Psychiatrist and Criminologist: Nigerian Immigrants Kill, Cut Us to Pieces and Eat Us to Get Courage: The Pamela Mastropietro Case

The following murder case has caused  great stir in the Italian press, for example La Stampa, Il Corriere and many other major newspapers.

Il Libero Quotidiano 13 Febbraio 2018:  “The Nigerian mafia, who killed Pamela is the most ruthless mafia in the world, and their sects are now colonizing Italy and stealing the business from traditional mafias”.
Alessandro Meluzzi, surgeon, psychiatrist, criminologist, analyzes the terrifying murder of Pamela Mastropietro in an interview with Italia Oggi: This case “has to do with methodologies that the Nigerian mafia systematically applies in Nigeria and elsewhere”.
Here it is a “practice to shatter their victims and, in some cases, eat parts of their bodies”.

In fact, the neck and genital organs are missing from Pamela’s body. The body has been boned and washed in bleach “to remove traces of all kinds, including toxicological ones, the bones have been disarticulated, as is done with kids”.
And then there is no heart: “That it is missing does not surprise me,” continues Meluzzi: “For  child soldiers of Sierra Leone, eating the heart of the first female victim is the initiation rite to gain courage: Ritual cannibalism in the Nigerian mafia. It’s not the exception, it’s the rule, it’s normal for that context, but we do not talk about it, maybe not to appear racist, we’ll have to get used to these things: it’s just the first bit of an iceberg to expand.”

In short, Pamela’s heart may have been eaten: “It is the most delicious part, which animistically infuses courage and long life, and is considered a sort of tonic”.

Another three Nigerians are being hunted for this crime

What beasts “our” politicians are to import such such satanists, who not only are being used in false flag actions for some dirty political purpose – but also stab, shoot, and establish no-go zones for whites – and now even kill, dismember and eat whites.

Merkel states the Lord has sent these Muslim migrants!!
Of course, being a Supermason, her “god” is Lucifer and  here and here.

Merkel praises Italy for importing these cannibals: “We have a close cooperation” – by secretly flying them  to Germany!

Indeed, it is known as  the Merkel Plan of the European Stability Initiative, ESI. Current ESI Chairman directly responsible for the final Merkel Plan document is Istanbul-based Austrian sociologist, Gerald Knaus. Knaus is also a member of  Soros´ European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), and a fellow of Soros´ Open Society.
ESI is NATO derived and supported by the US Peace Initiative!!

Indeed the Pharisee/TalmudistPrince of the World” (John 14:30) is at large by means of   “our” Masons, who are but Non-Jewish Judaists.

And the  EU even boasts of bringing its citizens into this disaster:

Brussels, 26 november 2008
A6-0356/2007 – p.29 Explanatory Statement:
“It (the European Union) sprogressing towards its aim of establishing a political community pursuing the Illuminist ideal of the sublime dignity of man”.

It does so by recruiting 56 mio. Subsaharans + their big families into the EU by 2050 AD.
Which jobs can these analphabets perform apart from drawing social benefits at our cost and fight us infidels by ALL means (Koran sura 9:5 e.g.)? This is making us their slaves.

There are several newspaper reports on cannibalism in Nigeria; The Express 19 May 2015, The Independent 12 Febr. 2014. But Snopes analyzing the information thinks it is fake news

Here is a man even asserting that in the US human flesh is served in restaurants!?

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