Like in Ancient Rome. Counter-Revolution Painfull for Iran´s Ayatollahs: Their Evil Muslim Regime Drives Muslims in Droves to Convert to Christ

The following shows an unknown – yet very ancient trend: While Christianity  dies in wealth and decadence it thrives among poor people in danger, because these people have no other hope than a better life in eternity on the conditions of Jesus Christ and his justice instead of  the injustice,  poverty, abuses, lies, persecutions in the Limbo of the Prince of of this world (John 14:30).

Judge for yourself: Who are do you esteem more – the decadent people of the West or the suffering Iranians with a conviction so strong that they willingly go to prison and die for it? 

Today, there are at least 600 churches and 300,000–370,000 Christians in Iran.

This does concern you: Whether you are Christian or atheist you will face the choice: Conversion to Islam or a life as dhimmi (more or less outlawed slave who must pay a life tax (jizya) for possibly not being killed), for in  25+ years Europe will look like North Africa and the Middle East today – just take a look at Paris and numerous no-go zones for whites today.
I have written about the systematic and brutal eradication of non-Muslims in todays Muslim countries which were previously Christian. The same fate waits Europe: I have written and here about the Muslim Brotherhood´s Lugano plan for the islamisation of Europe

Parisians will go on hunger strike, unless authorities remove Muslims from streets: Muslims harrass women, the streets are soaking with urine and what is worse. This is called “cultural enrichment”!


CBN News 15 Aug. 2017:  “Islamic Clerics are warning against the spread of Christianity in the most Islamic City in Iran, Qom.

House churches are hunted down and conversion to Christianity is viewed as an action against national security in Qom, Iran.
Christianity has been growing at a fast rate in the last couple of decades in Iran, that has caused the Islamic government a lot of concern, according to Mohabat News, an Iranian Christian News Agency.


A high-profile Islamic seminary official, Ayatollah Alavi Boroujerdi, stated “accurate reports indicate that the youth are becoming Christians in Qom and attending house churches.”

Mohabat News also reports that this high rate of conversion is occurring despite the rigorous Islamic indoctrination of the youth in their families and education.
The Islamic government of Iran gives large amounts of money to  support Islamic organizations that promote Islam among their youth within and beyond Iran’s borders.

However the Iranian youth are increasingly distant itself from Islam, which is becoming a great concern for the Iranian governmen
Just last year, after Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi expressed his concern over the popularity of Christianity in the suburbs of Mashhad, the city’s religious and political officials immediately sent a large number of Islamic teachers and preachers to the suburbs to turn the youth away from Christianity.

A wave of arrests and harassment of Christian converts came shortly after and many faced long term prison sentences and heavy bails for their temporary release.
Yet, by its own government reports – no matter how hard it tries – it hasn’t been able to stop the spread of Christianity”.

The Daily Express 10 Jan. 2017 Elam Ministries said: “Church leaders believe that millions can be added to the church in the next few yearssuch is the spiritual hunger that exists and the disillusionment with the Islamic regime.
“If we remain faithful to our calling, our conviction is that it is possible to see the nation transformed within our lifetime.

Matthias Linke, a priest from the Evangelical Freikirchlichen-Gemeinde, in Berlin, said: “A lot of them come to Germany and think, here I can choose my religion, and I want to choose a religion of freedom”.

I´m  sponsoring an Organisation called the Dansk Europa Mission. No, this organisation does not work in but ouside the EU – especially where Muslims are converting to Christ and/or converts are being persecuted by the regimes and Muslims. It does so by distributing Bibles, giving domestic animals to believers to help them through their extreme poverty. For converts are  being shunned by the regimes and their neighbours – at best.

Pastor Youcef Nadar-khani was sen-tenced to death for apostacy -but was acquit-ted after strong international pressure on the Iranian government from i.a. pres. Obama and the British Foreign Ministry. Instead he was sentenced to 3 years in prison for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The following is from reports by The Danish Europa Mission:

Dansk Europamission 28 Nov. 2017:   Recently, Christian converts have received prison sentences of up to 10 and even 15 years, while they previously received shorter prison sentences. What is the reason for this tightening?

Mojtaba Mohammedi: That’s true. It is surprising and yet maybe not, since the authorities have for many years arrested hundreds of Christians and interrogated and imprisoned them. Until six months ago, the longest jail sentences were given to Farshid Fathi, who had five years, and Maryam Zargaran, who got four years.

