3. World War I. Israeli Haaretz: Trump as the Prophecied Messiah Making Apocalypse Great among Dominating Evangelicals and Pharisees

We celebrate Christmas in memoryof the first coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Among the persons claiming to be divine messengers, no one has dared claim to be God´s son – except Jesus Christ. None has left his visiting card – except Jesus Christ. None has scientifically or in the presence of many eye witnesses proven his resurrection from the dead – except Jesus Christ. No on has promised to return to this Earth – except Jesus Christ.

But the Pharisaic Jews – who acc. to Jesus Christ have Satan as their father (John 8:44)- are also expecting a Messiah, a diabolical  politician to make Israel the ruler of the world through a blood bath.

As shown in the following strong forces are at work to promote the coming of this NWO messiah

There are large numbers of believers, in fact, who see Trump’s announcement (of Jerusalem as Israel´s capital city) – and, in fact, Trump himself – as hastening the long-awaited coming of the Messiah.

Armageddon? Bring It On: The Evangelical Force Behind Trump’s Jerusalem Speech

Haaretz 9 Dec. 2017: But just whose Messiah is Trump hastening? Is it the fundamentalist Israeli vision of a return to a Jewish kingdom and priesthood reminiscent of the Old Testament? Or is it the Evangelical belief in the return of Jesus Christ and the conversion of all the Jews to born-again Christian doctrine and faith?

And, considering the unfathomable idiosyncrasies of the president’s personality, isn’t there every chance that we are now watching the evolution of a particularly Trumpian version of Jerusalem Syndrome – that disorder in which a recent visitor to the Holy City begins to take on the personality of a biblical figure?

The Messiah, for example.

It just could be a logical next step on Trump’s path of auto-hagiography. Having already crowned himself President of all Presidents, is it too much of a stretch to imagine Donald Trump, basking as he is in the glow of an adoring Israeli press and the showers of verbal rose petals thrown his way by Benjamin Netanyahu, beginning to see himself as the King of Kings?

“When Trump promised Evangelicals that he would move the embassy to Jerusalem, it was a Christian move to stand with Israel,” Indiana Evangelical Pastor Paul Begley said earlier this year.

“He knows that it is his Christian responsibility to do that. When this happens, it will make it easier for Israel to build the Third Temple, fulfilling Bible prophecy for the End of Times.”

But what would happen then? As Israelis awaited Trump’s statement Wednesday evening, Israel’s Channel 10 broadcast a clip entitled “Welcome to the Coming Apocalypse,” in which Pastor Begley, an American flag flying behind him, spoke with such rapturous excitement that nearly kept his words from leaving his lips:

“The Jewish People – I’ve been there, I’m telling ya – they believe that when the Temple’s built, the Messiah will be revealed to them. And it will be. The Temple will be rebuilt, and then Yeshua [fundamentalist Christians’ preferred Hebrew name of Jesus] will be revealed to the Jewish People, that he is truly their Messiah.

“And they will embrace him.”

Israel Channel 10 anchor Nadav Eyal asked for a response from Likud lawmaker Yehuda Glick, an Orthodox Jew and a prominent leader of the Temple Mount movement, which seeks the rebuilding of the Third Temple.
Of course, he is a Doomsday Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi.

It’s fair to assume that the last thing Glick would want to see is for Jews to convert en masse to Christianity. And yet, he clearly sees Begley – and, in particular, Donald Trump, whose inauguration Glick enthusiastically attended – as allies in bringing the Jewish Messiah Glick so fervently hopes one day to welcome.

“Paul Begley is a dear friend of mine,” Glick said. “We have an excellent relationship, certainly. Just as I’ve said that the State of Israel is a miracle, one of the greatest of miracles, it seems to me that the fact that hundreds of millions of people, Christians, recognize Israel, is another stage in the miracle.”

In many ways, in fact, Trump would probably find the role of Messiah uniquely suited to him. There are no term limits. There are no age limits. By some accounts, he could rule forever.

In the end, as whose End of Days Messiah will Trump likely see himself?

The Jews, Sheldon Adelson and Benjamin Netanyahu at their head? The Evangelicals, the very base of his base?

In declaring Jerusalem Israel’s capital, he’s already given Adelson and Netanyahu their Hanukkah present, the legacy that so long eluded them. And, as the White House decorations suggested, this week he gave Jerusalem to the Evangelicals for Christmas, as a capital of their very own.

But chances are, in his own mind, Trump’s already aiming higher.

Let’s face it. He will be the greatest savior anyone has ever seen. Who else but him, after all, could make the Apocalypse great again.

The building of the 3. Temple described in Ezekiel 40-47  announces the end of the world – said to be inhabited by a coming Antichrist. Strong forces are at work to build this temple now – as I have described.

Israel´s supreme Rabbi., Lau, is strong for this temple building now and Pope Francis – the head of the one-world religion and here  purportedly supporting – now demands the 3. tenple for the one-world religion to be built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. (The Times of Israel 9.Juni 2016). Netanyahu is against – but Jewish zelots are hell-bent on it!)  

This is Satanic – and will raise the Muslim world in war mood- if implemented

Apparently, there is a power which rules both the Rothschilds and the Jesuits in the Vatican:
 Educate Yourself 8 Nov. 2015:    German historian Wolfgang Eggert says Rothschilds Are Puppets of the Hasidim Jewish Sect, Chabad Lubavitch
Eggert believes both Germany and Israel are in the Hasid cross-hairs. “Germany, because the Hassidim are reading from the bible/Talmud, that this country is foe to the Jews and must be killed. Israel has to burn for bringing the prophecy of Armageddon into reality. In addition, they are repeating a Machiavellian, strategic “trick”: the sacrifice of the European Jews in the Second World War (“shoah”) which brought them their own country- Israel.

The Chabad Lubavitch has enormous influence over Jews, among them over Netanyahu, who believes he is the ben Yosef to pave the way fir ben David, through an  apocalyptic war. Also, King of Jews Putin is under the influence of Chabadnik Lubavitch Berel Lazar.

M.K.Styllinski at Infrakshun:  The aim of the Chabadniks (or Lubavitchers) is to help molding and manipulating world events in line with Biblical “End Time” prophecies which involves the second coming of the Messiah, a prerequisite of which is a final conflagration; from which those suitably pure and distinctly Jewish will be saved while the rest of us perish. Rising out of the chaos will be a New World Jewish Order fixed in place with ultra-orthodox Jewish laws.

Netanyahu accepted the role as Messiah ben Yoseph to pave the road for the Messiah Ben David – whom the Chabavitch see as the late Rebbe Menahem Schneerson – through a world war.

Of course, The  Chabad-supporters  see Rothschilds as ideal charitable Jews, and Daniel A. Rothschild praised  and was an engaged supporter of  the Chabads.

The “Harmageddon” bloodbath is a necessity before the coming of the Messiah acc. to Bible prophecy:  This point is Bible prophecy apocalypse in Ezekiel 38-39 and Isaiah 17, Jeremiah 25:29 …, Joel, Habakkuk, Luke 21, Matthew. 24, and many more.

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