USA´s Israel Lobby Buying up US Politicians with 6.3 Bn Dollars

You have certainly often heard about the US Israel Lobby, which comprises up to 500 organisations advancing Israels Interest at all levels, the most known ones being the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) , the Anti-Defamation League (ADL and here), The American Jewish Committee.

We probably had an idea that these organsations hold the US in an iron grip – to the extent that many now speak of USrael.

And no wonder. The Great Seal of the US is in all reasonable probability a gift from the Frankist satanist and Talmudist, Mayer Amschel Rothschild. The Eagle on the frontside is characterised by the Rothschild/Israeli hexagon and the number of 13 – Israel´s 13 tribes – and is seen on every 1 dollar note as a reminder to Americans whose subordiante slaves they really are.

This is further substantiated by Rothschild´s corporate Washington DC False Constitution of 1871 pushing the 1776 Constitution aside.  Furthermore, the US is governed by Jesuit Rothschilds´  stooges, Freemasons, Non-Jewish Judaists

In the following Grant F. Smith presents his Institute´s research on the activities of the Israel Lobby of the US

Here follows a series of screenshots from the above video to show the penetrating influence on/governance of the USA by the Israel Lobby.
First note that this lobby has 6.3 bn dollars at disposal in 2020.They can buy quite a lot of US politicians with that money – already have done so with 55 og 58 US senators.




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