Europe´s Future: Horrible Persecution of Christians in Euromediterranean “Partner” Egypt

As I have so often written Egypt is an NWO Euromediterranean partner of the EU even a member of our Common Union for the Mediterranean – the purposes of which are shared prosperity, policy and culture (religion) at our cost

To the EU Masonic politicians the dictatorial and inhuman persecutions of non-Muslims in the so-called partner countries, which  have been promised free migration into the EU, is not a matter of great consequences. The more Christianity is persecuted – and today they are the most persecuted religious group – the better in their eyes – so the EU now import Muslims in great quantities to promote this primary goal of the NWO. This also takes place through “advanced status” for the “Partner countries” – which contribute by nothing but Muslim terror and a sea of low IQ people. In return, the EU pays the “Partners” a lot of money.   Favourite Partner Morocco excels in persecutions of Christians and genocide on West Saharans.

Now, persecution of Christians in Muslim countries is just as old as Islam – which has successfully nearly eradicated Christianity in all the conquered previously Christian countries (Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, Balkans).
Islam is totally incompatible with Christianity, since Allah will kill all saying God has a son (e.g. Koran sword verse 9:5)- while our God is the father of Jesus Christ.

Today´s situation in Egypt
is no better than in Nigeria and all other Muslim Countries: It is terror against Christianity – and it is the Westener´s self-chosen future: In 25 + years, Europe will look like North Africa today

The Guardian 10 Jan. 2018  Christians in Egypt are facing unprecedented levels of persecution, with attacks on churches and the kidnap of girls by Islamist extremists intent on forcing them to marry Muslims, a report says.

In the past year, Egypt has moved up an annual league table of persecution of Christians compiled by the charity Open Doors. According to its World Watch List, North Korea is still the most dangerous country in the world in which to be a Christian, and Nepal has had the biggest increase in persecution.

But Egypt, home to the largest Christian community in the Middle East, is of particular worry. Officially about 10% of the 95 million population are Christian, although many believe the figure is significantly higher.

Persecution strengthening Christianity in Egypt

The overwhelming majority are Orthodox, with up to 1 million evangelical Christians and 250,000 Catholics. Orthodox Christians celebrated Christmas on Sunday amid tight security, days after at least 11 were killed in attacks. The president, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, attended midnight mass at a new cathedral 30 miles (45km) east of the capital as tens of thousands of armed soldiers patrolled streets around churches all over Egypt.

According to Open Doors, 128 Christians were killed in Egypt for their faith and more than 200 were driven out of their homes in 2017.

This attack was made on 29 Dec. 2017

Last Easter, two church bombings killed 49 people, and another 29 were killed when extremists attacked people travelling to a monastery in May. More than 15 girls in Minya governorate were kidnapped in 2017 to be forced to marry Muslims and convert to Islam, Open Doors said.

Many of local authorities in villages and towns – police, judges, business owners –  are infected with a rejection of Christianity. You see this in daily practices – not usually violence, but discrimination.

Jones said Christians were overlooked for jobs or promotion, university students were given bad grades or failed, schoolchildren were made to sit at the back of the class, shop owners were boycotted and hospital patients were not given proper treatment.

“There is only a minority of violent extremists, but the culture in Egypt cherishes the perception that Christians are infidels,” he said.

The response of the Christian community was one of endurance, prayer and forgiveness, he said.

Jones, who is to address MPs and peers in parliament next week, said many Christians had left Egypt because of discrimination and persecution. “I have thought about leaving many times, but I believe God will take care of me. I don’t want my life defined by fear,” he said.

Lisa Pearce of Open Doors said: “Christians in Egypt face a barrage of discrimination and intimidation yet they refuse to give up their faith.

“In Egypt, as in many other Middle Eastern countries, your religion is stated on your identity card. This makes discrimination and persecution easy.”

While Allah states to be the best deceiver Christ hates lies and deception, calling Satan (Lucifer) the “Father of lies” (John 8:44). So:

 I have written and here about the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood´s Lugano plan for the islamisation of Europe and America in collusion between the EU  and the  Muslim Brotherhood   and probable Shriner Mason Obama.
The EU is staking on the deceptive Muruna/moderate Islam which is just – Islam pure.
For There is no moderate Islam. That espression is ugly and an offence to Islam” says Turkey dictator Erdogan.

Now,  EU occult Masonic EU-Father Coudenhove Kalergi, paid by Louis Rothschild in Vienna, wanted just this: To eradicate Christianity by means of Muslims – by immigration and racial miscegenenation – whereby the stronger Muslim religion would prevail. Muslim Shriner Masons and Masonic Muslim Brotherhood in cooperation with the EU Commission are extending Coudenhove´s efforts – even to an extent that the chairman of the EU-Parliament saw Christianity endangered in Europe.

In fact, the situation is very serious for Christians: The Guardian 13 Oct. 2015  Christianity is in danger of ceasing to be a truly global faith as increasing numbers of its followers flee violence and persecution across swaths of the Middle East and Africa, according to a new report.
“Christians are fast disappearing from entire regions – most notably a huge chunk of the Middle East but also whole dioceses in Africa.

The  EU-love for Islamisation at the obvious cost of Christianity is Masonic:
During the staged Migrant crisis in 2015, European Grand Lodges sent this plea to their subservant EU-politicians.
In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood is a Masonic Illuminati branch to work for the One-World Caliphate. Do not forget that the Rothschilds are Shabbataean-Frankist satanists, Shabbatai Zevi, the Jewish 17. century messiah, is their messiah – and he converted to Islam.

















Here is my translation of the press report of the Freemasons:

The European Grand Lodges are concerned about the tragedy due  to the migrants who are fleeing countries that have been affected by war and are victims of misery. We call on the European governments to make the necessary common policies, to receive populations in need and peril in a worthy  manner.

The inability of states to overcome their selfish nationalism is a new symptom of a sick Europe where everyone cares for himself and his interests.

The European Grand Lodges appeal for the respect for human rights and human dignity to be made  some of the founding principles of the European construction.

It is on the Basis  of such principles that solidarity was established between nations.

In view of the many upheavals concerning many regions of the world, solidarity spirit is all the more necessary.

Without resorting to the history of a continent that was forged through numerous migrations, the ongoing drama should provoke remorse and inspire refreshing welcome.

Instead, the European continent is finally the scene of  divisions and conflicts that could throw the peoples into another disaster. From this, only a revival of nationalism will ensue.

Thus, the current tragedy has to be a melting pot for the rebirth of a new European dream.

The signatory Grand Lodges expect future legislation, in which the fundamental values ​​of solidarity and fraternity find their appropriate expression.

Now, as an atheist you may think: I don´t care about Christians. But you are terribly mistaken: While Islam accepts Christians as a lower caste and promises them survival as a kind of slaves if they bay jishya  – a head tax – to the Muslims, atheists are free game without any protection.



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