The Press: War-Obsessed John Bolton at Large as Trump´s Security Adviser. Bolton: “If You Want Peace Prepare for War”

As I wrote  yesterday war-obsessed John Bolton is to become Pres. Trump´s security adviser instead of fired Gen. McMaster.

Considering Bolton´s previous history as mastermind of the Iraq war and bombastic statements about bombing North Korea, Iran, Cuba i.a. we can expect a very bellicose US foreign policy.

How does John Bolton, former UN ambassador for Pres. Bush Jr. think?

The Telegraph 23 March 2018: “The surest way to avoid conflict is to have a strong military capability,” Mr Bolton told Sky News.“As the ancient Romans used to say: Si vis pacem, para bellum – if you want peace, prepare for war.”

NewsTalk 23 March 2018: In an interview following the announcement, Bolton noted  that the “US and the west” are currently facing a lot of threats and warned that, “if you want peace, prepare for war.” (AND THE USA WILL CONSEQUENTLY  HAVE TO DO SO).
When asked about the potential for more conflict, he replied: “I think that’s something we want to avoid and I think the way the President has approached this, along the lines of Ronald Reagan of peace through strength, is important.

Here are a few press statements on Bolton

Global Res. 23 March Bolton-bush

Global Res. 23 March 2018: Bolton blood thirsty vultures

Global Res. 23 March 2018: “Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation director Alexandra Bell said “(b)etween Pompeo and Bolton, you’re looking at a neocon foreign policy jacked up on steroids.”

ABC News 23 March 2018


The Hill 23 March 2018:

The Guardiam 23 March 2018:  Bolton is likely to meet resistance from Mattis and the president’s chief of staff John Kelly, who are said to be “sceptical” of him. And he appears to have struck some kind of bargain to moderate his bellicose instincts. One source told CNN’s White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins that “Bolton promised Trump ‘he wouldn’t start any wars’ if he selected him as the new national security adviser”.

But even if he sticks to that somewhat pat promise, we can still expect him to exert influence over the president’s thinking, particularly on Iran, where they two are more or less of the same mind.

Trump has made no secret of his disdain for the nuclear treaty with Iran, and now he will be backed up to the hilt by his own national security adviser. So we can expect this enormous diplomatic achievement to be shredded, despite European efforts to the contrary. But “bomb Iran”? So long as there are at least some adults left in the room that’s unlikely. Help us Mad Dog Mattis, you’re our only hope.

DEBKAfile 23 March 2018:   Bolton tis an outspoken friend of Israel. In his frequent TV commentaries, Bolton has repeatedly urged America to use its military prowess to remind the world that it is still the greatest power on earth whose strength is unrivaled. He has advocated pre-emptive military strikes on Iran and North Korea rather than wasting time on fruitless diplomacy while the two rogue states buy time for developing nuclear weapons and missiles. Bolton has also argued that Washington should have acted to remove Bashar Assad long ago and maintains that the military expansionist presence of Iran and Hizballah in Syria must be stopped.
The Washington rumor mill suggests that the next head on the block is that of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.
With the Bolton appointment, President Trump continues the shakeup of his security and foreign policy team of advisers as he heads towards challenging decisions in the coming weeks on the Iranian and North Korean nuclear crises

Trump´s new Security Adviser Bolton is an EU-Opponent

 US-President Trump´s national security adviser  targets the EU, China and Russia.

DEBKAfile 24 March 2018

Sputnik 24 March 2018: A military monitor told Sputnik reporter and columnist Suliman Mulhem on Friday that the prospect of a US attack against Syria is looking “unlikely for now,” citing his informed military sources as saying they believe the threat level has been downgraded due to recent warnings by Russian officials to the US.
The monitor also reported that many of his sources in the Syrian Air Defense Force (SyADF) are still on high alert, but suggested that the current threat is primarily from Israeli war planes.

Military analyst Peto Lucem expressed his doubts about a potential largescale US attack against the Syrian Army.
“I don’t expect a largescale attack on Syrian ground forces by the US. To achieve this, the US Air Force (USAF) would first have to attack SAM bases, radar installations and airfields – this is a common tactic.


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