Pres. Macron: EurAfrica is Our Future – with 200 Mio. African Immigrants within the Next 30 Years. Europe´s (Illuminati-Masonic) Destiny Bound with Africa”. Germany opens up for Airbridge for Fleeing ISIS /Al Kaida Warriors.”

French President Macron appeared suddenly out of nowhere without even a party behind hin – an won the French presidential election 2017. Why? Why he was a banker from Banque de Rothschild – whose MSM carried Macron. Now, This man has published Rothschild´s plan for the one-world state of the  City of London on – a “democracy”  depriving  peoples and their countries of all sovereignty.

Macron does not conceal who his master is, showing the 666 sign of the Antichrist time and again

Now this madman is also a fan of occult EU-father and Rothschild-paid agent   Coudenhove Kalergi´s racial miscegenation and extermination of the white race , in fact an ethnical cleansing, and here and here and here – a plan of Pharisaic rabbinical origin and on Jesus Christ

The Independent 17 April 2018: Macron sees a civil war in Europe – due to his and his master´s srubbornness to suffocate national states, culture and Christianity against the will of the populations – especially by means of his and Merkel´s mass immigration

Breitbart 17 April 2018  ‘Bombshell’ population growth in Africa means Europe is entering an “unprecedented” age of mass migration, Emmanuel Macron has said, asserting that the two continents’ destinies are “bound”.

“The migratory phenomenon we are facing will be historic,” declared the French president in a television appearance Sunday night, when he announced that “great poverty”, “climate change”, and “geopolitical conflicts” will see Africans flooding into Europe “for many years to come”.

To back up his point, Macron pointed to “bombshell” population gr0wth across the third world continent, which he added has been “tremendously well described” by French-American journalist and professor Stephen Smith in a recent book.

“[Africans] are mostly turning to Europe because the continent [of Europe] is not an island, because of our location, and because Europe has its destiny bound with Africa,” stated the vehemently pro-EU French figure during a two-hour long interview.

Smith, the Africa expert to whom Macron referred during his appearance on BFMTV, estimates that the number of Africans living in Europe will grow from nine million to between 150 million and 200 million within the next 30 years.

The Sunday Express 11 October 2008: The EU has set up a first recruiting office in Mali. Will get 56 million African workers + families to the EU from Africa by 2050 to make up for our demographic imbalance.
Morocco is the first ”partner” to have attained this advanced status.
This is the Euromediterranean Process/ Union, of which I have so often written without attention.

But of course many others share this wishful dream of Macron´s.   In feminist Marxist Masonic Sweden, a female college head just reported students to the police for sharing fact sheets with published poll results on immigrants: Infowars 18 Apr. 2018: Principal Anna Sundelin, of the Dragonskolan, contacted the police and SÄPO because according to her the action of the group is “terrible” and “racist”. “It is absolutely unthinkable that we have that kind of propaganda at our school,” she says about the fact sheet.

These mad people want the Sharia and the disappearance of the white race as soon as possible = Their New World Order/aka The promised New Masonic Communist Land.



Germany easing ISIS Al Qaeda warriors entry
 DWN 19. April 2018 :EU member states are facing new developments in the field of migration and refugees. With the looming defeat of Islamist and international mercenaries in Syria, many fighters are pushing for exit from the war zone. According to Russian and US data, thousands of fighters are mainly in the Idlib region, where they either wait for their departure or new combat missions.
Some of them might try to use the ongoing migration towards Europe to get into EU countries. 

 DWN 18 April 2018 : Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) surprisingly eases the border controls introduced because of the refugee crisis.
However, he refrained from continuing the previous systematic checks on flights from Greece.

Russia Today 19 April 2018:  Hundreds of migrants in Germany are reporting themselves as members of terrorist organizations in an apparent bid to avoid deportation, according to state officials.
Minister of Justice for Baden-Württemberg Guido Wolf said suspects cannot be deported to their home countries while an investigation into alleged terrorists links is ongoing
the Ministry of Justice in Baden-Württemberg said that “the investigations are proving time-consuming as they are almost always alleged foreign acts, for example in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Somalia.”

And afterwards, they cannot be expelled because 1) they have no papers of origin or 2) because death penalty or torture waits them in EU´Euromediterranean partner states and 3) because the EU is hell-bent on keeping them in the holy name of occult EU Father and Rothschild-paid  agent Coudenhove Kalergi.

 Acc. to the ARD 19 Apr. 2018, Germany granted asylum to 325.370 migrants in 2017.

In addition, Germany takes in 10,000 of EU’s refugees directly – plus the unknown number, which are flown into German airports deep in the night “in secret” from Turkey,  Greece, and Italy.

 Here is what Macron has in mind:
The Washington Post 16 July 2013:
The United Nations Population Division about what will happen in the next 90 years. The new statistics, based on in-depth survey data from sub-Saharan Africa, tell the story of a world poised to change drastically over the next several decades. Most rich countries will shrink and age (with a couple of important exceptions), poorer countries will expand rapidly and, maybe most significant of all, 
Africa’s overall population is expected to more than quadruple over just 90 years. Europe will continue to shrink, which is worsening its economic problems. The fact that there will be a “youth bulge” of young people makes that instability and conflict more likely.

Below from The Washington Post 31 Oct. 2013

As in physics the law of equilibrium is valid in migratory flows – especially when these are recruited by the EU – and we pay for the immigration of these low-IQ peoples and here who cannot/will not work – thus leaving to us to nourish both our aging people and them, while they are spreading the Gospel of Allah by violence (Koran sura 9:1-5 e.g.)
In spite of so far unseen immigration the lack of labour just increases because this kind of immigration adds to problems instead of relieving them.

Supermasons like Macron and Merkel, who is sacrificing Europe to Islam,  as well as their Illuminati  master, the Rothschild agent George Soros, are energetically working to promote this future – in order to make the old order collapse  so they can build their Luciferian Pharisaic Communist  NWO on the ruins.

Masonry is Judaism for Non-Jews and here – Merkel in all probability being a Jewess – making the sign of the Mother Goddess Semiramis – wife of Baal /Ishtar/Isis/Venus below combined with the Illuminati pyramid sign:

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