Sputnik 23 March 2018

The American Conservative 22 March 2018: Bolton has been obsessed for many years with going to war against the Islamic Republic (Iran), calling repeatedly for bombing Iran in his regular appearances on Fox News.
Bolton has already influenced Trump to tear up the Iran nuclear deal.
Win Without War: In an Administration of increasingly troubling nominees, John Bolton is perhaps uniquely terrifying. An unrepentant champion of the Iraq War, Bolton has called for launching additional wars against a host of countries stretching from Cuba to Iran.

Russian Ultimatum to the US: Hit Damascus – this will be the last thing you will do!” Colonel-General Rudskoy, the head of the Main Headquarters of the General Staff of the Russian Federation. (Google Translation machine here)

General Rudskoy continues: American specialists are training specially formed groups of terrorists whose mission is to conduct provocative actions using banned chemical weapons in the southern part of the country.
And now, these units are directly preparing to commit provocations, preparing explosives with poisonous chemicals.

The plan is also clear: After a series of such explosions, charges will be brought against government troops. Thus, the US is trying to “untie one’s own hands,” to launch aggressive actions against the Assad regime.

At the disposal of terrorists there are twenty containers with a substance like chlorine, which will be used in alleged provocative attacks.
All the preparatory measures are thoroughly masked, and the consequences of the attacks are planned to be widely publicized.
So, if this blow takes place with Russian casualties, the Russian side will strike back not only on the missiles themselves, which will not have time to reach the target, but also on the square from where these missiles will be launched.


 USrael do pursue a dirty course in Syria:
Already the policy of working for regime change in a previously souvereign country with a president unopposed by 90% of the population acc- to a NATO poll and elected by 90% of Syrians in 2014 election is an incredible crime – magnified by USrael´s creation, training, funding, equipping ISIS and Al Qaeda which are still terrorizing Syria.

In a Brookings  (Rothschild´s US legislator) paper published in 2012 and entitled “Saving Syria: Assessing Options For Regime Change,researchers at the Brookings Institution wrote: This memo lays out six options for the United Stat esto consider to achieve Asad’s overthrow, should it choose to do so:

Removing the regime via diplomacy;
Coercing the regime via sanctions and diplomatic
Arming the Syrian opposition to overthrow
the regime;
Engaging in a Libya-like air campaign to
help an opposition army gain victory;
Invading Syria with U.S.-led forces and toppling
the regime directly; and
Participating in a multilateral, NATO-led effort
to oust Asad and rebuild Syria.

Brookings wants to deconstruct and fractionate Syria   by means of terrorists like ISIS and Al Qaeda

Brookings Which Path to Persia: The United States might calculate that it is still worthwhile to pin down the Asad regime and bleed it, keeping a regional adversary weak, while avoiding the costs of direct intervention.”  –pages 8- 9, Assessing Options for Regime Change, Brookings Institution.

So, you can see for yourself how far down the Path to Persia the US has come acc to Rothschild´s Brookigs ´plan

Noble, isn´t it – and all for NWO World hegemony on behalf of the London City for the US is not a country – but a Military Rothschild Corporation.

Russia more and more Alarmed – warning Washington to resist from attacking Damascus
(Sputnik 20 March 2018)

Russians fear US supported rebels in Damascus suburb East Ghouta are preparing for a chemical attack to be blamed on the Syrian army – and used by the US as an excuse to attack Syria and Damascus with Russian soldiers..

Sputnik 20 March 2018 Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov commented on the situation in Eastern Ghouta and the poisoning of Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal.

Russia has called on the United States to unconditionally abandon its plans for a strike against Syrian government forces and Damascus, Sergei Ryabkov stated, answering the journalist’s question.

Any such unlawful use of force, similar to what happened almost a year ago at the Shairat air base, would be an act of aggression against a sovereign state, as defined by the relevant article of the UN Charter,” he said.

Sergei Ryabkov believes that if the situation in Syria and, in particular, Eastern Ghouta changes for the better, opponents to a peaceful resolution to the conflict could incite the international community by sabotaging this process, possibly by using chemical weapons.

