Hitler´s Final Betrayal of the Germans? CIA Files Claiming that Hitler Lived in Columbia in 1955

I remember having seen a piece of a film in which Hitler pledged that he would not live if Germany should lose the war.
But did Hitler commit a final stroke of treason on the Germans by surviving the German defeat, which Hitler really was to be blamed for?

I have previously written on the suspect origin of Adolf Hitler and his mistakes.

Hitler was a Jewish agent – in 1912 brainwashed at the Tavistock Institute. He seems to have even been a Rothschild descendant – with the purpose of destroying Germany so hated by the Rothschilds who planned the 2. World War already at Versailles after WW1.

Hitler made so many military “mistakes” that many suspect they were deliberate to crush Germany.

Tap News Wire 25 Aug. 2015: New documents found at the Security Services Headquarters now reveal Hitler was a ‘British’ agent. The documents include the testimony of retired intelligence agents which alone offers persuasive evidence.

This would explain several absurdities   like e.g. Dunkirk (Hitler let 350.000 British soldiers escape), that the IG Farben House in Frankfurt was never bombed but became CIA headquarters – and why Hitler did not take the UK, but launched a war on Russia where so many faults were made by both Hitler and Stalin that it could hardly be accidental.

The Daily Mail 31 Oct. 2017:  and The Express 31 Oct. 2017: The CIA was told about a man claiming to be Adolf Hitler who lived in Colombia among a community of ex-Nazis during the Fifties, declassified documents reveal.

The files show Phillip Citroen approached agents in 1954 to say he had met a man claiming to be Hitler and living in the town of Tunja, north of Bogota.
Agents did not take the claim made by a former SS soldier seriously, however the station chief in Caracas did forward the claims to superiors complete with a photo.

His claims have resurfaced now after after Colombian journalist Jose Cardenas tweeted the files from the CIA archive that were declassified in the Nineties.

Citroen claims to have visited the town while working for a railroad company where he was introduced to a man ‘who strongly resembled and claimed to be Hitler’.

The document says: ‘Citroen claimed to have met this individual at a place called ‘Residencies Coloniales’ which is, according to the source, overly populated with former German Nazis.

This video seems to show a photo of Adolph Hitler or his twin brother in Brazil!

‘According to Citroen, the Germans residing in Tunja follow this alleged Adolf Hitler with an idolatry of the Nazi past, addressing him as Elder Fuhrer and affording him the Nazi Salute and storm-trooper adulation.’

Citroen even showed agents a photograph of himself sitting next to a man that bears a strong resemblance to the Nazi dictator in an attempt to prove his story.

From The Daily Mail 31 Oct. 2017

Agents wrote the story into an informal memo, the documents show, but largely dismissed it as a fanciful rumor.

But in 1955 a second man, identified only by his code name of Cimelody-3, approached agents with the same story, which he said Citroen related to his friend.

Cimelody said Citroen, who by that time was living in Venezuela, had claimed to be in contact with ‘Hitler’ around once a month on his regular visits to Colombia while working for the KNSM Royal Dutch Shipping Company.

various teams of investigators have tried to give credence to the theory, including British authors Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan.

In their 2011 book Grey Wolf: The Escape Of Adolf, they argue Adolf and Eva used body doubles to fake their suicides before fleeing the bunker to a waiting aircraft which took them to Denmark.

From there the pair returned to Germany before ending up in Spain where fascist dictator General Franco loaded them on a plane to the Canary Islands.

A German U-Boat then took them to Argentina where the historians claim couple had two children before Hitler died in 1962 of natural causes.

Another writer, Argentinian Abel Basti, also claimed the pair escaped to Argentina via Spain and a submarine moored in the Canary Islands.

However, Basti believes Hitler died in South America in 1971 and was buried in a secret bunker in the city of Asuncion, underneath what is now a hotel.

The Daily Express 13 Oct. 2015: The “Hunting Hitler Team” have found a false wall in a Berlin subway station which could have facilitated the Führer’s escape 70 years ago.

The programme makers describe the discovery of the wall as their “eureka moment”.

Last year, the FBI declassified 700 confidential documents. These indicate that perhaps the greatestwar criminal in history may not have committed suicide in the “Führerbunker” but instead fled to South America as Nazi Germany collapsed.

A secret memo from FBI director J Edgar Hoover declared that: “American Army officials in Germany have not located Hitler’s body, nor is there any reliable source that will say definitely that Hitler is dead.”

In the aftermath of the war, many experts wondered if the Führer had faked his death and the US Army even mounted a clandestine operation to search for him in Spain.

Armed with cutting-edge technology and these newly released FBI files, Hunting Hitler’s team of renowned investigators approached this like a cold case.

In Berlin last week, the Express met the investigators, including Bob Baer, an ex-CIA veteran, the model for George Clooney’s character in the 2005 film Syriana and one of America’s most elite intelligence officers; Tim Kennedy, a top US special forces operative who was part of the unit tracking Osama Bin Laden after 9/11, and Sascha Keil, a German historian from the Berlin Underworlds Association.

The producers have found out that there was a mass Nazi exodus from Tempelhof Airport on April 21, 1945, the day after the last recorded public sighting of Hitler.

On that date, eight planes were apparently loaded with the Führer’s personal effects.















The other major revelation in Hunting Hitler concerns a jungle compound in the Misiones province of northern Argentina.

As they explored its ruins, the team uncovered all manner of Nazi artefacts. Baer, who during his long and distinguished CIA career tracked Saddam Hussein among many others, reflects that the discoveries in Misiones were one of the key factors in making him think that they may not be on such a wild goose chase after all.

Nonsense oder Fact?


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