Immense US Costs in “War on Terror” – i.e. the USrael-Founded, Trained, Euipped, Supported, Funded Partners: Al Qaeda, ISIS and More

Watson Institute, Brown University, Nov. 2017

The US and Israel are allied with various terrorists in the Middle East as an excuse for their illegal wars – among them their own children Al Qaeda and ISIS which simply means Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Did you get that? The wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, as well as the after-care of the false flag on Sept. 11, 2001 and the Home Land Security Ministry alone cost the US $ 5.6 trillion.

Edward Griffin 10 Nov. 2017:

There are also costs for the Libyan war and the secret warfare there

Further unresolved costs accrue to the  NATO. For example, The Danish Air Force is participating in the destruction in Iraq and Syria and formerly in Libya!

It’s not just madness – it’s a London City plan for the NWO of the Prince of the World Lucifer, Joh. 14:30).


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