Merkel´s Proud “Integration” Life Lie Legacy. Reality: Proud Muslim Splashed with His Irritating Wife´s Blood. NO-Go-Zone Hell at Marxloh

The Daily Mail 5 March 2018: Man, who refers to himself as Abu Marwan in the video, stabbed wife 4 or 5 times
In shocking video, he can be seen with blood on his face and a cut on his hand
He says that he killed his wife as a lesson to women who irritate their husbands.

Merkel: This is all integration – the direct opposite of multikulti, which leads to parallel society. Multiculturalism is a life lie! ” Great applause

The Daily Mail 4 March 2018: Angela Merkel’s real legacy is the lawless no-go areas that police fear to patrol where half of the locals have foreign roots and the German tongue is a rarity. In the wake of the migrant crisis, Angela Merkel opened up Germany’s borders. But the outcome has been disastrous for the district of Marxloh, near Duisburg
A police report found the streets are controlled by drug dealers and robbers
Facing electoral uncertainty. Ms Merkel has admitted Germany has ‘no-go’ areas.

In this video she does admit no-go-zons in germany. The sceptic video speaker should read about Marxloh and these other 40 places (in 2016)  in Germany where the police was afraid to go acc. to the London Daily Express 8 Nov. 2016.

This is Merkel´s deliberate  lie: She knows Germany has many parallel societies – calls this a lie and says it´s all Integration in Germany. Friede Freude Eierkuchen – as the Germans say on election day. So they elect Merkel once more – and that´s not a lie.

Merkel´s religious/Masonic sign of the Mother goddess i.e.  Semiramis/Ishtar/Isis/Demeter – mother and husband of Nimrod/Baal/Osiris

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