Netanyahu´s way from Power to Prison – or War on Russia´s Allies Hizbollah (Lebanon), Iran, Syria

Can an influential  prime minister more or less on his own launch a war against a state he just does not like – saying its threatening his country´s existence? Can a Prime minister launch such a war to save his own political life and to avoid prison for criminal deeds?

Considering that he has been appointed the messiah to launch the apocalyptic war to pave the way for the next messiah through a biblically predicted Armageddon/Gog& Magog (Ezekeil 38,39) demise of the reestablished Israel, whereupon the 2. messiah is to raise Israel to rule the world – can he go to prison without launching exactly that war?

That´s the choice of Israel´s Prime Minister Netanyahu now. Israeli police has just recommended that Netanyahu is tried in court for bribery.
Netanyahu has not forgotten that his predecessor Ehud Olmert had to go to prison for …. bribery.
Netanyahu´s  wife, Sara, will probably be indicted soon in a separate case. And a left-wing NGO just sued his son, Yair (Times of Israel 9 Aug. 2017)

Quora 8 Febr. 2018  Gal Amir, PhD Law, University of Haifa (2017)
Is Netanyahu likely to go to prison?
Yes he is
. Its only a matter of time. The people who answered this before me gave a detailed review but missed some facts –
There are currently 4 cases in which there are active investigations –
1000 case – accusations of bribery by rich friends in the form of personal gifts of liqour and cigars.
2000 case – agreeing to legislate against daily newspaper Israel Hayom in exchange for favorable coverage in a competing newspaper.
3000 case – getting paid off by German companies to purchase unnecessary submarines for the navy.
4000 case – managing the ministry of communication to benefit Bezek communication ltd. Owned by his friend Shaul Alovich.

He is a suspect in the first two and would probably be indicted. Close aides and henchmen are arrested in the 3rd and 4th cases. Nobody thinks he is innocent of either case. There is a state witness called Ari Haro giving testimony against him in exchange for immunity.

He could negotiate his way out being a very smart person but he would have to give up power. He holds on to power and alienates all those who might help him or favor him – the judiciary system, the criminal prosecution, the police, the press and the media. His only power lies in his political base – hardline Likud voters. Hardly 25% of Israeli voters and not a very reliable source of power.

In Israel this means prison. Eventually. The rapist Katsav acted similarly – denying all allegations and holding on to power while alienating all the forces to be. He ended up serving 7 years. That’s where Netanyahu’s heading.

In the end the procedure has to be accepted judicially by the Attorney General. But politically, Netanyahu´s destiny  will be decided by his coalition partners and the more and  more vociferous discontent masses in the streets of Israel´s cities.

Can Netanyahu on his own go to war without consulting the government?  Not yet – but SOON:
Times of Israel 10 Dec. 2017: Israel’s security cabinet will be able to decide to go to war without consulting the full cabinet, according to a bill green-lighted Sunday by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation.

Is that a reason why Netanyahu just declared war on Iran in spite of Putin´s plea?

Here is how bad Netanyahu´s situation is today
Haaretz 21 Febr. 2018: A tsunami of allegations hit Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in mid-February, with the police recommending that he be indicted for corruption.
Haaretz 21 Febr. 2018: 1.5841670 Reports on Tuesday alleged that Nir Hefetz, a confidant and former spokesman for the Netanyahus, offered judge Hila Gertsl the position of attorney general on the condition that she use her new post to stymie legal proceedings against the Netanyahus over official state household spendings.
In a separate case involving one of Netanyahu’s closest confidants, Shlomo Filber, who was arrested by the police in an investigation into the ties of Israel’s telecom giant with government officials, Filber reached a deal with the police late on Tuesday to turn state’s evidence:
As part of the agreement made late Tuesday night, Filber offered police a detailed account of everything he knows about Netanyahu’s part in the so-called Case 4000, as well as others involved in the affair. According to the deal, Filber will not receive jail time.

Netanyahu bribed media by governmental money and legislation to mention him favourably
Haaretz 19 Febr. 2018:  Reality needs to be called what it is. Systematically skewing coverage and providing a false picture of reality to the public constitutes a financial benefit on a huge scale. When a senior politician gets a series of flattering articles from a publisher, it’s worth a lot more to the politician than a box of cigars or a suitcase of cash to finance primary election activists. When a publisher censors an investigation of the truth about a politician, sometimes the publisher is sparing him the end of his career, and in the process is paying him a bribe worth more to him than it would be to transfer a million dollars into the politician’s son’s secret bank account in an island tax haven.

And when the politician, for his part, promises to compensate the tycoon by passing legislation or furthering the businessman’s huge financial interests, he is consummating the bribery deal.

In the relationship with Bezeq’s Elovitch that is currently being probed, Netanyahu agreed to forgo a fundamental principle of his political thought to attain a longed-for benefit. According to the suspicions, he took a series of governmental steps himself or through emissaries to solidify Bezeq’s standing as a monopoly, and to shower it with governmental gestures worth hundreds of millions of shekels. Along the way, he acted against the public interest and deprived citizens at large of a substantial reduction in their monthly expenses when he put a halt to reforms in the landline telephone service market, and when he deprived journalists of their professional freedom.

He and his associates received hundreds of benefits from the country’s leading news website, seen by millions of Israelis. These benefits were in all probability not just “positive coverage” but also influence on the hiring of journalists on the website, and blatant attempts to influence the choice of the site’s editor in chief.
People who have spoken to Mendelblit recently say that in the Netanyahu-Elovitch-Bezeq-Walla web of relationships, he sees the clear potential of turning it into a criminal case revealing a story of several people with power and money who made a secret connection

From Sputnik 20 Febr. 2018.

Two Top NATO generals describe the 3. Lebanon war engaging Israel and USA as inevitable.

Never is the lion (of Judah) so dangerous as when it is cornered.


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