War in Middle East: Israel Attacks Syria, Losing One Jet. US Plans to Split up Syria (Rothschild´s Brookings). In its Declared War on Iran, US is now Forging Coalition – and Allowing Israel to Assassinate Head of Revolutionary Guard

The Syrian air force said Tuesday it has shot down an Israeli jet following  missile attack by the Jewish

The reported Israeli air and ground strikes against Syria Monday night were meant as a reminder to both Washington and Moscow that Israel is closely following their moves on Syria and will make sure that its views and security needs are taken fully into account.

DEBKAfile 9 Jan. 9 2018:  Our Washington sources reveal that  deliberations in the White House are to be led by high officials of US government branches involved in Syrian policy. Invited too are senior European diplomats from Britain, Germany, France and Italy, and representatives from Asia, led by Japan and India. The conference has been called to hammer out a unified US-European-Asian policy for determining the shape of the Syrian regime in post-war Syria and Assad’s future role.
Rothschild´s Brookings Institution 23 June 2015 has launched an article under the sobering title“Deconstructing Syria: Towards a regionalized strategy for a confederal country”. This could very well be the model for Iran, too

The Trump administration intends to come out of these deliberations with a broadly-based US-led coalition policy for Syria that will challenge Vladimir Putin’s plans for leading Syria from war to peace in conjunction with Iran and Turkey.
The American scheme’s central theme is the preservation of Syria’s territorial integrity along with partial autonomy for its minorities, especially the Kurds. Assad will remain in office for an interim period, whose length will be up for negotiation between the US and Russia.

The US has aggressive plans against Iran, after Pres. Trump´s spokeswoman, Nikki Haley declared war on Iran in the UN.
And she continues: Breitbart 5 Jan. 2018 “The Iranian regime is cutting off Internet access in an attempt to shut down communication among the protesters,” she charged. “They are attempting to silence the voice of the Iranian people. We cannot allow that to happen. Every U.N. member state is sovereign,
“The Iranian regime is now on notice. The world will be watching what you do.”
In the meantime, the revolutions have been dissoluted by the Revolutionary Guard. Thousands said to have been arrested,

According to the Washington Post, Iran’s highest legal authority previously claimed direct CIA involvement in the unrest which has now taken over two dozen lives.

Haaretz 1 Jan. 2018Washington gave Israel a green light to assassinate Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force, the overseas arm of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported on Monday. Reason: “There is an American-Israeli agreement” that Soleimani is a “threat to the two countries’ interests in the region.”

It is generally assumed in the Arab world that the paper is used as an Israeli platform for conveying messages to other countries in the Middle East.
The report says Israel was “on the verge” of assassinating Soleimani three years ago, near Damascus, but the United States warned the Iranian leadership of the plan,

DEBKAfile 6 Jan. 2017  On the heels of the first protests to hit the Iranian regime, Washington will turn the screw by negating financial benefits afforded by the nuclear deal.
To this end, President Donald Trump will use the deadlines he faces as of next week for certifying the Iranian nuclear deal and approving sanctions waivers. This intent was indicated by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in an AP interview Friday, Jan. 5.
The US may therefore certify the framework while emptying it of the economic benefits the Obama administration granted, which funneled hundreds of billions of dollars to the Iranian treasury.

This is what Tillerson meant by “fixing” rather than “cancelling” the nuclear accord.
He is charged with reformulating the deal, while upholding the Trump policy for countering Iran’s regional aggression and continuing support for anti-regime protests. These steps are components of the drawn-out, staged war of attrition the Trump administration has begun orchestrating against the revolutionary Shiite regime in Tehran for the year of 2018.

The US Treasury Department has meanwhile announced new sanctions targeting banks, financial entities and officials – whether involved in Iran’s missile program or propping up the Revolutionary Guard Corps and its actions to suppress popular dissent
Washington will likewise target entities in the Middle East and beyond that serve Tehran and receive Iranian financial assistance and weapons. Examples are Lebanon, Hizballah, the Iraqi Shiite militias under Iranian command, Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and others.
A broad US strategy is now in place for halting or slashing American aid programs to entities and governments which refuse to cooperate with the administration’s policy objectives.

Trump has thus scrapped one of the basic principles which gave birth to the nuclear accord, close cooperation between the US, Russia and the leading European powers.
The breakup of this transatlantic partnership confronts Russia’s Vladimir Putin with a dilemma. Lining up with Europe on Iran would place Moscow on a collision course with the Trump administration.

The world is being controlled by a handful of London City bankers on behalf of the Vatican Jesuits– with the Rothschilds as the top. Their tools are their corporations – the multinational companies and their central banks and investment banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

Here are the 5 allmighty corporations,which  Corporation US Master Trump has at his disposal from his master in the London City

Activist Post 27 Decbr. 2017:
1.The International Banking Cartel

Banks are in a unique position of power in our world, and can generate extraordinary profits without actually producing anything.
Through the issuance of currency and credit, they can control the amount of money available to the economy and create economic booms and busts, seizing titles to land, homes, businesses, and property. They hold extraordinary influence over government for their role as financiers of everything from public works to war (central banks), and enjoy extraordinary pecuniary advantage and privilege – MONEY RULES THE WORLD.

Combine this with the new influence of supra-national organizations like the Bank for International Settlements and the World Bank, and you realize that the world is on the cusp of falling into the greatest trap of all time. The banking cartel is the primary source of war, destabilization and military grade destruction in our world today.

Andrew Hitchcock – see year 1930: The powers of financial capitalism had (a) far reaching (plan), nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences.

The apex of the system was to be the Bank For International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland*, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.

Each central bank … sought to dominate its government by its ability to control treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the Country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.”

2.Human health has been hijacked by the medical establishment which forces people into an extraordinarily expensive program of dependence on insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and other health services providers.

Interestingly, the medical industry is also a major cause of premature death for Americans as malpractice, drug overdoses, botched procedures and poor patient care contribute to these statistics. Medical errors alone are the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

3.The Energy industry   influence  is so great that it can practically buy entire nations, such as Ecuador, where foreign oil ventures are allowed to press ever further into the Amazon.

4. Agricultural producers. Family farms continue to go under at a record-setting pace, and it is clear that the endgame of companies like Monsanto is to own the patents to all food seed, lording over a planet where people are prosecuted for planting food crops.

This is quite startling, and when coupled with the fact that seed biodiversity is collapsing around us, it may only be another ten years before this endgame is realized.

In addition to seed, these companies are polluting the world in incredible ways by pressing for the overuse of toxic chemicals like glyphosate and other herbicides which are killing pollinator insects, destroying the soil and causing horrible health problems for people living near farm

5. The Information Industrial Complex: These are the cartels which represent the greatest threats to our collective well-being and the prosperity of future generations.

Left: The Yinon Plan

The above clearly demonstrates the NWO is stealing the destiny of nation states – the London City using its corporate military arm, the US, for clearing the road for its Zionist Rothschild Construct, Israel (Years 1895-1957), for the Greater Israel.

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