UN Admits Paris Climate Conference Does not Help Climate. It´s about Blackmailing and Enrichment of World´s Dictators to buy then for NWO.

After the Paris Climate Congress 2015 – which the Society of French Mathematicians called “unseen Obsession” –  the warmists cheered: Their religion had triumphed: World’s leaders had finally recognized their “responsibility” and responded to the greatest danger against humanity. Of course, it’s about life-threatening CO2, which ignorant biologists call the gas of life. Despite the objections of all reputable scientists and despite a long series of revealed climate lies and exposed fraud, the UN / World government had finally rolled over the truth: That there is no man-made global warming.

Well – Paris was not about climate, of course – but about London City’s one world government. And money, lots of money, our money, to bribe the politicians and dictators of the world for this biggest lie in  history: that the world is on a frying pan through man-made CO2 warming.


Did you notice something like that? I only notice that it rains every day at usual temperatures. If I look at the Chemtrail sky with all the sprayed condensation nuclei, I can understand that very well. But the liars never talk about that. That is politically incorrect taboo!

However, now the UN recognizes that nothing has actually been achieved in Paris. As Björn Lomborg stated: By the end of the 21st century, the measures adopted would, in the best case, have prevented only a temperature increase of 0.17 degrees C. – at a price of 287 billion dollars!

The New American 9 Nov. 2017: Leading climate commentators turned the tables and pointed out that the UN had inadvertently confirmed that the results of the Paris Climate Change Conference were superfluous and could not be worth the price regardless of the climate.

It turns out that President Donald Trump was right, after all. The United Nations finally admitted last week what virtually every sensible observer had already realized. In short, the so-called UN “Paris Agreement” pretending to battle alleged man-made global warming will make no real difference in the global climate, even if you accept the UN’s discredited hypothesis and models surrounding CO2 driving temperature change.

President Trump has not technically exited the UN’s Paris Agreement yet. In reality, the pseudo-treaty, having never been ratified by the U.S. Senate, so it  is legally meaningless.

From Climate4you

The “dictators club,” as critics refer to the UN, was trying to drum up support for even more extreme sacrifices of liberty, self-government, and prosperity to satisfy the wrath of the climate gods. But by beating the dead and mutilated climate horse, the UN inadvertently confirmed that even under its debunked models, the “climate” regime adopted by Obama and others in Paris would not come anywhere close to staving off the supposedly impending Apocalypse caused by your breathing and your SUV.

The whole man-made global warming based on our exhalation of the gas of life,  CO2 which nourishes plants – is based on Edmund de Rothschild´s lie from the 4. Wilderness Congress 1987 (VIDEO below from the 28:40 min. mark) – where he suggested the World Conservation Bank introduced as the Global Environmental Facility by brainwashed Masonic world leaders from 179 states in 1992 in Rio to preside over the Communist redistribution of our money to the dictators of the 3. world as reward for their willing participation in building the London City one-world Communist state. The GEF lends to defaulting states and takes their mineral treasures as security!

In fact, based on the UN’s phony projections, the Paris Agreement wouldn’t make a dent in the alleged heat problem, even if every government and tyrant actually obeyed the pledges — something no serious person expects to happen anyway. Analysts declared that Trump was right and justified to announce earlier this year that the U.S. government would withdraw from the illegal pseudo-treaty.

According to a press release put out by the dictators club about the UN Environment Program’s Emissions Gap Report, even if every government and tyrant that signed up for the Paris regime were to actually obey, it would represent “only a third of what is needed to avoid worst impacts of climate change.” The UN’s scaremongering report proceeded to advocate massive government spending — $100 per “ton” of CO2 — on “reducing emissions,” as well as on additional UN schemes that would purport to force governments to ban or subsidize various things. Human breathing alone is responsible for many millions of tons of CO2 emissions every single day.

“As things stand, even full implementation of current unconditional and conditional Nationally Determined Contributions makes a temperature increase of at least 3 [degrees Celsius] by 2100 very likely — meaning that governments need to deliver much stronger pledges when they are revised in 2020,” the press release about the UN’s report continued, complaining about the prospect of the U.S. government following through in withdrawing from the scheme. In response, the UN report demands that more wealth be extracted from taxpayers to subsidize cronies in economically non-viable “green” energy.

Here is the proof that “global warming” has nothing to do with CO2 – from Greenland´s ice showing decreasing temperature  in spite of increasing CO2 (from the oceans)

The report was released as governments and dictatorships gather in Bonn, Germany, for another round of “climate” negotiations.

The UN, obviously, intended its latest round of teeth gnashing as a way of terrorizing humanity into giving up even more liberties and prosperity. Ironically, though, leading climate commentators turned the tables, pointing out that the

Many leading scientists say increased CO2 will be a major benefit for humanity and the planet. But if one accepts the UN’s debunked hypothesis, the whole Paris scheme would seem to make little sense.

“See: despite all the airy good intentions expressed in Paris, the countries of the world have no desire to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions just to appease a Green Goddess no serious person genuinely believes in,”  Rather it was, as Rupert Darwall describes in his excellent new book Green Tyranny, a scheme designed permanently to weaken the U.S. by forcing it to operate on the same constricting terms that the environmental left has imposed on Europe.

