Climate Hypocrisy”: World Politicians “I am holier than You” in Words – but Fortunately No Actions in the Biggest Lie ever told

“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortage, famine and the like would fit the bill. It is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.” (First Global Revolution, p. 75, Alexander King, Founder of Rockefeller´s Club of Rome.

The following is a demonstration of an incredible elitist hypocrisy. The world is on its natural way out of a Little ice age 1500 – 1860 with a beneficial increase of about 0.8 degrees. This is being dramatized by globalist propagandists and paid propaganda-“scientists”.

Breitbart 12 May 2018
: After two weeks, an international climate change conference in Bonn, Germany, attended by delegates from over 200 countries, has ended in failure, without  agreement on the major issues of finance and transparency.

Climate change finance has been in trouble from the beginning. The 2015 climate change conference that produced the famous Paris Climate Change Accord” dictated that the “rich countries” of the world would provide $100 billion per year to the “developing countries,” starting in 2020.

Even before the election of Donald Trump, it was highly unlikely that that requirement would be met.

However, since Trump has pulled the U.S. out of the Paris agreement, other “rich countries” now have to find a way to fill the gap that was created.

As  described many times in the past, the climate change has never actually accomplished anything – that is, you have leaders of one country after another taking a holier-than-thou attitude toward the United States about the Paris accord, but their carbon emissions go down little if at all. In the case of Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel has had the most holier-than-thou attitude of all, carbon emissions have not declined for nearly a decade, and have beetn increasing for the last three years.

China is also growing into the worst climate change violator in the world, building a new coal plant every week.
And yet, when it comes to climate change, they claim to be a “developing country” so they will not have to provide funding under the Paris accord.

So China is failing in climate change finance. What we are seeing at the climate change conference in Bonn this last week is that they’re also failing in climate change transparency.

China is demanding that it not be held to any climate change standards whatsoever. In return for all the money they are getting from the rich countries starting in 2020, the developing countries are supposed to start reducing emissions in 2020.
China is now demanding “bifurcation.” This is a technical term meaning that the transparency and bookkeeping rules apply only to the rich countries, not to the developing countries.

This means that the “rich” developed countries have to pay all the money and also meet the transparency and bookkeeping rules to prove that they’re meeting their emission commitments.

The fiction of CO2 causing global warming was launched by Edmund de Rothschild at the 4. Wilderness Congress in 1987 – listen to him from the 28:40 min. mark of the following video: The Purpose is to make big money – via his World Conservation Bank aka the Global Environmental Facility

But the developing countries just have to sit back and collect money, and claim that they are reducing emissions without having to provide any evidence.

Developing nations say that a rebound in the cost of carbon emissions in Europe is creating pools of new cash that might come their way. As industrial countries take on tighter emission targets, they may buy traded carbon credits from poorer nations, said Wael Aboulmagd, an Egyptian ambassador who was speaking for the group of developing nations called G77 & China.

 The world is on its natural way from a small ice age from 1500 – 1860 with a positive increase of about 0.8 degrees. This is over-dramatized by globalist propagandists and paid propaganda “scientists”.

Global temperatures over latest 3000 years – Petition Project


Dr. Michael Mann´s fraudulent hockeystick “correlation” between atmospheric CO2 and global “warming”  was debunked on its own “merits” and by the Climategate scandal. which forced ICCP  boss Pachauri to admit that CLIMATE “SCIENCE IS POLITICALLY COMMISSIONED WORK”.

The whole show is based on the flawed theory thatCO2 drives global warming although it is totally unrelated to warming in the history of the world.


Climate4you: Global temperature devations since 1850

The Paris “Climate” summit in 2015 was just an agreement on the implementation of the long planned Illuminati NWO one world government  – a Communist declaration to redistribute the wealth of the world to the dictators of failed African and Asian countries for a reduction of global temperature of 0.17 degrees C by the year 2100 – at immensecosts, 230 bn dollars already by the year of 2030.

In fact, the UN Admits Paris Climate Conference Does not Help Climate. It´s about blackmailing and enrichment of world´s dictators to buy them for NWO.


Now, people are recognizing the dirty truth – so the globalists have to manipulate us “mortally dangerous climate deniers” into their web of climate lies:

In the following video, you can see notorious fraudster John Cook performing in the role of demagoguery: He speaks of vaccinating climate deniers by giving them weak versions of their “wrong ideas” – for then it´s easier to debunk them. Misconceptions cannot be eradicated by preaching the NWO climate “science”. It requires clever “myth” debunking.
In short if you are a climate denier you have to be thoroughly manipulated and brainwashed to neglect the facts

All “global warming” is manipulated Figures” (Peer-Review). Incredible fraud of “climate gurus” exposed – and concealed by media.
Contrary to what we are being constantly told – there has been no ocean warming over the past 50 years

The bigot world leaders accepted this great “climate” progress after Obama had ordered The NOAA to “cook” global temperatures before Paris to show a non-existing disastrous global warming!!!
As shown by Christopher Booker the name of the game is  Climate Groupthink Consensus – The demagogic lie of Communism, Nazism, Islam, Talmudism to standardize us once again for “the big common cause”.

These forces are using all tricks to make us renege on “fake news” (truth) and accept NWO truth (Lies).
The  City of London´s one-world nations are listed by their zealous “climate change” religion performances – the smarter ones with big gaps between public holiness and performances.

What the globalists never tell us is that Chemtrailing has potentially dramatic influence on the climate. It´s always been brushed off the table as “conspiracy theory”- a phrase now turning out to be a covr-up  –   now admitted by the US government and the CIA as real!!!


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