Immigration Top Issue with Europeans. Merkel Awarded Prize by Catholic Church for Opening Borders for Muslim Migrants

Acc. to Reuters 1 August 2017, the number of people with an immigrant background in Germany rose 8.5 percent to a record 18.6 million in 2016 – approximately 20 % of the population of about 82 mio., largely due to an increase in refugees, the Federal Statistics Office said on Tuesday.
What that means on the scale of proportionality between number of Muslims in a society and the level of violence can be seen here

Breitbart 11 May 2018: The top two issues facing the European Union (EU), according to voters in Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Poland, and Lithuania, are immigration and terrorism.

The only nation where another issue occupied one of the top two spots, according to a new YouGov poll, was Italy, where they were immigration and unemployment.



Immigration was the top concern for the bloc as chosen by 53 per cent of people in Finland, 51 per cent in Greece, 49 per cent in Sweden, 47 per cent in Italy, and 39 per cent in Britain.

Terrorism was rated as number one by 43 per cent of people in Poland, 38 per cent in France, 35 per cent in the UK, and 34 per cent in Lithuania.

And when asked what caused the “crisis in dealing with the influx of refugees from Syria and Iraq” the top answer was the EU itself in all countries besides Germany and Sweden, excluding “don’t know.”

Infowars 12 May 2018:  German Chancellor Angela Merkel has received the “Lamp of Peace” — a Catholic award for pursuing the peaceful coexistence between nations.

Merkel has also warned about the rise of populism in Europe and particularly in Italy, claiming that “tolerance must be always present in the European Union.”

Infowars 11 May 2018: After it was allowed in Växsjö:

The Gatestone Institute 3 Febr. 2018: In Germany, 47% of Muslims believe Sharia is more important than German law. In Sweden, 52% of Muslims believe that Sharia is more important than Swedish law.

Sputnik 12 May 2018: Knife stabbing in Paris: 8 injured, one dead. The Telegraph 12 May 2018: The knifestabber shouted: “Allahu Akbar”:

Photo from  Sputnik 13 May 2018. As always with false flags: The Police knew the perpetrator as a terrorist  before killing him.


These Superfreemasons and their masters in the London City are always afraid of the will of the people, which they scornfully call “populism”. They want to subjugate the people’s will by all means – but they are increasingly unable to do so.
People notice on their own body the EU-wanted jihad of Muslim immigrants and the massive lies of “their” politicians – but go on electing them nevertheless!

All ignore the deciding factor: the Koran. Politicians can do what they want in order to “integrate” these people – it just gets worse because  Muslims only live for the Qur’an and its  preaching of  violence (for example, Sura 9: 5).


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