US Secr. of State Pompeo Greenlights Israelis “Rolling back to the Full Range of Iranian Malign Influence in Syria” with US Assistance: “Start Shooting”!?

Pompeo’s thumbs up for Israel to counter Russian-backed Iranian drive in Syria
Apr 29, 2018 @ 19:42 

Pompeo, on his first Middle East Trip as Secretary of State, reiterated in Tel Aviv – as he did in Riyadh earlier Sunday – that the nuclear deal  (with Iran) will need to be fixed or it would be abandoned by President Donald Trump’s on May 12.

This pleases Ben Yosef, aka Netanyahu, that he can finally fulfill his promise to Rebbe, Menahem Schneerson,  to accelerate the coming of Jewish ben David through Armageddon – See video below.

Standing alongside Netanyahu, the secretary backed Israeli efforts to counter Iran in Syria. He said the US is committed to “rolling back to the full range of Iranian malign influence in Syria,” specifically mentioning “Iran’s missile systems, its support for Hezbollah, its importation of thousands of Shiite fighters into Syria.” Pompeo added, “We strongly support Israel’s sovereign right to defend itself.”

This was taken as a US green light for Israel to take on the elements threatening its security from Syria. The secretary also stressed that the US would continue to fight ISIS and not tolerate the Assad regime using chemical weapons

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