Rothschild 3. Cousin Pope Francis: Warns Europe of Indifference to Antisemitism while Calling on our Indifference to/Acceptance of Jewish Promoted Muslim Sharia-Holocaust in Europe

I am sorry to bother you once again with the false prophet, the Pope of the satanist Catholic Church.


Francis´ multiple statements are not only of a religious but even more of an NWO-Communist political nature.
They are more often than not Antichristian, they are hypocritical, communist ideological – and now so contradictory that it seems unintelligent. How can this pope believe we should give up our indifference to antisemitism  – when this very same man is constantly calling for us to be indifferent  to the Jewish promoted and here Muslim mass immigration which he promotes even at the cost of our security? For thereby, the pope is advocating the Sharia holocaust for European Christians which is now nearing completion everywhere in Muslim countries: The murderous Sharia.

Breitbart 29 Jan. 2018  The Holocaust was fueled by hate but was made possible by indifference, Pope Francis said Monday in an address at the Vatican.

Speaking before participants in a conference on the responsibility of States, institutions and individuals in the struggle against anti-Semitism and crimes associated with anti-Semitic hatred, the pope underscored the wider complicity of a society that sometimes turns a blind eye to the evils being perpetrated around us.

The enemy against which we fight “is not only hatred in all of its forms,” Francis said, “but even more fundamentally, indifference; for it is indifference that paralyzes and impedes us from doing what is right even when we know that it is right.”
A great moral danger that threatens each person, he continued, is the temptation to simply not care what is happening to other people or in other parts of the world that seem not to affect us directly.

In the Book of Deuteronomy, Moses tells the Chosen People: “Remember your whole journey,” the pope recalled.

“And Moses did not simply say, ‘think of the journey,’ but remember, or bring alive; do not let the past die. Remember, that is, ‘return with your heart’: do not only form the memory in your mind, but in the depths of your soul, with your whole being,” he said.
“In order to recover our humanity, to recover our human understanding of reality and to overcome so many deplorable forms of apathy towards our neighbour, we need this memory, this capacity to involve ourselves together in remembering. Memory is the key to accessing the future, and it is our responsibility to hand it on in a dignified way to young generations,” he said.

“To build our history, which will either be together or will not be at all, we need a common memory, living and faithful, that should not remain imprisoned in resentment but, though riven by the night of pain, should open up to the hope of a new dawn,” he said. “The Church desires to extend her hand. She wishes to remember and to walk together.”

So, the pope stresses the importance of remembering the past, for the future grows from such memories.
Exactly!  And we will not see these memories of our Christian past extinguished – whereas the Pope by all means wants this memory to be deleted!
At the same time, he is doing his utmost to eliminate these Christian memories from the European minds: He wants a global shared memory in a global religion whose high priest he is!

As Pope Francis knows we cannot love such immigrants the pope demands us to accept their presence in ever growing quantity in Europe – and turn a blind eye on their terror, mass rapes, taking over more and more no-go-zones for whites etc -and sacrifice our national security for Muslims.

The Pope must know the bloody commandments of the Koran against the Christians whose shepherd he is.

Francis here washes the feet of 3 Muslim men  and salutes and welcomes them in spite of 2 John 1: 7-11, which makes him guilty of Muslim´s  crimes. The Pope does not believe that Muslims sin by worshiping the very opposite of Jesus Christ – a being called Satan in the Bible.

The Pope asks us to protect the Jews whose elites are trying to destroy Christendom, Jews whose elite use criminal methods (blackmail of the Swedish government).

He also demands that we, to whom he gives no protection, protect the Muslims, while he is completely indifferent to the fact that he exposes his flock, which he should protect, completely
unprotected to Muslim violence







At the same time he does his utmost to eliminate these Christian memories from European minds:
Francis says Christ failed on the cross. This Antichrist thus turns Christ´s victory into defeat. This is NWO religion.

Francis masonically professes Jesus to be the son of Lucifer – while warning against Satan.

He accepts Shimon Peres´appointment to be the High Priest of the new all-inncluding one-world religion merging all religions letting the strongest inherit the earth – and in this pantheist religion there is no space for exclusive Jesus Christ who says “No one comes to God except by me” (John 14:6)!

On Whitsun Day 2014, when Christians celebrated the coming of the Holy Ghost, the Antichristian, Jesuit Pope Francis I, inaugurated  the Unholy Ghost, the one world religion, the completion of his predecessors´unholy NWO Interfaith Movement
and here.
without room for the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ.

At Whitsun, the Pope had even invited an Imam to preach before the Vatican staff, including  the pope: This Muslim prayed to Allah to give Musims victory over the infidels (Christians). And the Pope did not protest!!!

There is only one word for this: Betrayal of Jesus Christ and Christianity!

This pope is really a very false prophet  – just as false as Luther, who did not abolish indulgence  – but made the baptismal certificate the greatest indulgence letter of all time, which has de facto suspended the teaching of Christ.

Many think the Vatican/Popes created Islam through illiterate? Muhammad.
New Finds reveal that the Koran is developing human construction – not completed divine revelation

I don´t know – but the behaviour of Pope Francis makes this assumption logic, for the Koran was not written by an analphabetic caravan robber – but by highly educated persons.



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