabilize global output growth, it would indeed be appropriate to issue more SDRs when global growth is low – and smaller amounts or retire SDRs in periods of fast global output growth.
20: Wage cuts have an immediate dampening effect on domestic demand and further destabilize the economy. Moreover, wage cuts of the size needed to restore competitiveness are deflationary and add to the general depression of production and investment. The purpose of giving countries unconditional access to international liquidity should be to ensure that the level of imports can be maintained, and not to bail out foreign investors.

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