Vatican Antichristian Activity Burgeoning: Pope, Swedish Church, Church of England Promoting Islam – Degrading Christ and His Father. NWO-Poe Praises Jewish Nationalism!

The French Revolution, Hitler, Franco, Mussolini were promoted by Jesuits.

After the revelations of the elite´s sex harassment the Jewish MSM has dound another unsavoury behaviour of the Masonic elite to publish. And one may really ask: Why die they wait do long? Already at the  death of Judge Scalia terrible paedophilia stories surfaced – only to be closed very soon.

The Daily Mail 25 Nov. 2017:  Witchcraft and demonic possession are linked to almost 1,500 child abuse cases a year, official figures reveal

To Luciferian rites belong child abuse – even sacrifice of children to Lucifer/Satan:

Jesuits are the founders and commanders (Wilhelmsbad Congress 1781) of today´s Masonry via their Illuminati, founded by Jesuits/Pharisees  Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rothschild. Masonry is Judaism for Non-Jews. The God of Judaists/Pharisees as well as of Masonry is Lucifer and  here and here.

One  Jesuit  is former US President Bill Clinton –  another is Pres. Donald Trump. The list is long

You may  have heard about Bill Clinton´s excursions with paedophilia-condemned Jeffrey Epstein´s paedophile “Lolita Express” airplane  – a flying brothel with underage girls   – Fox News  13 May 2016, and The Daily Mail 13 May 2016. Also, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew  are put down in paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s black book!).
Now former secret service agent Dan Bongino threatens to reveal more details on Bill Clinton´s “documented 26 flights with the Lolita express”.

Many more politicians belong to this heinous group: Thus former President of the RU Council, Herman van Rompuy stated: “We are all Jesuits” – in fact the leadership of the EU was and is.

Now when his Jesuit disciples behave like this as part of their Luciferian cult/the NWO – what then can be expected from their master, the Jesuit Pope, Grand Master of the Roman Catholic Church which has appointed  Lucifer/Satan as its head?
In May 2017, the Pope absolved 2.000 Catholic priests of the crime of paedophilia/sexual child molesting  – would not legally prosecute or defrock them!!
This although theUN has accused the Vatican of “systematically” adopting policies allowing priests to sexually abuse thousands of children  (BBC 11 April 2014).

“Pedophilia, the sexual rape of children, was not a crime in the 1970es”, says Pope Benedict XVI. Cardinal Archbishop Groer was accused of raping 2.000 children (Huffington Post).

Victims and eyewitnesses have testified before an unauthorised tribunal that Pope Francis has both raped children and participated in child sacrifices to Satan in the “9. circle”according to records obtained from the Vatican archives. (The Whale and many others).

Wayne Madsen states the “elite” Paedophilia is simply on Lucifer´s playground. It is a Luciferian religious ritual.

Multi-religious Interfaith Pope Francis
We know Jesuit  Pope Francis as all for multiculture and his Interfaith movement – founded on his true postulation that that there is only one God – but then lying that God is very diverse, being inconsistently both sonless Allah and the Father of Jesus Christ, who has no place in Francis´diffuse one-world religion. For all other religions can  agree on one thing they cannot prove: That Jesus is not God´s son in spite of massive proof that he actually is (Shroud of Turin, a multitude of eye witnesses – especially his disciples who died for together having seen and touched him after his resurrection.

ANSAmed 24 Nov. 2017:  “Those who, for what may be political reasons, foment fear of migrants instead of building peace are sowing violence, racial discrimination and xenophobia, which are matters of great concern for all those concerned for the safety of every human being,” said the pontiff. “Some consider this a threat. “For my part, I ask you to view it with confidence as an opportunity to build peace.”  


“All indicators available to the international community,” he stressed, “suggest that global migration will continue for the future. Pope Francis called for four “mileposts” for action: welcoming, protecting, promoting and integrating.


Francis THEREFORE, FRANCIS PREACHES DE FACTO POLYTHEISM, the many gods which he sees aS different manifestations of the same mendaciously flabby one-world god of  Masonry –  founded by Francis´Jesuit order and under  the command of the Jesuit Illuminati-Order since 1781 (Wilhelmsbad Conference).

 Francis is an Islam apologete – working hard for the unlimited Muslim mass immigration to be even larger. Below, Pope Francis washes the feet of Muslims – the worst enemies of Christ – thus  making himself the slave of Islam.

Francis rarely mentions the name of Jesus
 – and when he does often in the negative: “Jesus failed on the cross!!” – thus satanically twisting Jesus´decisive vitory into defeat!

“A personal relationship outside Roman Catholic Church is dangerous”  so Francis. While Christ wanted the individuum to follow him based on a personal relationship and everyday practice   – Francis wants this relationship reduced to a ritual on Sundays.
While Christ judges by deeds in his name (Matth. 25) – Francis preaches salvation through rituals – as do masons.

 But then suddenly Francis preaches in the sense of Christ – to give us the false impression thaat he is a Christian 

Breitbart 22 Nov. 2017: Pope Francis has laid into modern cultural trends, especially the casual acceptance of abortion and the persecution of the Christian faithful, calling the present globalist mentality “a perverse new state of affairs.”

