/11: The Ruthless Character of the “International Community”/New World Order

First published on 10 Sept. 2011

PyramidestjernenPOsiris - Horus Eye Pyramidhoto above left: The Daily Telegraph 12 sept. 2011. Right:  Further Illuminati symbols. The illuminati pyramid can be seen on every 1 dollar note.

The Communist NWO (see videos on right margin of this blog) has many morally twisted sides: It lies about or conceals its dictatorial, misanthropic character. Here is just a small selection of what was formerly called crimes or high treason – today noble attempts to save mankind from fictitious enemies, but in reality abandoning mankind to the unscrupulous rulers of the one world government. The Banksters behind it control the world, because they own the media and here and here and here and our  politicians and here. I have previously portraited the character of a typical globalist as anything our parents warned us against. The NWO is characterizing what we learned as good to be bad and vice versa. Now judge for yourself.

9/11 has jeopardized the freedom of the formerly free world – the U.S. in particular  and strongly reduced and brutalized our political system. Governments in Europeand the United States launch  wars of conquest for the NWO under false pretences and have no scruples to ignore their own human rights  torturing their captives.Criticism is unwelcome  so the media have been imposed self-censorship“  and great political efforts are made ​​to control/prohibit the free internet.

1. False flag operations
Ten years have elapsed since the WTC was blown up and the Pentagon attacked. In the meantime more and more doubt is cast upon the 9/11 Commission´s official explanation. In fact, everything indicates an inside job as a pretext for the “War on Terror”.

The following 2 videos were lent from the Centurean 2 Blog. A  classified  CNN video (above) shows that the Pentagon was hit by a cruise missile– not a Boeing aircraft as officially stated!!! Former Minnesotan governor Jesse Ventura´s video (below) confirms this.
On May 16, 2006, the Department of Defense released  footage from two cameras that captured portions of the attack at 9:37. Pentagon´s own footage and here show the moment of explosion – with absolutely no aircraft present. Ventura thinks it was an inside job.

Governor Ventura´s video contains a video clip where Secretary of Defence, Ronald Rumsfeld, on the day before the attack , declares that 2.3 trillion dollars could not be accounted for, not be traced. What had happened to that incredible amount of money was hidden in exactly the section of the Pentagon which was hit in the attack on the following day. Ventura thinks Rumsfeld and his accomplices stole the money. This reminds of the demolition of WTC block 7,where the SEC was storing files related to numerous Wall Street investigations. Block 7 was not hit by any plane – and fell 7 hours after the Twin Towers. Leading US Architects declare  building 7 to have been demolished by insiders. Also the  Twin Towers imploded – almost certainly due to an inside job. Nanothermite explosive was found all around the rubbles.

Übrigens: Wer steuerte die Flugzeuge am 11. Sept. Bestimmt keine Amateur-Luftpiraten. Die Flugzeuge wurden in Radar Lücken hinein gesteuert – drehten dort vom ursprünglichen Kurs bis zu 36o Grad ab – und nahmen dann alle innerhalb von 10 Minuten Kurs auf ihre Ziele. Sieh Video unten.

By the way, who steered the aircraft on 9/11?. Certainly not amateur hijackersThe immediately  announced hijackers were by the big English media described as alive and well in the following days . And The FBI boss has admitted that he had no idea of who the hijackers might beThe planes were steered into radargaps – military secrets of which Muslim amateur hijackers could not have any idea – turned from there up to 360 degrees from their original courses – and then took their courses within 10 minutes on their goalsSee video below. This could only be done from a central control noard – as previously drilled by the US AF.


Other postulated False Flag operations (violent deeds perpetrated by insiders accusing their enemies of them to obtain power, money and/or war)
False flag operations are difficult to expose – as they will always be considered impossible by the public. Here are some postulated ones: 1. The Lusitania 2. The Reichstaggebäude in Berlin 3. Pearl Harbour 4. The 2. Tonkin Bay incident on. While these false flag operations are disputable the 9/11 event stands as the most evident example of a false flag operation. 5. The 7/7 London bombs in 2005 also bore all hallmarks of an inside job.


2. “War on Terror”.
I have previously described the nature of the “War on Terror”, the ongoing WWIII. 
Prof. James Petras, Global Research 10.July 2011 The US government (White House and Congress) spends $120 billion a year, to fight an estimated “50 -75 ‘Al Qaeda types’ in Afghanistan ”, according to the CIA(The estimate of the Council on Foreign Relations is a few hundred). During Obama’s Presidency, Social Security’s cost-of-living adjustment has been frozen, resulting in a net decrease of over 8 percent, which is exactly the amount spent chasing just 5 dozen ‘Al Qaeda terrorists’ in the mountains bordering Pakistan. This is absurd. The war seems really to be against the Taliban with tens of thousands of activists. The Taliban, however, have never engaged in any terrorist act against the territorial United States or its overseas presence. The US war in Afghanistan doe not seem  not about defeating terrorism.
One possible explanation is described as what is known as Brzezinski´s plan of the ”Grand Chessboard” which is dooming Russia and the US to remain eternal enemies. 