In the 1980s, the Iranian government killed church leaders, such as Hussein Soodmand. Over time, however, the authorities realized that this strategy gave poor media coverage in the West, and instead they began to suppress churches that held religious services in Farsi for the Muslim majority. For example, the churches had to give the authorities lists of believers – and therefore they formed underground churches.
Iran wants to promote Islam in the world

Iranians are very open to the gospel. There are many who come to Jesus now and are willing to go to jail. Everyone knows how terrible it is to fall into the hands of the prison authorities in the country, but when it comes to faith in Jesus  they are willing to pay the price. And they are willing to die for him. And if Iranians are trained in the Christian faith at the beginning of their faith and are baptized, they become very devoted, and they will never  turn back.

Once the authorities have captured Christians, they have tried to create fear in them by imprisonment, but now they have realized that short prison sentences do not work.

The authorities have interrogated thousands of Christians, violently and in isolation, and received much information from the inmates. Now they do not need more information but want to punish Christians hard.

Does the government’s new strategy work?

It sounds like a cliché that persecution promotes church growth, but it seems that even more people believe now than before. The 80 million Iranians are the only people in the world led by priests. The young people do not know the revolution, but only see corruption, police state and the government’s oppression and injustice. The Iranians do not turn to the Christian faith because of our good evangelism, but because they see how the country is led by Islam, and they see Islam as Islam really is.

If the regime begins to kill Christians again, even more will come to believe in Jesus. Also Iranians who come to Europe want to accept Jesus, the difference is simply that Iran is a police state.

How do the Iranian Christians go to church?

We have good satellite television and social media today and many come to Jesus through these media.

Is there anyone who does not join the underground church, but only gets spiritual food through television and social media?

The new believers typically share their faith with family and friends, and before they know it, a house-building has been created. Some travel abroad where they are baptized and receive leadership training [among other things, by the European Mission’s partner Elam, red].

The church in Iran works like the church did in the first century.

In recent years, Iran has had great influence in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Gaza. Does the many thousands of converts in Iran counteract this regional influence in the Middle East?

It is embarrassing for the Ayatollahs that millions? of Iranians are now Christians. Internally, their board breaks down. There is nothing that can stop the revival of Christianity- the longer prison sentences are an attempt.

The priesthood place Islam over people, which legitimizes that people become suicide bombers, where Islam entices with paradise for killing hundreds of people. A human life is not worth much in Islam. Therefore, you have the terrible situation where the West does not understand Islamic terrorist attacks, as the West does not understand the ideology (Koran) behind.

Iran’s nuclear agreement with the West has given the regime courage to persecute Iranian Christians even more than before. The West does not stop them and does not care how many years prison a Christian gets, Mojtaba ends.

Dansk Europamission 1 Dec. 2017:  In a country near Iran, Hassan and his wife meet a man who repeatedly invites them to church. But it’s only when the man tells them that the church consists of converts from Islam that they decide to join in. “The poor people have been misled so I have to go and meet them and bring them back to Islam. I told my wife: Let’s go to church once and see who these dumb people are who left Islam, “Hassan says.

From the moment Hassan and his wife entered the church room, the presence of the Spirit of God touches their hearts. “There was a presence we had never experienced before. The hymn of thanksgiving touched the heart of my wife. When I looked at her, she sang loudly and raised her hands.

And I said, what are you doing? We are Muslims! Do not do it! And she could not stop weeping,“explains Hassan. Hassan himself is touched by the honesty and true love he meets in the church. Then they decide to go to church every Sunday.

Hassan begins to read in the New Testament, and each verse touches his heart. One day, he is especially affected by the scripture of Matt. 7: 15-20, where Jesus speaks of false prophets. “He said you would know them by their fruit”. This verse shocked me. At that moment, I began to compare the life of Muhammad and the life of Jesus.
It was like a dream to me. I thought, “What is the fruit of Muhammad’s life? And what is the fruit of Islam in my own life? “I looked at myself. I had a miserable life. I did not have any good relationships, not even with my own wife, “says Hassan.

“The Holy Ghost said, Jesus is alive. “From that moment on, I gave my heart to Jesus. God really transformed my life and my character, “continues Hassan.

Hassan, who would convert Europeans to Islam, is today a central leader in the Persian-speaking church. He is the supervisor of 45 Iranian churches that have arisen within the last 15 years. Hassan and his wife travel around and teach the word of God and preach Christ. They both burn for other Muslims  coming to believe


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