Luciferian Masonic Bishops of Sweden Delivering Church to Allah

I have described how Sweden is in the claws of  dictatorial Masonry at all levels of the execution of authority in in company with Marxist feminists, changing Sweden into the “New Country” into which the Swedes – not Muslims – are to be reintegrated”.It is a field brothel for Allah´s invasion soldiers. – a failing state with a Mafia regime  – in short a real NWO state after Weishaupt-Rothschild´s Communist concept.
Also the Swedish Church is ruled by this Luciferian sect and  here and here

Wikipedia   There is a close relationship between (Masonry) and the Lutheran Church of Sweden (Swedish: Svenska kyrkan) , which was until 2000 the established national church of Sweden, and remains the largest religious denomination. Priests and bishops of the Church of Sweden have a special role within the Swedish Rite of Freemasonry, particularly in grade VII and above.

Infowars 14 Febr. 2018  A Swedish Bishop has responded to an application to have the Muslim call to prayer broadcast in the immigrant suburb of Araby, Växjö by welcoming the move as a positive sign of multiculturalism.

“Muslims are not visitors in Växjö, we live here,” said Imam Ismail Abu Helal, asserting that, “The Islamic community should be proud of their culture, and not feel like they have to hide.

Fredrik Modéus, the Bishop of Växjö, endorsed the proposal.

It is natural in a multicultural and multi-religious society that different traditions and religions are heard, are visible and are interacting for a good society,” said Modéus in a statement, adding, “I therefore welcome the application for call to prayer.”

The Bishop said the call to prayer was no different to church bells and should be embraced.

The application is likely to be granted because others have already been approved in Stockholm. This means that the call to prayer, known as the adzhan, which is broadcast five times a day in Islamic countries via loudspeakers and usually begins with the refrain “Allahu Akbar,” will soon ring out across Swedish towns and cities.

The Swedish Church is set to lose one million members over the next 10 years and is being forced to sell properties to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, as we reported in 2015, another Swedish Bishop expressed her desire to see Christian symbols removed from to make them “more inviting” for Muslims.

Eva Brunne, who is the first openly lesbian bishop of a mainstream church in the world, wants the church to be treated more like a public airport, where prayer rooms are made available to Muslims, by removing Christian symbols and “marking the direction of Mecca.”

Breitbart 5 Oct. 2016: Brunne will remove Christian symbols from churches to please the Muslims (who would never dream of going there!). 



Sweden makes for an interesting case study because it has chosen to obliterate itself as a kind of sacrifice to the Gods of political correctness.

While the country holds the ignoble title of being the rape capital of Europe, left-wing activists are outraged instead over “sexist” street names.

Christ´s disciple, John, warns of such fraternization – 2. John epistle 1: 10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: 11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

That the churches – incl. the Vatican – do not heed these warnings shows that they are not Christians -but actively bring Jesus Christ into bad repute – the main goal of the Talmudists and  Jesuits Weishaupt and Mayer Rothschild and here.

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