Fairytale NWO: Feminists Demand “Sleeping Beauty” Forbidden for Children due to Sexual Harassment, since Prince Did not Ask Permission to Kiss Sleeping Princess!

All of a sudden, celebrities worldwide are being accused of sexual harassment – in the middle of a time when the media and entertainment industry bring nothing but crime films, sex and porno to kill people spiritually.

Why these disclosures just now, when we are told they have been going on for decades? The CNN mentions the Weinstein case as the trigger which activated the media, whereupon many more women disclosed what has probably always been going on: Sexual harassment or what is worse.

However, since Hollywood is run and here and is owned by Jews and the MSM is owned by Jews  one may still  wonder why the MSM stopped covering up just now – in particular because many of the harassers are Jewish elitists.
I do not think this just an accident. Is it part of an NWO strategy to disempower males in favour of the only purportedly decent persons: Women after women missed their first female US president, Hillary Clinton, turning the US upside down in permanent Communist  riots?

Did you know you have been indoctrinated with  sexual harassment since your early childhood?  Oh yes – when the fairytale of the sleeping beauty was read aloud to you! – and especially when you saw pictures like this one below (Walt Disney) where the prince kisses the sleeping beauty back to life!  This raises the hair on the heads of feminists – just google.

At least it harassment so in the sick imagination of English-speaking feminists! The Crime:


 Infowars 24 Nov. 2017: A British mother has been criticized after calling for a ban on the fairytale ‘Sleeping Beauty’, arguing that it promotes “inappropriate” sexual behavior.
The London Telegraph reports that the woman, Sarah Hall, took to social media to complain about a book her six year old son brought home from school, depicting a modernized version of the classic story.

Mrs Hall argued that the book should be immediately removed from the school curriculum for young children,
“I don’t think taking Sleeping Beauty books out of circulation completely would be right. I actually think it would be a great resource for older children, you could have a conversation around it, you could talk about consent, and how the Princess might feel.”

However, already in 2014, one female Ms Messier wrote this about the “Sleeping Beauty”

First of all, why must her rescuer be male? And not simply male, but a white, rich, royal male of proven moral superiority and toughness. Of course he just swoops in and saves the helpless, lifeless, weak and pious princess. It is his duty as a man.

Additionally, who one Earth gave him permission to kiss a sleeping woman? Moreover, a sleeping STRANGER. Someone he has never met. Someone who has never given him consent. Someone who is not currently actively giving him consent. And yet, we celebrate this kiss as a saving grace. A noble act. Charming. Desirable. What are we teaching young audiences? What does this say about our society that we idolize such scenes without ever analyzing the further implications?

Furthermore, in the earlier non-Disney versions. Sleeping Beauty wakes up pregnant. Yes, pregnant.

 Well, well. Who would have thought that our childhood fairy tales would be so explosive?
But how was the prince to seek the consent of the sleeping princess to give her the saving kiss? OK. Logic is not the strong side of the NWO poisoned.

But Mrs Hall is pretty much alone with her bizarre opinion

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