Attack on Syria in Illuminati Fingerprint Stageplay an “Insulting Russia´s President” Who Is Also an Illuminati Puppet

While the war drums are roaring louder and louder The US, UK and France have launched attacks on 3 goals in Syria on – of all days Friday 13 (US time)- as surmised in my latest post – e “holy” Illuminati numbers. This is an Illuminati fingerprint on the Hegelian stage play  now being orchestrated by the Illuminati and their Masters, the  Chabad Lubavitch Pharisees. and here.

Among the “sacred Illuminati” numbers are also 9 and 11 – matching perfectly with the Illuminati jobon  9/11 and

It is stressed time and again that Russia and the US are permanently in contact with each other – so one can hope that the coming Russian reaction will be such that the US can accept it as tit for that – thus squaring the matter for this time without anybody losing face.
However, this is neither within  Putin´s nor Trump´s power. Mighty forces in the London City and above decide that.

But there is another aspect: Laesio majestaetis. Acc. to Reuters 14 April 2018, Russia´s ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov. said: “Insulting the President of Russia is unacceptable and inadmissible”.  However, Putin is also an Illuminati puppet.

Other very “sacred” Illuminati numbers are 3 and 13. See this video

The Pyramid of the Great Seal of the US ( (on each 1-dollar note) is the Illuminati symbol, symbolizing the pagan trinity consisting of Nimrod = Baal = sun god), his wife Semiramis (“Queen of Heaven”) and their son Tammuz. Their mystery is the pagan “Babylonian Mysteries” taken over by the Roman Church . Taken over by the Egyptians (Osiris, his Wife ISIS, and their son Horus) and the Catholic Church´s Virgin Mary Cult.

Here are some screenshots from the above video

Now to the number 13. We all know 13 is an unlucky number because there were 13 persons at table on Green Thursday and that one of them betrayed Jesus.
But satanist Illuminati think this was a lucky thing. But there is another Illuminati view:

So the Illuminat see the number as unlucky for another reason

The 13 Satanic Bloodlines (by Fritz Springmeyer) are very interesting

The number of 13 is USA´s number – the number of Israel´s 13 tribes (USrael):

Specified in the official description of the Great Seal in  all probability a hate gift/order from Mayer Amschel Rothschild who was a notorious Frankist-Sabbataean Satanist:
13 stars in the constellation over the eagle’s head
13 stripes in the shield upon the eagle’s breast
13 arrows held in the eagle’s left talon

Latin mottoes and date:
13 letters in E pluribus unum on the scroll carried by the eagle
13 letters in Annuit Coeptis above the pyramid & eye
26 (2×13) letters in “MDCCLXXVI” plus “Novus ordo seclorum” at the base of the pyramid

13 is the number of symbolic elements (10) plus mottoes (3) on the two sides of the Great Seal
13 is the number of committee members (10) appointed by Congress plus consultants (3) they chose to help them design the Great Seal

The official description of the Great Seal does not specify the number of olives, olive leaves, or eagle feathers. These details are determined by artists and engravers.

Likewise, the number of steps on the pyramid is not specified, although it is usually depicted with 13 because the third committee (1782) suggested: “A Pyramid of thirteen Strata, (or Steps).”

And Friday? Acc. to the Chabad Lubavitch guru Menahem Schneerson, Friday evening is the best time to die since the soul then is relieved from Hell torments over the Sabbath!

DEBKAfile 14 Apr. 2018 (Mossad) Moscow acted swiftly to boost its ties with Tehran and beef up the Syrian military in reaction to the US-British-French surgical missile strike on Syria’s chemical sites on  April 13. DEBKAfile’s analysts report that when Russian and Iranian officials warned of “consequences,” they were already on the move:

Saturday morning, while cruise missiles rained down on Syrian chemical sites, a Syrian-Hizballah force, backed by Russian mercenaries, renewed their push to cross the Euphrates River and snatch from US control the east Syrian Konok gas and Al-Umar oil fields. There were initial clashes with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Army (SDF). Two days earlier, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s close adviser Ali Akbar Velyati pointed the way when he told a news conference in Damascus: East of the Euphrates is “a very important area. We hope big steps will be taken in order to liberate this area and expel the occupying Americans.”

