Super Mason Merkel effectively Managed to Destroy the Old World Order Importing Violence, Fear and Shame all over Europe in Favor of the NWO

Breitbart 3 Nov. 2017  The Swedish police force has  seen great problems with funding and getting no-go zones under control. In one Swedish state, which is the size of neighbouring Denmark, budget cuts have reduced the force to a single police car.

Some Swedish politicians have called for drastic measures to counter the increasing lawlessness in the no-go zones, including a proposal to send in the military to support the police.

A new survey of police across the European Union has revealed that many officers feel totally unprepared to handle another large wave of migrants. citing too few personnel and resources.

Police who had contact with migrants also faced issues with communicable diseases. The report states that 45 officers in Italy had developed tuberculosis because of their contact with migrants and were not given proper vaccinations.

In Germany and the Balkan countries, officers complained that migrants had become increasingly violent and many said that they felt abandoned by politicians

“Europe is fighting against illegal border crossings, crime, an influx of refugees and terrorism more than ever before,” van de Kamp said.

The matter of the fact is that Europe does not fight – it invites Muslims to come and settle and here – keeping all of them- only returning symbolically few who get a bag of our money with them – and they can return later to repeat the farce.

Left: From Russia Today 4 Nov. 2017

The following Video shows the event: The integration minister only had time to speak with one family  to be deported. Another  woman was very aggressive. Note how well-clad she and the others are: At the cost of Danish tax-payers. In the end the minister had to flee. A woman jumped on to the moving car and was slightly injured: But she fought fervently for Allah and is thus secured a place in Allah´s “Paradise” (Sure 2:218, 3:195) – seen by Jihadis  as Allah´s whorehouse with 72 high-bosomed virgins for each killed Jihadi. The point is: These unwelcome intruders already see themselves as the master race with inalieniable rights and claims ,- because they are Muslims.

More than 30,000 migrants due for deportation have gone missing under Merkel’s watch. The government has no clue to their whereabouts, German newspapers report.

Putting a spin on the situation, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry told reporters that some of these migrants may have self-deported. Despite this wishful thinking, it is more likely that most of these illegal immigrants are still within the country and have simply gone underground.

Breeding is the point for Supermason Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany´s finance Minister (left) – Die Welt  8 June 2016.

A country which excuses for helping people in need is not Supermason Angela Merkel´country, she says.

Who are today the people in distress in Germany? The Germans  or the Muslim immigrants who are being taken in in unlimited numbers, protected, given  Hartz IV benefits (like unemployed Germans) + free housing and health insurance after 15 months  – Germans thereby growing poorer and poorer and exposed to unthankful Muslim young men who are and say they are – the soldiers of Allah?
Has Merkel read the Koran  – or just Karl Marx?


The main culprit is former
Communist FDJ member Angela Merkel has remained faithful to her one-world Communist  Internatonalistic Jewish/PharisaicNWO ideals.

Bild 24.10.2017 : Chemnitz – They are the most serious crimes. But in the daily press reports of the Saxon police, they almost never appear: Offenses in the refugee and asylum seeker accomodations in the Free State.

The figures from the Ministry of  Minister for the Interior Markus Ulbig (53, CDU) are  staggering.

On March 31, 2016, 41,815 people lived in Saxon asylum-seeker accomodations.

Figures from the year of 2016, which are listed in the Ulbig paper under “Scene of Crime Asylum seeker Accomodation / Refugee Accomodation”:

► Murder: 3 ► Manslaughter: 7 ► Assault: 960 ► Dangerous bodily injury: 671
► Threat: 281 ► Rape, sexual assault: 7 ► Sexual abuse of children: 10 ► Drug offenses: 268.

In addition, there are hundreds of cases of theft, coercion, resistance to police officers.

The Ministry emphasizes to the BILD that nine in  ten acts of “murder and manslaughter” are attempted homicides.

Why are many of the serious crimes secret?

A ministerial spokeswoman: “Which facts the investigating authorities declare to be press-free, depends on the circumstances of the individual case.”
Here  i.a.the  balance public interest and the protection of personal rights are to be considered.

 In the first half of 2017,  crime continues in refugee accomodations, as the answer of Minister Ulbig to a request by the AfD shows: By the end of June, there were already more than 500 personal injuries, manslaughter, hundreds of thefts, property damage, even cases of severe arson.

 And the Germans and Swedes as well as all other Europeans deserve this future, which in the Sharia is going to get tens of times worse and state-sponsored: Because they keep on electing the guilty politician-traitors.



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