Merkel Praises Italy on Importing Immigrants. “We Have Close Cooperation”: Secretely Flying the Migrants from Italy to Germany. CIA Blatantly Understates German Net Immigration

Ilouis-de-Rothschild have   previously described how Merkel´s government deceives the Germans by saying it has reduced the immigration – while secretly flying migrants from Italy and Sweden to German airports  nights.

As shown here, this deception goes on as part of a longsighted ethnic cleansing and here – the “final solution of the white problem“.  (Rothschild agent and Occult Mason Coudenhove Kalergi and Nicholas Sarkozy).

Left: Baron Louis de Rothschild of Vienna bought Coudenhove with 60.000 gold marks (Wikipedia).

ANSAmed 16 Febr. 2018:  German Chancellor Angela Merkel thanked Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni at a press conference in Berlin on Friday, saying there has been a ”close cooperation with Italy on migrants”.
We have joint responsibilities on the theme of migrants. Everyone must play their part, nobody can think of using one part of the European scheme, refusing the others”.

CIA´s Immigration statistics – Italy

Index Mundi and CIA World Facts:


And now for German immiggration statistics:

Of course, the decreasing CIA figures are just as unreliable as any other information from that criminal syndicate

Deutsche Welle 21 March 2016“2  million immigrants in 2015 – net immi – igration of 1.14 million raises net immigration by 49%!! to the highest growth in German population since  1982!!

This makes the correct German immigration index per 1000 inhabitants 4,37!!

This graph from Swiss Info 13 Sept. 2016 clearly shows increasing  population increase in Germany with one of the lowest birth rates in Europe: Immigration.

But the year of 2016 was even more of a population exchange: The London Express 10 July 2017: Last year the population increased in 18 EU member states and decreased in 10, with Germany and Sweden – two of the biggest recipients of migrants in recent years – among the countries with the highest population increases.

Germany saw a net increase of 7.6 people per 1,000 inhabitants, while the population in Sweden increased by 14.5 people per 1,000 inhabitants.

This shows:
1) Do not trust official information. It is just soothing lyingpropaganda for you from a fraudulent Luciferian ideology  with the purpose of creating a hiding cloak for its ongoing ethnic cleansing of the white race acc. to Rothschild´s EU Father Coudenhove Kalergi and Zionist Francois Sarkozy.
2) Jewish Merkel de facto admits to be just as deeply involved in this mega-deception as we have known for a long time.

Praising the Italian President for his mega-betrayal of his people by a giant increase in the import of Muslims and here – even boasting of their collusion and “good” cooperation  in this ongoing and increasing Masonic/Luciferic  white-ethnic exchange is demagoguery of the worst kind.

For Merkel knows very well that if a birth rate of 2.1 per white woman is not maintained, the native population will die out. In Germany, the birth rate was 1.47 in 2014 thanks to the Muslims. In 2006, the rate was only 1.33.

Besides,  the 4 major security services of Germany have stated, they cannot cope with the scurity problems caused by migrants.

And the police? The blog  RapeFugees wrote on 9. Aug. 2016: Police get muzzled, prosecutors denied even naming the region of origin of the rapist. Our question whether there is an instruction from the politicians, was would not answered

This good cooperation consists in flying Muslims to German airports in all secrecy in the middle of the night.

Europe is crumbling due to Marxist feminsts like Merkel.

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