Rothschild´s Agent, Soros´, Secret Meeting with ECB on Rothschild´s Fiscal EU at the Resignation of German Obstacle, Schäuble

The following is a scandal: A nominally independent EU central bank with representatives of the governments of the participating countries turns out to be a Rothschild central bank construction corresponding to FED pattern – and subject to Rothschild’s BIS and here – under the direction of the former Rothschild-Goldman Sachs CEO, Mario Draghi, who  2002-2005 was a CEO of  Rothschild´s Goldman Sachs Investment Bank – and still is a Mmember of  the secret banker club  G30.
The ECB, which manages and prints the money of Europeans must consult its private capitalist boss, Rothschild agent George Soros,  and he wants what Germany has declined so far: The fiscal union with Germany as a paymaster, now that the biggest obstacle, the  German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, resigns.

The report of the meeting comes as the central bank is about to reshuffle its top ranks, amid fresh criticism levelled against the institution over its lack of transparency.

The institution does not publish in advance the meetings of its senior posts, as other EU institutions, including the European Commission, do. The ECB only discloses the agenda of public engagements and events.

Soros held a private meeting in Frankfurt on 14 November with Benoît Coeuré*, a member of the six-strong Executive Board, which runs the daily business of the Frankfurt-based bank. According to Coeure’s diary published on Friday, they discussed “euro area deepening”.

An ECB spokeswoman told Reuters that it was Soros who requested the meeting, which was also attended by a representative of his hedge fund and another ECB official, to discuss a common eurozone budget and Treasury/Fiscal Union, but they did not discuss monetary policy.

Soros is known for the speculative attack against the pound in 1992, which led to Britain’s exit from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. He is also an ardent defender of eurozone integration.

It is not the first time Soros meets with government representatives and senior central bank officials. Robert Ferguson, who was hired by Soros to speculate against the pound and became a close aide since then, told EURACTIV that Soros sees himself as a “theatre critic”, who warns (threatens?) officials of looming risks and still makes money of it.

A spokesperson of Soros Fund Management told this website that the two men discussed “political developments in Europe and the future architecture of the euro area”, without giving further details.

Marco Zanni of the anti-EU Europe of Nations and Freedom group in the European Parliament told Reuters that such behind-the-scenes meetings involving powerful individuals were “not compatible with institutions that consider themselves democratic”.

But Green MEP Sven Giegold was positive about the meeting. “It’s the mission of the ECB to work in order to keep the eurozone intact and meeting with someone influential who does the same is part of the mandate,” he said.

* Benoit Coeuré is engaged in Rothschild´s IMF.

Coeuré is a key figure behind the scenes at meetings of the Group of 20 countries

Coeuré is ECB President Draghi´s right arm  and a fan of the dictatorial Rothschild banker – now French President Emmanuel Macron.
According to Benoît Coeuré, “the French have chosen European integration and the single currency” and this choice gives a “strong mandate” to the French president elected “to reform the euro zone”, to make it “stronger” – his master´s voice.

Rothschild agent George Soros, who has expressed his /his Rothschild-Master´s frustration at Germany  blocking a fiscal EU where Germany is to be the paymaster for the impossible South-European countries – which Rothschild´s Goldman Sachs & Co and here have robbed of all assets – so that they can pay their interests on their enormous loans with Rothschild´s central  and investment banks.-

Bibliothecacyclopleyades writes: The purpose of this group is to carry forward Rothschild’s original thought about controlling a nations currency/money supply.

Soros even swore to submit Germany to a shock therapy to make the country capitulate to the London City demand – as Soros wrote in George Soros, The New York Review of Books 27 Sept. 2012 . This shock therapy then followed in collaboration between Soros and his subservient Supermason Angela Merkel as the abrupt Muslim mass invasion – the cause, extension, migrant fares  and orchestration of which Soros established. – as Soros himself has admitted!


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