While media reports abounded about Moscow’s non-reprisal for the US-led attack, Moscow was quietly getting ready to confront the US and its allies. Heavy Russian strategic Tu-95 and Tu-22M bombers were deployed Thursday to air bases in Iran, thereby cutting their flying time to Syria and Iraq by at least four hours; and Russian freighters were transiting the Bosporus Straits Friday and Saturday in full sight of intelligence surveillance, laden with new military equipment for the Syrian army.

Disagreements in Washingtom
The US-led operation was beset by controversy between President Donald Trump and his defense secretary, James Mattis. Had it been up to Mattis, it would not have been launched. The delay derived from the arguments against the strike put forward by the Defense Secretary and US army chiefs led by Gen. Joseph Danford, Chairman of the Joint chiefs of Staff. They predicted that Russia and Iran would not take the missile assault lying down and a single single-dimensional strike would be the catalyst for a full-scale US war with Russia on Syrian soil. Mattis tried to put the brakes on the operation on Saturday morning by calling it “a one-time shot.” But then, President Trump stated in a TV speech: “We are prepared to sustain this response until the Syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents.”

Trump is perfectly capable of sacking Mattis with the same lack of ceremony with which he let Secretary of State Rex Tillerson go last month. But this won’t resolve his differences with the generals regarding the scope of US military action in Syria. He will count on close support from Tillerson’s successor at State, Mike Pompeo, and his new national security adviser John Bolton, for widening the US military action in Syria into further strikes against the Assad regime.

Whereas the Trump administration took care to keep the multilateral attack in Syria well-defined to chemical targets, the Russians never promised to limit their response. They may well go for a major military success in Syria so as to obliterate the impact of the US-led assault. The Russian information machine was already at work before noon on Saturday, when Col. Gen. Sergei Rudskoi of the Russian military’s General Staff maintained that Syria’s Russian-made air defense systems downed 71 out of 103 missiles launched by the US and allies in Syria, with the help of monitoring by “Russian air defense assets” – but without the direct engagement of any Russian missiles. This was a message to Washington that a fresh wave of strikes in Syria would encounter direct Russian engagement. The Russian general also claimed that “only minor damage” was caused by the first wave.
Russian Defense officials also threatened that Russia would resume discussions with Syria and other countries over the sale of modern S-300 air defense systems to protect against future US strikes.

So, do we have an Illuminati message here? , viz. that the cult of the Pagan Trinity is starting the transformation into their  New World Order sacrificing to  their god Lucifer  and here and  here and here  the “father of the Phariisees and of lies and murder”  (John 8:44)?

Russia is to make the next move in order not to lose face: Putin has been insulted/humiliated and has to show muscle. Trump is a puppet of the deep state (CIA, FBI, NSA, Military industrial Complex) epresented by neocons like Trump´s security adviser, John Bolton. And they have long wanted war with Russia. There may come a series of graduated reactions and reactions to reactions – probably in the start in collusion between Moscow and Washington. But where will it stop?

And there is a joker in this staged game: Israel who is hellbent on having the US –  its master´s (years 1895-1957) corporate military arm – attack Iran in Syria and in Iran.
At the same time relations between Israel and Russia are rapidly deteriorating, as I shal show later

Behind is the Dooms day sect, the real rulers of the world, the Chabad Lubavitch whose god is called Lucifer  acc. to Jewish Harold Rosenthal.

No one can say when this staged show comes to an end. But the secret societies are nothing but tools of the Creator to enforce his plan for this world. They are not allowed to trigger the Third World War before he  allows them to – as described in Luke 21 and Matt. 24, and not until  the prophecies have been fulfilled (Matt 5: 17-21). And there are still a few remaining unfulfilled.

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