Here We Go: Trump’s Nuclear Deal Cancellation Greenlight for Netanyahu’s Corruption Liberation War to Escape Prison: Attacks Another Iranian base in Damascus

“Bibi” Netanyahu has big problems with corruption charges against himself and his wife.  Only a war can save him from prison. So he absolutely needs a war! For a long time, one realizes that he wants to take on Iran – “better sooner than later” – as he says for understandable reasons

The Daily Mail 8 May 2018Israel launches air strikes in Syria after ordering bomb shelters to open due to ‘irregular’ Iranian troop movements near its border as Trump axes nuclear deal

Video shows Israeli missile strikes hitting Iran base in Syrian capital Damascus
Violence came within an hour after Trump announced US pulling out nuke deal.
Israel said it spotted ‘irregular activity of Iranian forces’ after Trump’s speech.
Army announced it was preparing ‘troops for an attack’ and deployed air defense.
Officials in Israeli-held Golan Heights were told ‘unlock and ready the shelters’.

 The Israeli military said it instructed civic authorities on the Golan Heights to ready bomb shelters, deployed new defences and mobilised some reservist forces.

Israeli media said Tuesday’s order to prepare bomb shelters on the Golan was unprecedented during Syria’s civil war.

DEBKAfile 8 May 2018

Sputnik 8 May 2018: Israel bombing Damascus



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