In May, for example, leading climate alarmist James Hansen, formerly with NASA, exposed the fraud in clear terms — from the perspective of somebody who actually believes the UN-backed theory underpinning climate alarmism. “[The Paris agreement] is a fraud really, a fake. It’s just bull**** for them to say: ‘

Danish statistician Dr. Bjorn Lomborg, the president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, for example,   found makes a complete mockery of the alarmist cause as well as apologists for the UN’s “climate” regime created at Paris.

We will spend at least $100 trillion dollars in order to reduce the temperature by the end of the century by a grand total of 3/10 of one degree.”

impact of paris climate agreement.001

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, found that even assuming the warmist theory was correct, the Paris scheme would reduce temperature by some 0.2°C by the end of the century. Americans are supposed to suffer trillions in lost prosperity, not to mention the lost liberty.

As you may remember I have time and again written about the global warming fraud not being about climate – but about Illuminati one-world government. I have written about the blatant manipulations of global temperatures by Rothschild agent George Soros and Al Gore paid NASA GISS´James Hansen´s.  I have written about Mike Mann´s fraudulent hockeystick postulation, which was used to give Edmund de Rothschild´s CO2-warming http://new.euro-med.dk/20170206-global-warming-biggest-lie-ever-told-debunked-again-noaas-giant-warming-fraud-ordered-by-obama-co-for-paris-climate-conference-2015.phppostulation (see video below) – fetched out of thin air and Margaret Thatcher´s promise to pay unemployed “scientists”large sum to “prove” that coal energy was so much more damaging to mankind than nuclear energy – without scientific foundation. I have written about the Climategate 1 and there is also a Climategate 2 – the “Himalayagate“,  “Africagate” and “Amazongate”,  Hollandgate, Russiagate  scandals,  the incredible story of UN´s fraudulent IPCC the chairman of which,  Rajendra Pachauri in the Times of India 3 Sept. 2010   admitted that “climate science” was nothing but politically commissioned propaganda work – and how Obama up to the Paris Climate Conference 2915 pressured the NOAA to falsify global temperatures, lowering previous and raising present temperatures to make world leaders believe in the global warming scam.

Geoengineering technologies are categorized as either a carbon dioxide removal (CDR) method or a solar radiation management (SRM) (or albedo-modification) method.
It´s existence was admitted in the  IPCC´s AR5, page SPM 21.

Climate Engineering Is A Gateway To Global Government

Climate Alarmism is an NWO religion: Death penalty for global warming deniers
Richard-parncuttTalkbloke´s Talkshop 24 Dec. 2012: –  Richard Parncutt, Professor in the psychology of music at the University of Graz, Austria. In this article (last updated 25 October 2012) he declares: I am going to suggest that the death penalty is an appropriate punishment for influential GW deniers.

The problem is that the well-paid, corrupt mendacious warmist “scientists” keep telling us about “global warming” – without ever showing us proof thereof: Graphs of rising temperatures tenable to check ups.
For that is the Problem: It was recently exposed that IPCC´s global temperature forecasts  had been wildly exaggerated:

But is came even worse: NOAA was caught red-handed flawing global temperatures to have the Masonic leaders of the Paris Conference sign the treaty on combating “Climate Change”. And worst of All: US Pres. Obama had ordered NOAA fo forge the temperatures


Left: Since the time of Jesus Christ, the global temperature has been decreasing – something the warmists alwas conceal.

CLIMATE CHANGE? APPARENTLY – for it´s raining much nearly every day.

BFB2BY Water cycle

James Delingpole, Breitbart 1 Nov. 2017 Global warming is – and always was – just a pretext for an economic takeover by the globalist left, you really haven’t understood the problem.. Despite all the airy good intentions expressed in Paris, the countries of the world have no desire to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions just to appease a Green Goddess no serious person genuinely believes in.

But then, saving the planet was never the point of Paris. Rather it was, as Rupert Darwall describes in his excellent new book Green Tyranny, a scheme designed permanently to weaken the U.S. by forcing it to operate on the same constricting terms that the environmental left has imposed on Europe. Liberty-loving, free (-ish) market, democrat America is anathema to the eco-fascists and their many sympathizers within the European Union.

 199798 and 2016-2017 were anomalous  El Nino years


“Scientists” point to Antarctic melting rapidly. Global warming, of course! – so they say.

But they do know better: NASA has found 91 vulcanoes below Antarctis – and that they do melt the ice. There is some melting of the Arctic Ice but unfortunately Cryosphere Today´s daily satellite photos have been deleted from the net!! – so we cannot control the postulations any more.

Anyway, the warmist´s postulations that manmade CO2 is destroying the climate is totally untenable – for only about 3% of atmospheric CO2 is due to human activity – and there is no correlation between atmospheric CO2 and atmospheric temperature – see Greenland graph above.
Siddons & D´Aloe:  Blue line atmospheric CO2-accumulation from human activities since 1750. Red line Total atmospheric CO2  accumulation in atmospher since  1750.



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