Left: JP Morgan

3. Economic crisis
The economical crises began in 2008, when the Lehman Brothers Bank was declared insolvent through a technicality introduced through Rothschild´s Central Bank of central banks, the  BIS´ Basle II decree, called the mark to market rule (Wikipedia): “ For example, the final value of a futures contract that expires in 9 months will not be known until it expires. If it is marked to market, for accounting purposes it is assigned the value that it would fetch in the open market currently.” By means of such a trick  the greedy  cannibal  Rothschild bank in America, JP Morgan, was able to have the governmental banks  Fannie Mae und Freddie Mac, the Lehman Brothers, the Washington Mutual Bank, and Bear Stearns) declared insolvent, whereupon they were swallowed by the bigger Wall Street sharks. In Particular JP Morgan, at basement prices with money from JP´s partners, The Federal Reserve – which has previously masterminded the 1929 crash and the following depression – and the US Treasury (Hank Paulsen being a former Goldman Sachs CEO), who liberally paid these fraudulent banksters taxpayer money for their skilled robberies. At the same time, small savers lost everything –including their homes. Pres. Obama is also bought by them.
It was also JP Morgan who profited from the corrupt subprime mortgage bubble created by Pres. Clinton. The bubble burst and triggered the world wide financial crisis which led to the economic crisis. The Goldman Sachs sharks made very smart agreements with European states: loans against taking over Mundelltheir sources of revenues – and ruining Greece.

Robert Mundell is called the Father of the Euro. He is closel affiliated to the Rockefeller Foundation. On June 11, 1965, a memorandum from the European Department of the American Committee for a United Europe called on EEC Vice President, Robert Marjolie, to secretly making endeavors for a European currency union. He was recommended to suppress debate on the topic until such proposals would inevitably be passed! The ACUE was chaired by US ´s spy chiefs and funded by the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations. The ACUE paid the EU´s “Founding Fathers” and treated them as the hirelings they were. The EC was from the start also funded with stolen Nazi money.

4. Climate
I have extensively argumented for manmade CO2 global warming to be an NWO fraud and here and here and here here and hereand here and here and here for the sake of money and one world government. It is a religion, and here“. Last year, Phil Jones, the Climate Gate chief imposter, confessed, there is no global warming since 1995, and  Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC chief, openly admits that the “climate problem” is just politically commissioned work. But the climate fraud is also a huge source of revenue for the bankers at our cost.  Most powers have given up to pursue this phantasm – except the EU! The hypocrisy is clearly visible here and here.

MaldivesGlobal Research 3 July 2010: Perhaps the most famous hysterical response to “sea level rise” was this recent photo of the Maldivian president and ministers donning SCUBA gear to hold the world’s first underwater cabinet meeting as a “symbolic cry for help (money) over rising sea levels that threaten the tropical archipelago’s existence.” Pure baloney says paleogeophysicist Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner. Acc. to a NASA update review by Climate Audit (McIntyre), the annual sea level increase is 2.6 mm.. Since the last ice age the SLR has been increasing – now much less than earlier.

The following speeches by the president of the EU Commission gives an impression of the purpose of the bogus “global warming” scam, which acc. to the newly chosen chairman of the globalist World Wildlife Foundation, Prince Charles, threatens to extinguish mankind!!
José Barroso 7 Sept. to the Pacific Islands Forum plenary Auckland, New Zealand: The combination of sea level rise, ocean acidification, coastal erosion, more frequent and devastating tropical storms and cyclones (were much worse in the past than now in Australia) is rendering many of your islands and coastal zones wholly or partly uninhabitable (nonsense). We are determined to continue improving our coordination with your members Australia and New Zealand, the Asian Development Bank, the United Nations, the World Bank and othersJosé Barroso Keynote Address at Australia National University Canberra, 6 September 2011: It is clear that carbon pricing and trading is an opportunity for nations to firmly stake a place at the centre of the next great economic and political theme faced jointly by all of us.

5. The Lisbon Treaty
Although the author of the EU Constitution, Valéry Ciscard d`Estaing and here states the Lisbon Treaty to be identical with the Constitution + what was transferred to other treaties (earlier adopted by referenda).Now NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen cheated the Danes of the promised referendum by transferring 9 unconstitutional items to the 4 Danish opts out! Ever since then all Danish politicians are lurking for an opportunity to eliminate the opts out through uninformed referenda!!! Fogh Rasmussen was rewarded with standing ovations at the next European Council meeting + a post as NATO´s scretary general for that. This treaty has stolen all national sovereignty through the European Semester and the European Stability and Competitveness Pact.

