The story of the Muslim Attack on a Jewish Kippa That Revealed Pharisees/Zionists as Master Race – and Us as Non-Entities

The following is an instructive experience showing the hypocritical Pharisees (Talmudists) /Zionists´ true perception of themselves and us: For decades they have manipulated mass immigration to Europe of unintegrable low IQ and here muslims in accordance with their Rothschild-paid agent Coudenhove Kalergí´s, EU´ Father´s, sick imaginations of an ethnic cleansing of Europe´s whites in favour of a darkskinned mongrel race. Via their controlled media they have called us “racists” and “hate speakers” and “fake news” writers when we wrote or spoke the truth about Islam acc. to Koran, Hadiths and Muslim “culture”/behaviour – even “conspiracy theorists”!!
Furthermore, The Top-Masonic Jewish banker Squaremile of London/ The Rothschild headquarters commands the superlodges, and here which command national lodges, which command “our” top politicians.

And if the media dared describe the Muslim rapes, attacks, shootings, knife stabbings there came an outcry of outrage from these Jews and their stooges. Thousands of such Muslim attacks and mockeries on indigenous Europeans have been kept silent by the media and the police – through Freemasonic channels of command, I believe. f

But now an attack on a Non-Jewish  activist wearing a kippa in Berlin has mobilized the entire Jewish/Masonic society in horror and outrage: White slaves are to be maltreated in silence – but when that same treatment hits the master race, the rulers of the Universe, it is a catastrophe to be trumpeted worldwide, so that we Goyim (cattle) can give the Jews more protection while letting our own population suffer and pay for both suffering and the master race which is guilty of the suffering!
These forces have thrown the boomerang, hit us mortally – and are now being hit by the returning boomerang – and whine about injustice! It is childish.

And not only in Germany – also in France this master class is now whining and demanding protection of “god´s  own prople” – making the mistake of believing their behaviour has not long  severed them from the Creator – at leats 2000 years ago.

Jewish Rothschild´s agent provocateur George Soros demands the EU to import at lesat 1 mio. Muslims a year and admits to be the mastermind behind the Muslim mass immigration!!

The Grand hypocrisy
The Daily Mail 23 Apr. 2018:
Angela Merkel has denounced the emergence of ‘another form of anti-Semitism’ from refugees of Arab origin in Germany.

The German Chancellor made the remarks in an interview with Israeli television on Sunday after an alleged anti-Semitic attack in Berlin on Tuesday provoked uproar.

According the German tabloid Bild, the main alleged perpetrator, who surrendered to police, is a Syrian refugee who lived in a centre for migrants near Berlin.

‘We have a new phenomenon, as we have many refugees among whom there are, for example, people of Arab origin who bring another form of anti-Semitism into the country,’ Merkel told the private Channel 10 network.

In the interview, Merkel said the German government had appointed a commissioner to fight against anti-Semitism.

The fact that no nursery, no school, no synagogue can be left without police protection dismays us,’ she said.

Merkel also reaffirmed that Israel’s security was a central concern for Germany because of its ‘eternal responsibility’ for the Holocaust.


The disproportional insanity takes no end

Under the motto ‘Berlin wears a kippah’, the Jewish organisation is calling on every Berlin citizen to wear the traditional brimless cap also known as a yarmulke.

Berlin Mayor Michael Mueller, President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Josef Schuster and chief of the Berlin Jewish Community Gideon Joffe are set to make speeches.
Women – who in Judaism never wear a kippah – have been called upon to wear a skullcap to make a statement.
The protest organisers said that skullcaps will be made available for everyone at the protest.

300 French celebrities and politicians condemn radical islamists and the ‘new anti-Semitism’ Former (Jewish) French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who has joined the call for action against a ‘new anti-Semitism’
Actor Gerard Depardieu, singer Charles Aznavour and former President Nicolas Sarkozy are among the well-known faces to have supported the call for change.

They joined politicians from the right and left, as well as Jewish, Muslim and Catholic leaders, in signing a manifesto published in Le Parisien newspaper on Sunday.

It urges prominent Muslims to denounce anti-Jewish and anti-Christian references in the Quran as outdated so ‘no believer can refer to a holy text to commit a crime’.

The statement also calls for combating anti-Semitism ‘before it’s too late’ and condemns the media for remaining silent on the matter.

What a hypocrisy and disdain to us Europeans.

Combate antisemitism before it is too late! But they never called on combating their imported Islam´s violence rapes, killings, terrorism  on indigenous Europeans!
What a hypocrisy and disdain to us Europeans.

Jewess Merkel knew very well that Islam hates Jews over Israel – and based on the Koran. Now she plays ignorant about that – and demands more Judaization here, more giving in to Jewish will – in the name of the Holocaust religion created by Zionists in collusion with Jewish Adolf Hitler,  probably even a Rothschilda perfect thumb screw for ruthless Masons and Talmudists/Zionists – as Merkel admits above.
Theodor Herzl in his infamous  diary notice from 1897 (1. Zionist Congress) wrote the Zionists would make best friends with the antisemites to make them chase jews to Palestine. The holocaust was and financed launched by Jewish Adolf Hitler in cooperation with Rockefeller´s, Warburg´s , Rothschild´s Federal Reserve´s etc. IG Farben, which ran Auschwitz – and here.

In France, they even demand Muslims to quit  murderous Koran sure (e.g. the latest downsent sword verse 9:5)!!
These French know very well that´s impossible – for Islam is every comma in the Koran (sure 3:19, 21:10). So what they suggest is just a way to cover up their own tremendous guilt. Sarkozy even threatened the French to marry Muslims, i.e. into Islam!!!

They knowvery well that since the founding of Israel, both the Koran and the Imams are   calling for the murder of the “people of the Book = Jews  – for example, Sura 9: 5.

Apart from Talmudists, today´s Pharisees, seeing themselves as gods alongside with their master Lucifer and John 8:44. They despise   whites to an incredible extent in their war on “whiteness” and here and here

And just look a the following viedeo in which a judaist (wife of Srockholm´s rabbi) tells that we have to accept multiculture and that jews must lead that this development – which they certainly do!!!

Jewish Harvard Elitist on German ARD State TV Declares Us Guinea Pigs of the Illuminati/Masons: “We Are Performing an Experiment Transforming a Monoethnic Democracy into a Multiethnic One”

And Rabbi Efrati hatefully declares that we Europeans deserve the Muslim misery because of our treatment of the jews whom we were unwise enough to grant asylum.


He who digs a pit for others ends up falling into it himself – even if he considers himself as a member of a master race. Who throws a boomerang will also have it back.



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