Israel´s Mossad: Russia´s and Iran´s Asymmetric Upcoming Retaliation: Attack on Israeli Targets/Israel. Lebanese Army joining Hezbollah, Syrian Army, Iran in Common Front against Israel

DEBKAfile (Mossad) 15 Apr. 2018:

The Lebanese army has joined Hizballah, the Syrian army and the foreign Shiite militias under Iranian command in Syria to build a cohesive warfront along Israel’s northern borders,” Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Monday. “This presents us with a strategic challenge of the highest degree,” he said, and called for “a comprehensive rallying of the IDF and all security bodies to further ramp up and strengthen our readiness,” to confront this challenge.

And it´s going to be a cruel war:

Haaretz 3 March 2017

 Haaretz 10 April 2018:

While we are awaiting Russia´s and Iran´s reaction to the the US, French, UK theatre attack on Syrian chemistry factories on 13. Apr. (US time) it is worth noting the rage this “brazen” attack has triggered in the Russian government outlet Russia Today 14 Apr. 2018. The worst invectives of the language are used.  There is great anger in Russia which feels so humiliated that Putin simply must come out with some reaction. This will probably be a so-called “asymmetric” reaction. In the UK they are guessing hacking of the public cybernet.

But already before the Western attack, Russia refrained Iran from attacking Israeli targets in revenge for Israel´s T4 attack in Syria on 11 Apr., killing 7 Iranian guardsmen.  Russia expected Western attack on her ally, Syria, and Iran agreed to link up on a joint revenge:

DEBKAfile 11 Apr. 2018: Tehran gained support from its ally in Moscow with the visit of Alexander Lavrentiev, the special Russian emissary on Syria. In a long meeting with Iran’s national security adviser Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, the Russian said Iran’s decision for a military response to the T-4 attack was understandble. He then proposed combining Iran’s action against Israel with Russia’s plans for countering the forthcoming Antibritische operation in Syria.
The Iranian and Russian officials were of one mind that Israel’s T-4 strike was the opening shot for that operation, and the next round of attacks would target Iranian and possibly also Russian targets in Syria

So,   it is possible that Russia and Iran in a concerted action would hit an Israeli target – which would hurt US and UK without hitting them directly.

Putin and Netanyahu at loggerheads
DEBKAfile 12 April 2018  Reports exclusively that the Russian president and Israeli prime minister were at angry cross-purposes in their phone conversation on Wednesday, April 11. Vladimir Putin warned Binyamin Netanyahu to discontinue Israeli strikes in Syria because they may rock the Assad regime [backed by Moscow] and insisted on Israel respecting Syrian sovereignty and security. By this warning, Russia clamped down on the freedom the Israeli air force had hitherto enjoyed in Syrian air space for striking hostile elements, primarily Iran and Hizballah.

Netanyahu shot back, according to our sources, that Israel cannot possibly desist from action over Syria, since this would leave Iran at liberty to establish a permanent, hostile military presence in that country. And so, said the prime minister, Israel would have to persevere in its efforts to stop this happening. The conversation between Putin and Netanyahu ended in total discord.

But now Israel feels abandoned by Trump and isolated,  feaful after the Western symbolic attack on Syrian chemistry plants.
Mossad/DEBKAfile 16 Apr. 2018: Already, deepening Russian-Iranian collaboration in Syria is giving Israeli leaders sleepless nights.
Iranian, Syrian and Hizballah officers work together in the field, share bases and coordinate their operations. And now, Tehran has just given Moscow permission to position Russian heavy strategic Tu-95 and Tu-22M bombers for operations in Syria at the Artesh’s Shahid Nojeh Air Base in the western Iranian province of Hamedan.

The US-allied strikes in Syria have heightened Israel’s apprehension about being left alone to face a possible Iranian reprisal for the T-4 strike. That Israel’s forces are on higher alert than ever on its northern borders with Syria and Lebanon – days before its independence anniversary celebrations – is a measure of this apprehension. The US, British and French surgical missile strikes on three Syrian chemical sites on Saturday, April 14, it was realized in Jerusalem, not only missed addressing Israel’s security concerns, but exacerbated them.

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, Iran’s Middle East commander, Gen. Qassem Soleimani and Hizballah’s Hassan Nasrallah had every reason to breathe a sigh of relief when they heard the Trump administration’s assurance that further military action would be forthcoming only if Assad repeated his use of chemical weapons after the Douma atrocity. After an anxious couple of weeks, all three saw they were off the hook for further US military action, whether against regime targets in Damascus, Iranian, Shiite and Hizballah forces in Syria – or even acts of aggression against Israel.

Therefore, when President Trump said he would leave Syria “to others,” he apparently included Israel (and Jordan), who would be left to face up to the threats posed to their borders on their own.
Israel however is left with diminished US support in Syria, whereas Iran and its minions, can count on ramped up Russian backing.

Israeli military is worried
Haaretz 15 Apr. 2018:  The assessment of defense officials is that Israel has been left on its own when it comes to the Iranian presence in Syria, and there is concern that the Russian, Iranian and Syrian response to Saturday’s attack will primarily result in a change in the Israeli army’s freedom of action in the region.
Israel´s Defense Forces are  still on high alert on the Lebanese and Syrian borders as a result of concern over an Iranian response through Hezbollah or militias in Syria.

Therefore, very soon, Israel must stage another false flag to pull the US into the swamp that Israel created by means of the military wing of the corporate Zionist Washington / London City – USrael.





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