Italy Ferrying Muslims across Mediterranean in Undiminished Quantity – even Issuing “9.000 or More Visas to Europe in Last 8 Months”

The UNHCR has issued a statement of the Mediterranean boat migration in 2017 as of 22 Nov.

But is this the full truth about immigration to Europe? NO! 

E.g. Germany has official statics – but is flying great numbers in secrecy to Germany in the middle of the night from Italy and Greece.

All this is part of the EU´s secret plan to recruit 56 mio. Africans + their numerous families to Europe by 2050.

In fact it is part of the UN Replacement Plan to replace Europe´s indigenous populations with coloured Muslims/bastards acc. to the Rothschild funded Coudenhove Kalergi plan supported by  Sarkozy.

Treacherous Sweden is also practising this secret inflight, of course.

Is Italy doing it too? –  in spite of officially stopping the ferrying traffics of her own Coastal Guard, EU ships  and a lot of NGOs making big money on this “illegal” traffic? Definitely!  – in spite of  pulling the wool over the eyes of the public by publishing a stop for a feigned  stop ferrying  migrants across the Mediterranean and here (And still is)

And NGOs are even picking migrants up in or just outside Libyan waters – not bring these boat-tourists to the nearest coast – but to Sicily 200-300 km away in contrast to Laws of the sea.

Of course, the business goes on and unchanged as demanded by Rothschild agent George Soros  – but now in the greatest secrecy. Die “Mare nostrum” steigerte die Übersetzung de Migranten aus Libyen um 130.000 2013/2014.
It is a giant deception: Merkel promised that pictures like those from 2015 would never be seen again. And she kept her word: Now equally big migrant flows via the Mediterranean are being cunningly concealed in secret camps in destitute areas.

ANSAmed 22 Nov. 2017:  The president of the EU-Parliament, Tarjani:  The European Union should invest similar resources to those used for the Balkan route in order to close the migrant corridors of the central Mediterranean, foster stability and fight terrorism, European Parliament president Antonio Tajani said on Wednesday.
What is instead needed are adequate funds for FRONTEX and the new EU Coast and Border Guard, which must deploy more men and means. (Indeed, to transport the precious migrants to Italy! No change in direction of the EU!!) 

Tajani wants to relaunch relations between EU and African leaders – The treacherous Euromediterranean Process / Union for the Mediterranean

Italian victory for Islam

ANSAmed 21 Nov. 2017: ‘The Italian Ambassador to Libya Giuseppe Perrone. “We began to issue visas on March 1 and I believe we are at 8,000 or 9,000 visas if not more.’‘ ”One of the crucial messages that we wanted to give with our presence in Libya,” the ambassador noted, ”is not only attention to inter-governmental relations. We also wanted to do something so that the population is not isolated and could travel. This is one of the signs of the success that the Italian presence has had”!

DWN 22 Nov. 2017:  The Italian total debt continued to rise steadily. Last year, it reached the record level of over 2.2 trillion euros.

This represented 132 percent of economic output. This year, the EU Commission expects a further increase to 132.1 percent.
Brussels has since 2015 refrained from initiating a procedure for excessive deficits against Rome on the basis of total debt  because of the high burden of the country by the refugee crisis!
But the import of the costly and dangerous Africans continues unhindered – in secret.

The Spectator 20 June 2015:  The government of Matteo Renzi — the man billed as the Latin left’s answer to Tony Blair — seems happy to ferry into Italy a vast army of migrants with no real idea what to do with them except hope that they move on to other EU countries. The Italian premier has also been quick to champion the Euro-luvvie definition of this as a ‘European’ and not an ‘Italian’ crisis. Therefore, EUships – alongside with NGOs – are ferrying migrants to Italy and Greece

The same left-wing Italian government also took the extraordinary step of decriminalising illegal immigration, which means among other things that none of the boat people are arrested once on dry land. Instead, they are taken to ‘Centri di accoglienza’ (welcome centres). In theory, under the Dublin Accords, they can only claim political asylum in Italy — the country where they arrived in the EU. In practice, however, only a minority claim political asylum in Italy. Pretty well all of them remain there incognito, or else move on to other EU countries.

The ones who stay long in the welcome centres are those who apply for political asylum in Italy. Last year, 64,900 migrants did so in Italy — roughly a third of those saved by the Italian navy. . Even if their asylum claim is finally rejected  they are actually handed a deportation order, it is easily ignored: last year Italy forcibly deported just 6,944 people — a figure set to shrink even more once a law before parliament is passed banning deportation to countries where human rights are abused.

Last year, most were from sub-Saharan Africa. Top of the league table were the Nigerians, followed by the Malians and the Gambians, the Senegalese and even the Pakistanis. Most boat people are young single men – most Muslims, terrorists among them.

All Masonic Deception on behalf of the NWO of their God Lucifer and  here and here.


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