Europeans Feel Like Strangers in Their Own Country (Study). Popular and Polish, Hungarian Pro-zionist Resistance against Zionist coordinated Muslim Immigration. EU Gendarmerie and EU Army Countermeasures?

Breitbart 22 Nov. 2017: People across the West increasingly feel like they are “strangers” in their home countries, with Italy leading the pack.
Ipsos Mori research, cited by Chatham House fellow Matthew Goodwin, notes that some 49 per cent of Italians  — who have borne the brunt of the migrant crisis recently — agree with the statement: “These days I feel like a stranger in my country.”

                                                                                  IPSOS study

Since an expensive and not always entirely effective deal between the European Union and Turkey brought the so-called Eastern Mediterra-nean Route into Greece under some semblance of control, Italy found itself becoming ground zero for the migrant crisis.

Tens of thousands of boat-borne illegal migrants — transported by people-smugglers linked to terror groups and organised crime, aided and abetted by EU and EU member-state ships, as well as so-called “rescue” ships operated by Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) — began travelling to Italy.
The U.S., which absorbed roughly 300,000 to 400,000 illegal migrants a year under the (Muslim Brotherhood-member President Obama and here)  Barack Obama administration, according to Centre for Immigration Studies estimates, was not far behind Italy, with 45 per cent agreeing that they now feel like strangers.

Allah´s soldiers have their fares, board and lodgings paid by  the EU at command of Rothschild agent George Soros.

Belgium, the seat of many of the European Union’s major institutions and power bases, was next on the list, at 44 per cent. The national capital of Brussels — which is often regarded as the capital of the European Union as well — is home to infamous Islamist enclave of Molenbeek, a popular bolthole for terrorists which often finds itself under something resembling military occupation.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the countries on the bottom of Goodwin’s list with the lowest number of people who feel like strangers in their homelands are Israel, on 20 per cent, and Japan, on 14 per cent.

Both maintain a robust sense of national identity, strong border controls, and are strict about who they admit and who meets their standards for naturalisation.

But exactly World Jewry – in particular Rothschild agent George Soros and his Supermason Politicians   as well as their subordinate politicians – is the moving force behind the mass immigration

Viktor Orban, Hungary´s Prime Minister, has clearly seen what disaster his born Hungarian fellow countryman, Jewish George Soros,  is wreaking and is doing all he can to stop him. The EU puppets of Soros and his London City master are very “angry” with this antithesis “rebel” who is supporting the London City main antithesis, Putin against the the EU thesis of the NWO.

Indeed, Orban is very clear in his presentation of Nazi-collaborator and traitor against Soros´own Jewish tribesmen in Nazi-occupied Hungary (“It was the happiest time of my life”, he says)

Orban shows a bill of Soros a a vampire. in  election campaign

But Orban has a problem: The US State Department is just as much subjected to the London City  through the false Washington DC Constitution of 1871  as is the EU.
So the US State Department ​has authorized $700,000 US taxpayer dollars to fund Hungarian media outlets that oppose Prime Minister Orbán’s conservative government, which ​is pushing back against the European Union​’s policy of mass migration​. He also is exposing the​ European ​ politicians ​who Soros has called “reliable allies”​.

Indeed, a paradoxical development: Soros paid for Orban´s studies in London and gave his party and government millions of dollars. But then came Soros´mass immigration in 2015. That ended the friendship between these 2 men (The Guardian 22 June 2017).

Here is why  Orban “hates” his mentor Soros – or is Orban just another antithesis puppet of the London City? Is he a Mason like Putin?.
The quotation below is similar to Putin´s demand for a “multipolar” world.

The world, according to Orbán, is entering a “new paradigm” of “multiple centers of power.” For the prime minister, this new paradigm means that European countries are free to pursue their own paths when it comes to relations with Moscow.
NWO Thesis advocate Soros wants exactly the opposite – such is the tactics of the NWO  Hegelian dialectics.

Orbán´s anti-Soros bill boards have, of course, triggered the usual accusations of “anti-semitism” always roared when any one dares criticize an evenvery evil member of the Jewish tribe. Jedoch, Orban and Netanyahu are the best of friendes.

Netanyahu visited Orbán for 3 days this summer and flatly acquitted Orbán of antisemitism, calling him a great friend of  Israel and thus of Rothschild´s property-country (see years 1895-1957) .

Europe´s other Anti-Soros country, Poland, is also a very pro Zionist country  but very resistant to Soros who has tried hard to subvert Poland by financing forces against the government which is in the way of Soros´plans.

Cou-den-hove Kaler-gi and Nico-las Sar-kozy , the EU, the London City and its Ma-sonic politi-cian puppets are achieving their goal: Destruction of the Christian World Order in favour of a dictatorial New World Order to which every spineless person in the decadent West will submit.
Among Swedish EU parlamentarians,  13 in 20 (65%)are loyal to George Soros Marxist cultural program

In a recent publication, George Soros´subversive Open Society listed 226 EU Parliamentarians – among them the leader of the German Social Democratic Party – as loyal friends of Soros´Open Society.

But resistance does occur in Eastern Europe – and is growing among westeners. However, I fear that the EU will take dictatorial powers to subdue any resistance. That could be one purpose for building a new EU army to be used, if local police and the European Gendarmerie Force and here cannot subdue rebellions against the islamisation of Europe.

This is about Hegelian dialectics – a conflict (thesis vs. antithesis must exist to promote more EU/NWO (synthesis). Our resistance, Poland, Hungary will trigger more and more police state. Countries can hardly liberate themselves from this satanic grip. Only individuals can decide to keep out of this deadly ideology – with big personal costs. Even the UK will not be free through Brexit : It is the very core of the NWO.








The entire ‘refugee crisis’ has been brought in to socially engineer Europe and implode it by design.

The trick with the dialectic approach is to ‘control the narrative’ via ABSOLUTE control of the mainstream media (MSM) to mould the public’s consciousness. Things must be presented as black and white as possible.
However, the problem for the elite now is that more and more people see the elitist black as white and vice versa.
So, to bring about the Illuminati motto: Order out of Chaos a confrontation of a more physical nature is needed – a revolution as the elite have made before (France 1789, Russia 1917, and all over the world).  Can Poland and Hungary along with Mason Putin be the antithesis needed for a clash?

The repression of the freedom of speech on the internet by the EU and Merkel does not bode well


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