UK and France also on Warpath after Psyop “Gas Attack” in Syria. Russiansalso in War Psychosis. “Damascus to become a Ruinous Heap” Now – Isaiah 17 with Love from World Rulers, Pharisee Chabad Lubavitch?

There is no longer any doubt that the criminally insane government in Washington is driving the world to the last war. (Paul Craig Roberts Global Res. 10 April 2018 – US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under President Reagan in 1981)


The rulers of the world, the Chabad Lubavitch Pharisees, are using the Bible as their working program to speed up the coming of their Luciferic Messiah, Ben David. So far, they seem to have arrived at Isaiah chapter 17: “Damascus becomes a ruinous heap”. Their Masonic puppet politicians are implementing the Chabad / London City orders like robots. The next chapter is then  Gog from the land of Magog (Ezekiel 38:39).

The South Front 10 Apr. 2018 

Theresa May has spoken to Emmanuel Macron and will have a call with Donald Trump later as the allies plot retaliation against Syria.

DEBKAfile 10 April 2018 (Israel´s Mossad)

The Trump administration is negotiating with Britain, France and other allies, including Arab governments, for their roles in the Syrian operation. Our Washington sources report that the commander-in-chief is looking at a major operation in Syria, to unfold over several days and lead to a concerted allied assault on the Iranian military presence embedded in that country. This extended goal may give US allies pause.
The only US warship immediately available for the promised US military response to Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons in Douma is the guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook.

Trump’s line to UK Prime Minister Theresa May is this: You owe me for supporting you against Russia in the spy poisoning affair; now, back me up in holding Russia and Iran to account for the chemical attack in Syria (False Flag). Britain maintains an air base in Cyprus.
What he has in mind is much more than a one-off strike like the Tomahawk assault he ordered on a Syrian air base a year ago (Idlib-false flag and here)  to punish the regime for a chemical attack that left 80 civilians dead.

The Guardian 10 April

The Daily Mail 10 April 2018: Momentum is building behind Western retaliation for the chemical weapon strike. The PM today condemned the ‘barbaric’ attack and warned those responsible would be held to account.

Tony Blair backed Western military action against the Syrian regime over chemical attacks on civilians.

The former PM urged Mrs May to be ‘supportive’ of strikes expected to be launched by Mr Trump in the coming days.
“I (May) spoke this morning to President (Emmanuel) Macron, I will be speaking later today with President (Donald) Trump and the National Security Council meets regularly, and I’ll be chairing a meeting of the National Security Council later today”.

Tony Blair urges Mrs. May not to call Commons´vote before going to war! He said: ‘I think in circumstances where the action presumably would be a form of air action rather than ground force action, I don’t think strictly it’s necessary.

Brits remember that man´s lies who drew the UK into the 2. Iraq war.

“If the US are taking action we should be prepared to be alongside them. It’s important that when chemical weapons are used in this way and the international community has taken a firm position against it that you have to enforce it.”

Blair was called Pres. Trump´s lapdog

 Vanity Fair:

Mr Trump has warned he will respond to the attack within hours and talks have been held between Britain, France and America on exactly what action to take.

A meeting of the UN Security Council descended into farce last night as the Russian government supported its ally in Syria!!

Russia has warned that US military action in Syria in the wake of an apparent poison gas attack could cause ‘grave repercussions’.

Ms Haley urged the UN to take action, but stressed whether it acts or not ‘either way, the United States will respond’.

She added: ‘Meetings are ongoing. Important decisions are being weighed, even as we speak.’

 Sputnik 10 Apr. 2018

The Guardian 10 Apr. 2018 Probable targets a second time round would be other Syrian airbases, and perhaps what remains of the air force itself. Whittled down and battered, the Syrian jet fleet has been heavily propped up by Russian fighters. Syria’s air defence system has been heavily damaged by Israeli attacks.

The US maintains a naval battle group in the eastern Mediterranean, well stocked with over-the-horizon missiles. It has a large number of jet fighters in Qatar and on carriers in the Gulf, which are deployed to bomb Isis.
The RAF has a large contingent in the Middle East still engaged in action against Isis remnants and could easily divert planes and drones to Syrian military targets if required. It has Tornados posted in the region that have a reputation for flying low and precision bombing, and Typhoons armed with Paveway lV guided bombs. It also has Reaper drones equipped with Hellfire missiles.

 Russsians also in war psychosis
The Saker (Russian) 8 April 2018: I just spend about 2 hour listening to a TV debate of Russian experts about what to do about the USA. Here are a few interesting points.
1) They all agreed that the AngloZionist (of course, they used the words “USA” or “Western countries”) was only going to further escalate and that the only way to stop this is to deliberately bring the world right up to the point were a full-scale US-Russian war was imminent or even locally started. They said that it was fundamentally wrong for Russia to reply with just words against Western actions.
2) Interestingly, there also was a consensus that even a full-scale US attack on Syria would be too late to change the situation on the ground, that it was way too late for that.
3) Another interesting conclusion was that the only really question for Russia is whether Russia would be better off delaying this maximal crisis or accelerating the events and making everything happen sooner. There was no consensus on that.
4) Next, there was an consensus view that pleading, reasoning, asking for fairness or justice, or even for common sense, was futile. The Russian view is simple: the West is ruled by a gang of thugs supported by an infinitely lying and hypocritical media while the general public in the West has been hopelessly zombified. The authority of the so-called “western values” (democracy, rule of law, human rights, etc.) in Russia is now roadkill.
5) There was also a broad consensus that the US elites are not taking Russia seriously and that the current Russian diplomatic efforts are futile (especially towards the UK). The only way to change that would be with very harsh measures, including diplomatic and military ones..
6) To my amazement, the notion that Russia might have to sink a few USN ships or use Kalibers on US forces in the Middle-East was viewed as a real, maybe inevitable, option. Really – nobody objected.
None of the “experts” was representing, or working for, the Russian government.  Still, the words of these experts do reflect, I think, a growing popular consensus.

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