Commenting on the first biblical reading for the day from the second book of Maccabees, the Pope reflected on “the martyrdom of a man who was condemned to die for his loyalty to God and His law,” drawing lessons applicable to the persecution of Christians in today’s world.

Referring back to the prior day’s Bible reading, Francis said that some Israelites of the time, seeing the power and the magnificence of the pagan Antiochus Epiphanes, felt envious and decided to betray their culture and their faith in order to become more “modern ”and abandon their own sacred traditions.

Failing to appreciate the richness of their own religion and traditions, the people sought to “introduce pagan institutions,” the Pope said, in an effort to catch up with modernity.

But “‘modernity’ is a true ideological colonization,” the Pope said, which induced the people of Israel to abandon their uniqueness to become like everyone else. They thought, “we must be like the others” and then they began to persecute all their brethren who stood by the old ways.

Yet the true heroes of the story, the Pope remarked, were the faithful Israelites who resisted this imposition of a new cultural hegemony and stuck to their traditions, their faith and their distinctive culture.

The Pope used this example to launch a wholesale critique of a one-world, globalist culture that seeks homogeneity, eliminating differences so that all think, speak, act and believe alike. 

And through their attitude of “making everyone the same and erasing differences,” he said, “they commit the gross sin of blasphemy against God the Creator Godin a thinly veiled reference to the gender ideology that wishes to erase real biological and psychological differences between men and women.

Every sort of cultural and ideological colonization “sins against God the Creator because it wants to change the creation that He made,” Francis said Tuesday.

The Pope ended his homily by saying that there is only one remedy to cultural colonization, which is “witness, that is, martyrdom.”

Also the Luciferian protestant Church of Sweden give the teachings of Jesus Christ a damn and shapes God in its own Marxist feminist image 

Like Swedish feminist  government – like Swedish feminist madhouse Church 

Infowars 24 Nov. 2017:  The guidelines appear in the church’s new handbook on how to conduct worships service contradict Jesus Christ, the Church of Sweden is now encouraging clerics to use “gender neutral” pronouns when referring to God instead of “Lord” or “He.”
The largest church in the country says it wants to be more “inclusive,” a countrywide trend that began when Swedes started appeasing Muslim migrants.

“For example, in the introduction of the worship, there are three different options. Two of them contain the traditional ‘In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit’, using ‘Spirit’ in its female form. The third alternative is ‘In the name of the Triune God’.”
Critics say the guidelines contradict both the Holy Bible and the Holy Trinity, the latter which refers to God as “the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

E.g.: “So Jesus said, ‘When you lift up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am He, and I do nothing on My own initiative, but I speak these things as the Father taught Me,’” reads John 8:28 (NASB).
Comment: No problem: In Swedish he is han and she is hon. This has already been replaced by “hen”!! An insult to the Creator 

One of the church’s bishops, Eva Brunne, (Lesbian)  was spearheading the campaign to remove Christian crosses to make newly-arrived Muslims feel at home in Sweden, which now has the highest incidence of reported rapes in Europe and one of the highest in the world.


The Swedish Church is hellbent on uniting this Luciferian church with Islam  in the spirit of papal Interfaith Church of the Roman Catholic Church which has enthroned Satan as its head! Therefore, the Swedish church invited the head of the one-world religion, Islam-embracing Pope Francis, to visit the Cathedral of Lund. 

BREITBART 24 NOV. 2017  The Church of England has responded to criticism of the sexualisation of infant students wearing the Islamic headscarf by encouraging its schools to continue setting “culturally and religiously sensitive” uniform policies.

Pope Francis is highly inconsistent in his homily: He praises the old world order with its different cultures – and condemns the new world order standardizing people in all ways, repressing free speech in favour of central one-world Orwellian thought crime police – even promoting racial miscegenation and melting the gods of the world´s religions  into a characterless, Non-Being – denying that Muslim terrorism is a sin! He makes tolerance of evil a virtue although Christ called this sin (No one can serve 2 masters). He celebrates Jesus as the son of Lucifer. He wants to flood Europe with what is acc. to the Bible Satan´s disciples

Nevertheless, Francis praises the Jews for rejecting the foreign culture and religion and remaining faithful to their God (Satan acc. to Jesus 8:44): Here the pope reveals himself as a satanist

The Jesuits are the prime movers behind bloody world history since the order´s foundation in 1540 by Crypto-Jews as the Vatican´s ruthless military order. The Rothschilds are under Jesuit command. They started through Weishaupt  and Mayer Rothschild and here and  their  Illuminati the French Revolution – Robespierre was a Jesuit,  WW1, The Russian Revolution, WWII as I have often shown and they are the force behind the Euro-mediterranean Process  which was founded by Jesuit EU-Commission president Jacques Delors -a Jesuit with the main purpose of a fusion of Europe with Islam through Muslim mass immigration.

All terror groups are members of the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood.
The Jesuit EU is following this Brotherhood´s plan for the islamisation of Europe.

The EU is the puppet of the London City, and the Rothschilds are commanded by the Jesuits and Pope Francis is a Jesuit. Francis and his Black pope master are consequently responsible for the 1) Islamisation of Europe through the Mass immigration advocated by the pope and 2) The dechristianisation starting with the French Revolution by the Jesuit´s´Illuminati  as a revolution against Christianity in accordance with Weishaupt´s 6-point program.


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