Sweden´s Mason/Feminist-Protected Mafia Regime

Sweden´s Luciferian Masons and the dreaded Marxist feminists reaching their goal in their New Country: Total Old World Order Chaos so as to build their new Communist technocratic Utopia Agenda 21 on the ruins.

Breitbart 29 Jan. 2018:  A number of men with migrant backgrounds have been convicted of a trio of murders in a Stockholm suburb, where a man was shot dead then a witness and his wife were brutally murdered.

Fouad Saleh, 22, described as a leading figure in the local crime scene, was handed a life sentence for the murders, which took place in Hallonbergen last year.
The victim said he was shot at again after his car was rammed off the road as he tried to make his way to hospital. With gunshot wounds to his head, body and arms, the man died in hospital.
Six weeks later, on March 7, Saleh, along with 23-year-old Mikael Chamoun and an unnamed 17-year-old, broke into the apartment of the witness, who was out walking his dog, and stabbed his wife to death with a knife.

Upon returning home, the 39-year old called 112, telling emergency services staff his wife had been killed in the apartment and that Saleh and Chamoun were inside.

Local media reported the victim said, “Please, I don’t want to die,” before he was dragged away, beaten, and stabbed to death by the youths.

Fortunately, the victim and his family seem to know the perpetrators –  then probably being from the “Neo-Swedish” milieu. It can be concluded that Allah and his racist motives  (Sura 20:102, sura 9:5) were not the reason this time.

The following photo is from Nightclub Babel in Malmoe (The Daily Mail 30 Jan. 2018) – When a nice girl visits a club with the name of the origin of the NWO! – the mother of all whores (Rev.) she can expect just what she experienced.



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