Russia´s Victory Day Parade Reveals: KGB Agent Putin´s Realm Is Soviet Russia again: Nuremberg Rallies of 3. Reich once again. Netanyahu beside King of Jews Putin

Whoever thought that Arch Communist Mikhail Gorbachev just surrendered Communism when he dissolved the Soviet Union errs seriously.
He did so in 1991 after being told to do so by his Communist Illuminati masters, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and Valéry Giscard d´Éstaing at a meeting in Moscow 1989. No more credits! It was clear that the Soviet-Union was so unpopular that it could not enforce their common  goal: One-world Communism. So they pretended that the Soviet Union was dead – although Soviet Russia lived on or at least was resuscitated later on.

But KGB agent Vladimir Putin on Victory parade day 9 May 2018 clearly  showed who he is: The heir of the Soviet Union. He has previously been called on to become another  Stalin.

This video shows scenes of military discipline and robotization only to be seen in a totalitarian state: Mass show to impress the masses – and warn the world!
But note on the Wall of the Kremlin: The emblem of the Soviet nion. the hammer and sickle

Russia´s anthem remained that of the Soviet Union by Putin´s decision.
Below note the pentagram at the back: It is the inverted pentagram, the Baphomet/Satan symbol.

Also note the hammer and sickle on the red flag of the tank leading the column of tanks.


KGB agent Putin was educated alongside with the British MI6 secret service agents. All were Royal Arch Masons. In 1993,  another agent under John Scarlett´s (Eggman´s) education – (see the  Blog “John Scarlett” of his pupils) – purportedly anointed Putin Antichrist of the Illuminati (see 9 Febr. 2007 at 1:57 o´clock). Thereupon Putin´s career skyrocketed and in 2000 AD he became de facto lifelong president of Russia – also supported by his many Jewish oligarch friends – who have made him one of the richest persons of the world, living in luxury at the cost of poor Russians who mostly adore him.
Putin is in all probability a Jew himself – affiliated to the Doomsday sect Chabad Lubavitchjust like Pres. Trump, his brother in Masonry.

In 2014, the Sanhedrin of Jerusalem visited Putin addressing him with ancient formula making a man king of Jews – in fact making Putin king of Jews.

Putin´s love for Jews is praised in Israel. On the Parade Day, Israel´s Prime Minister Netanyahu visited Putin, had a seat near Putin on the honour tribune. Zero hedge thinks that Netanyahu obtained Putin´s blessing to bomb Putin´s close ally in Syria, Iran – which Netanyahu immediately did.

Note Netanyahu Sputnik 10 May 2018

Note Netanyahu behind Putin

But in order to obtain his and his mentor Alexandr Dugin´s goal: Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostock, Putin needs a strong army of robot soldiers.
So judging from the Russian Victory Parade on 9 May Putin has made his army on the same last as did Adolf Hitler! Compare for yourself in the following series of photos.


Even women drafted in NWO

Screenshots from the above video: “Die Fahne hoch, die Reihen fest geschlossen” (The flag is high, our ranks are closed):

The military band is indispensable to fuse individuals into a standardized bloc without any individuality and blind obedience to the command of the ruler.


As you see: It is all there: even that the Fuehrer rids in a Mercedes – just like the supreme Russian general.


Below: Die “Fahne Hoch , die Reihen fest geschlossen”  (“The flag is high, our ranks are closed ”

 Now I will tell you a secret: You are being fooled around without knowing it.
They think Trump and Putin hate each other, so they’ll fly at each others´throats on first given occasion.

Wrong: They are both brethren in the Doomsday sect Chabad Lubavitch, as I have shown. They are both Freemasons who worship Satan, whose horns (Illuminati signs) they occasionally show – see Putin also  showing the horns of the devil above.

But their masters in the London City and further upwards have given them different roles: Trump is the thesis – Putin the antithesis. The synthesis is to come out of this conflict: The One World State.

Now I will tell you a secret: You are being fooled arond without knowing it.
You think Trump and Putin hate each other and that´s why  they will fly at each others´throats on the first given occasion:

Wrong: They are both brethren in the Doomsday sect of the Chabad Lubavitch, as I have shown. They are both Masons worshipping Satan, whose horns (Illuminati sign) they occasionally show – see Putin showing the Devil´s horns above.


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