6. Muslim immigration
is heartblood for the NWO regionalisation program /The  Euromediterranean Process Union for the Mediterranean of the EU. At the 6. Euromediterranean Foreign Minister Conference in 2003, the EU promised its partners the 4 EU freedoms, incl. free mobility in the EU – in return for Islam-giver-frihedsgudinden mundbinddemocratic and economic progress which never took place. British and Danish Parlamentarians (and the entire EU, no doubt) use immigration as a tool to destroy our old culture radically to build their New Islamic World Order. They are smashing Muslim countries under the pretext of “war on terror”, apparently to chase even more Muslims to the EU, which keeps all of them.

7. EUs Fundamental Rights and the UN´s Human Rights
They are not for the protection of indigenous Europeans – but for Muslim immigrants. Therefore, the EU has introduced both a snooper agency, Fundamental Rights Agency in Vienna, and a penalty codex called The European Framework decision on Racism and Xenophobia threatening to punish people who insult Islam with 3 years in prison. The Rights talk about freedom of expression. But  the EU dictated the EU press what not to write about Islam during the Muhammad crisis. The UN Durban II credo is simply making any criticism of Islamic behaviour racism – although Islam has nothing to do with race! The UN Human Rights are being unilaterally Hitlerturned into protection of Islam.

8. Hitler learned eugenics from Californian eugeneticists. The Rockefeller Foundation funded Hitler´s chief Eugenecist, Ernst Rüdin. Hitler was no Aryan –recent DNA studies on his living family members show that the family has genes that are rare among indigenous Europeans – but frequent among Ashkenazy Jews and Africans! high-ranking SS-officer, Hansjürgen Köhler, described in 1941 how he was to get papers back from Austrian Chancellor Schuschnigg – papers that had been retrieved by the murdered former Chancellor, Dollfuss, and which his boss, Heydrich, thought could be correct. They stated that Hitler´s grandmother, Maria Anna Schicklgruber, became pregnant with Hitler´s father while serving in Salomon Rothschild´s House in Viennna.

9. Depopulation
Depopulationists and see here – and here and here have an agenda to reduce the world´s population to as little as 500 mio acc. to the Illuminati Georgia Guidestones.
Several means are being tried: Chemtrails and here and here, behind which the EU and national governments stand, coordinated by The Royal Society of London,  vaccinations and here and here, as well as Bayer´s spread of AIDs in the world´s bleeder population, famine – but war is the best means and therefore advocated by the Bilderbergers at their June session 2011. They even use their fictitious global warming as an argument to reduce the “warmers” i.e. humans. So they are taking the livelihoods away from people and, poison them with nanoparticle foods and Monsanto´s GMO food here and here and here by means of Rockefeller´s Codex Alimentarius. Besides they are trying to change creation in their own monstrous image into unimaginable phantasy creatures.  They want to make mankind love its servitude – like cattle in the pasture waiting to be slaughtered. They want to make man posthuman a a superintelligent robot with eternal life, but totally obedient to and dependent on their Luciferian Illuminati masters – thus cheating God of your soul.


Adam Weishaupt and here (1748-1830) was the son of a Jewish rabbi, converted to become a Jesuit – but left the order and was recruited by Mayer Amschel Rothschild in Frankfurt am Main in 1770 to form an organization for Rothschild to rule the world with. This was the Illuminati order, which was delivered on 1 May 1776. The order was launched by Talmudic Rothschild´s Talmudic hireling, Adam Weishaupt – with the purpose of creating a world government with Rothschild´s money – achieved in 2009. And they are Luciferians and here – a Rothschild family is said to always have a set for Lucifer at their table (Fritz Springmeyer).

10. Agenda 21 captivity
The NWO has a plan for your future: The Agenda 21. I have also described this nightmare extensively here and here and here to promote Communist “sustainability” and enrich Rothschild with money and power over the world through his Global Environmental Facility and here while locking you up in concentration camp-like megacities and depriving you of access to nature.

There is much more in store for you. If this reminds you of the works of the Devil it is no coincidence. For the Illuminati are pursuing their diabolical 6 point programme (“The Illuminati Grows”): Abolition of the Monarchy and all ordered government. 2) Abolition of private property. 3) Abolition of inheritance. 4) Abolition of patriotism. 5) Abolition of the family, through the abolition of marriage, all morality, and the institution of communal education for children. 6) Abolition of all religion (except their own Luciferian one). The illuminati want to control your mind, steal your soul – even using technology for that purpose.

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