“The situation in Eastern Ghouta has changed radically for the better,” Sergei Ryabkov told reporters on Tuesday.

Provocations could include staging the use of chemical weapons by government troops,” Ryabkov said.

Earlier, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said that the US was prepared to act on the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

 The Middle East Eye 19 March 2018

Damascus has taken a series of measures to prepare for an anticipated US military strike, Western diplomats told Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat.

As part of the government’s preparations, letters were sent to Russia and Iran to request additional protection and Russian army troops have reportedly already been deployed to “critical locations” in order to deter Washington, one diplomat told the paper.

It was also reported that the United Nations has moved staff, including diplomats, from particular areas of concern.

 Sputnik  2018: Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has pointed to increased activity by US forces and the international anti-IS coalition “around Syria”.

 As the minister further emphasized, the likelihood of fighters using toxic substances to later blame the Syrian government army remains high.
“Three such attempts were prevented in the last week,”  Schoigu continued.

Sputnik 16 March 2018


We note the evidence of preparation for possible attacks. Strike groups of naval carriers with cruise missiles are being formed in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean, in the Persian Gulf and in the Red Sea,” chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff Col. Gen. Sergey Rudskoy said.

According to Rudskoy, militants of the al-Nusra Front from Eastern Ghouta have recently intensified the shelling of Damascus, the army is now conducting operations to eliminate the terrorists.

Jabhat al-Nusra militants along with the White Helmets are preparing a staged chemical attack in the Alghabit and Kalbb Lusa communities situated 25 km (15 miles) to the North-West of Idlib. There are 20 chlorine containers in their possession,” said the Russian General Staff.

Haaretz 15 March  The (Israeli) army conducted an exercise this week which simulated a multi-front war in which Russia intervened to prevent Israel from attacking Syria.

“Throughout the exercise, we examined various implications of the Russian presence” in Syria, a senior Israel Defense Forces officer said. “We practiced everything that could be coordinated with the Russians and also what couldn’t be, how we would operate without harming their interests in the region, and on the flip side, scenarios in which the Russians made trouble” – for instance, by sending a message that Israel was undermining their regional interests.

The Unz Review 15 March 2018: Colonel Patrick Lang, Retired senior officer of U.S. Military Intelligence and U.S. Army Special Forces (The Green Berets) who was the “Defense Intelligence Officer for the Middle East, South Asia and Terrorism”– summed it up best in a recent post at his excellent website Sic Semper Tyrannis when he said:

“Pompeo’s nomination and his eventual confirmation brings the world closer to a US-Russia war. If that happens it will be difficult if not impossible to keep the war from escalating toward the use of nuclear weapons. Israel wants war, a wrecking war with , Iran. Israel wants the US to win that war for Israel. In My Opinion, Israel would be wrecked in such a war whatever the outcome. This is an August 1914 moment.”

God help us.

DEBKAfile 20 March 2018:

Global Res. 16 May 2018:  A debate over war policy is erupting in the French ruling elite.

As French President Emmanuel Macron pushes for the draft, NATO is creating conditions for wars in which large draftee armies could be deployed. And as May’s threats show, events are moving towards not only war in the Middle East, but also a clash with a nuclear-armed opponent, Russia.

The debate in France also points to political issues behind May’s decision to escalate a confrontation with Russia before any serious investigation of the Skripal affair takes place. Behind the rush to judgment in this as-yet unclarified case, powerful factions of the European ruling class are working out how to mount a military escalation aimed at Russia, Turkey and Syria.

Macron: “We must be clear, France will not intervene militarily on the ground in Syria. I say that very firmly. And I believe some people who are giving lessons today took the same decisions.”

None of the politicians in this debate want peace. All are willing to send masses of people to fight overseas.
Macron also made clear that an EU led by Berlin and Paris would be a militaristic, anti-refugee bloc, declaring: “We cannot each year bring in hundreds of thousands of migrants.”


The following is from a post by Prof. Chossudovsky on Global Res. 19 March 2018:

On 9 Dec.  2012, the CNN brought this research by Elise Labott

However, some of the Ghouta rebels have now surrendered.

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