EU Commission Sets up a Committee to Define Thought Crime/”Fake News”

The following means the end of the freedom of expression in the EU.

The EU Commission has established a committee to define thought crime as described in Orwell´s 1984.

What the consequences of this dictatorial enterprise will bee, remains to be seen.

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Digital Single Market

News article12 January 2018

Experts appointed to the High-Level Group on Fake News and online disinformation

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Following an open selection process, the Commission has appointed 39 experts to a new High Level Group (HLEG) on fake news and online disinformation. It comprises representatives of the civil society, social media platforms, news media organisations, journalists and academia. Professor dr. Madeleine de Cock Buning is nominated to chair the Group.

The High Level group will advise the Commission on scoping the phenomenon of fake news, defining the roles and responsibilities of relevant stakeholders, grasping the international dimension, taking stock of the positions at stake, and formulating recommendations.

Professor dr. Madeleine de Cock Buning from Utrecht University specialised in Intellectual Property, Copyright and Media and Communication Law is nominated to chair the Group.



Markovski, Veni ICANN
Bechmann, Anja Digital Footprints / Digital society
Nielsen, Rasmus Reuters Institute for Journalism Oxford
Raag, Ilmar Media executive
Jimenez Cruz, Clara / El Objetivo de Ana Pastor
Frau-Meigs, Divina Sorbonne Nouvelle University
Pollicino, Oreste Bocconi University
Vaisbrode, Neringa Communications
Rozukalne, Anda Riga Stradings University
Bargaoanu, Alina University of Bucharest
Turk, Ziga University of Ljubljana
Curran, Noel EBU
Gniffke, Kai ARD
Schwetje, Sonja RTL Group
Nieri, Gina Mediaset
Stjarne, Hanna Sveriges Television
Polák, Juraj RTVS
Whitehead, Sarah Sky News
Goyens, Monique BEUC
Steenfadt, Olaf Reporters sans frontières
Sundermann, Marc Bertelsmann & Co
Von Reppert-Bismarck, Juliane Lie Detectors
Mantzarlis, Alexios IFCN Poynter
Salo, Mikko Faktabaari
Dzsinich, Gergely ICT law
Riotta, Gianni Journalist
Niklewicz, Konrad Civic Institute
Wardle, Claire First draft
Dimitrov, Dimitar Wikimedia
MacDonald, Raegan Mozilla Firefox
Lundblad, Nicklas Google
Stephen Turner Twitter
Richard Allan Facebook
Gutierrez, Ricardo European Federation for Journalists
Leclercq, Christophe EurActiv
Lemarchand, Grégoire AFP
Rae, Stephen Independent News and Media
Fubini, Federico Journalist
van Wijk, Wout News Media Europe


More information about the Call for application (closed).

More information about the Fake News initiative in the European Commission.

Follow the discussions via @EU_MediaLit and #TackleFakeNews.

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