The 3 Main Suspects behind the Skripal Attempt – and Russia Is not among Them

Considering the following , the unfounded accusation by the british and US governmenyts of Russia being behind the poisoning  of Skripal, even drumming this affair up to a WW3 causa belli is not only preposterous and totally out of proportions. It is maximal hypocrisy – even strongly pointing in the direction of a false flag/psyop by a habitually criminal NWO system.
Even The Guardian finds it unlikely that Russia is behind the attempt because of the timing: Russia had plenty of opportunity to kill Skripal before he was swapped, Russia would not make the attempt just before the presidential election and the football world cup in Russia.
One might suspect the Ukraine – but it would probably have chosen a more well-known figure?

Everyone who knows this blog, knows that I have absolutely no sympathy for Putin and his regime – I see them as the NWO antithesis to the US NWO thesis, the hammer of the City of London.  However, the now running completely unproven hunt against Russia  in my opinion is an effort by the Illuminati of the London City to hammer the East-West hostility into the heads of the ignorant Westerners, which is the prerequisite for the  World War III, planned since at least  since 1871, which is to begin in the Middle East (Albert Pike, William Carr). Or the London City wants to cement its position in the minds of the 3/4 of the British calling for Rothschild’s one-world government

There are 3 much more likely perpetrators:

1. The UK.  I have previously (in 2011) described how the British military lab Porton Down exposed unknowing residents of Dorsetshire to biological warfare experiments – e.g. theIce Whale” affair  1963-1975 – whereby this ship sprayed bacteria over densely populated areas.
Porton Down is the Lab which the British government just forced to state that the novichok nervous poison used on Skripal and his daughter was invented in the Soviet Union (Uzbekistan).

The spray suspension consisted of two types of bacteria. The first, Bacillus subtilis (also known as Bacillus globigii or BG), had been often used by Porton Down either as a simulant for anthrax or as a tracer organism. It was sprayed in its spore form in order to ensure survivability.
The second type of bacteria that was used was E.coli MRE162. This organism was isolated from a toilet at Porton Down during 1949, and given the MRE culture number 162.
Both types of bacteria were sprayed in live form and were designed to be the same size as real Biological Warfare (BW) agents- between 1- 5 microns. This size is used in BW to ensure that the bacteria bypass the body’s natural defences and reach the deepest parts of the lungs, the alveoli, where they can more easily cause infection.

In response to questions from MPs and the public, asking whether the MOD would still conduct trials of this nature, the Defence Evaluation Research Agency (DERA), the organisation then responsible for military chemical and biological research at Porton Down, stated in 1999 – “in the event of a military question arising which could only be answered by conducting open air trials in areas which may involve the general public Ministers have made it clear that they cannot rule out conducting larger scale trials in the future to try to ensure the protection of the UK from attacks by people of states using chemical and biological weapons.”.

When questioned about possible Porton Down biological warfare research, conducted since the events of September 11 2001, Dstl Porton Down will only state that they do not comment on research matters.

And here is a long list of US criminal biowarfare on Americans.  Even nuclear experiments on Americans may have cost hundreds of thousans of lives and here and here

I have tried to find photos of poisoned Skripal. here is what I found. If this man was poisoned, why do the police officers not at least wear gloves?

Here follows concessions of many more secret British poisoning of British and foreign peoples

The Independent 8 July 2015: The following new research was carried out by Ulf Schmidt, Professor of Modern History at the University of Kent.
The new research has i.a. discovered that a hitherto unknown biological warfare field trial was carried out in the capital’s tube system in May 1964.

G-series nerve agents. Clouds of this chemical warfare weapon were dispersed during field trials in a small part of southern Nigeria, some miles north of the town of Warri. G-series nerve agents were first developed by the Nazis before and during World War Two. The group includes substances like sarin and attacks the human nervous system, causing loss of bodily function and normally death. Survivors are likely to suffer long-term neurological damage and psychiatric disorders.

Less well-known, though, is the fact that members of the British armed forces “were experimented on with Sarin, the deadly nerve gas, as late as 1983 at the Government’s defence research centre at Porton Down,” according to Ministry of Defence documents obtained by The Telegraph. Operation Antler, as the police investigation into the experiments was called, found that the nerve agent trials had gone on as late as 1989.

Prof. Schmidt´s investigation now suggests that up to 30,000 secret chemical warfare substance experiments were carried out, mainly at Porton Down, on more than 14,000 British soldiers between 1945 and 1989. He believes that, in most cases, the servicemen were not given sufficient information to allow them to give properly informed consent.

During the Cold War, the British Government used the general public as unwitting biological and chemical warfare guinea pigs on a much greater scale than previously thought, according to new historical research.

In more than 750 secret operations, hundreds of thousands of ordinary Britons were subjected to ‘mock’ biological and chemical warfare attacks launched from aircraft, ships and road vehicles. The research reveals, for the first time, that around 4600 kilos of the chemical, zinc cadmium sulphide (now thought to be potentially carcinogenic, on account of its cadmium content) were dispersed between 1953 and 1964 on British civilian populations in and around Salisbury in Wiltshire, Cardington in Bedfordshire and Norwich in Norfolk. Prof. Schmidt has  revealed that British military aircraft dropped thousands of kilos of a chemical of ‘largely unknown toxic potential’ .

Substantial quantities were also dispersed across parts of the English Channel and the North Sea. It’s not known the extent to which coastal towns in England and France were affected.

In 1954, the British government sent Cold War biological warfare scientists to an area of sea near an uninhabited island in the Bahamas to release clouds of dangerous Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis viruses. These organisms were capable of causing, in humans, high fever, long term fatigue, headaches and occasionally death.

 The new research reveals, for the first time, that in another British imperial possession, Nigeria, a location was found for chemical warfare field trials. In an area called Obanaghoro in southern Nigeria, four British Cold War scientific missions spent a total of around 15 months dispersing, and assessing the effects of, large quantities of experimental nerve gas weapons.

“The government records I’ve been looking at are conspicuously silent about the consequences,” said Ulf Schmidt.

Professor Schmidt’s research has also revealed the vast scale of Cold War chemical warfare tests carried out on ‘volunteer’ British service personnel here in the UK – involving numbers of people much greater than previously thought.

2. According to former British diplomat and historian Craig Murray,  for instance, it is more reasonable to cast the net of suspicion onto Israel for many of the same reasons cited by the British government:

Israel has the nerve agents. Israel has Mossad which is extremely skilled at foreign assassinations. Theresa May claimed Russian propensity to assassinate abroad as a specific reason to believe Russia did it. Well Mossad has an even greater propensity to assassinate abroad. And while I am struggling to see a Russian motive for damaging its own international reputation so grieviously, Israel has a clear motivation for damaging the Russian reputation so grieviously. Russian action in Syria has undermined the Israeli position in Syria and Lebanon in a fundamental way, and Israel has every motive for damaging Russia’s international position by an attack aiming to leave the blame on Russia.”

The Russian-Israeli relations are tense beacuse of Syria and Iran.

 Russian Sputnik – Putin´s mouthpiece – even states the  “Israel has the Hallmarks of a Rogue state”

3. Russian Pravda has a logical suggestion – like 9/11 not even indicated by Western Media: The CIA

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