EU´s MSM Censorship now Fully Public. Details here

The EU and Its Paid NWO Worshiping Journalists Confirm Their 2006 Agreed Pact on “Self Regulation” on Reporting on Islam and Muslim Crimes/Governmental False Flags

Dansk-Kultur-Folder-Barcelona-Euro-Mediterranean The following simply confirms what the EU imposed on the MSM editors in Vienna 2006 as part of the Jesuit/Masonic Euromediterranean Process: Dictated media censorship about Islam and its many murderous and humiliating bestial behaviours – often as tools of European and US politicians in false flag operations

Zero Hedge 25 Oct. 2017  Gone is all pretense that journalism is about reporting the facts. These are the aims of a political actor.

Being bought and paid for by the EU apparently counts as “press freedom” these days.

According to the guidelines, journalists should, among other things, “Provide an appropriate range of opinions, including those belonging to migrants and members of minorities, but… not… extremist perspectives just to ‘show the other side’…. Don’t allow extremists’ claims about acting ‘in the name of Islam’ to stand unchallenged…. where it is necessary and newsworthy to report hateful comments against Muslims, mediate the information.”

The European Federation of Journalists (EJF), is “the largest organization of journalists in Europe, represents over 320,000 journalists in 71 journalists’ organizations across 43 countries,” according to its website. The EJF, a powerful player, also leads a Europe-wide campaign called “Media against Hate.”

The “Media against Hate” campaign aims to:

“Counter hate speech and discrimination in the media, both on and offline… media and journalists play a crucial role in informing…policy … regarding migration and refugees. As hate speech and stereotypes targeting migrants proliferate across Europe… #MediaAgainstHate campaign aims to: improve media coverage related to migration, refugees, religion and marginalised groups… counter hate speech, intolerance, racism and discrimination… improve implementation of legal frameworks regulating hate speech and freedom of speech. 

A very large political actor is, in fact, involved in the “Media against Hate”  campaign. The campaign is one of several media programs supported by the EU under its Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC). In the REC program for 2017, the EU Commission, the EU’s executive body, writes:

“DG Justice and Consumers [the EU Commission’s justice department] will address the worrying increase of hate crime and hate speech by allocating funding to actions aiming at preventing and combating racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance… including dedicated work in the area of countering online hate speech (implementation of the Code of Conduct on countering illegal hate speech online)… DG Justice also funds civil society organisations combatting racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance”.

This political player, the EU, works openly at influencing the “free press” with its own political agendas.

One of these agendas is the issue of migration into Europe from Africa and the Middle East. In his September State of the Union address, the president of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, made it clear that whatever Europeans may think — polls repeatedly show that the majority of Europeans do not want any more migrants — the EU has no intention of putting a stop to migration. “Europe,” Juncker said, “contrary to what some say, is not a fortress and must never become one. Europe is and must remain the continent of solidarity where those fleeing persecution can find refuge”.

The Sunday Express 11 October 2008: The EU has set up a first recruiting office in Mali. Will get 56 million African workers + families to the EU from Africa by 2050 to make up for our demographic imbalance.
Morocco is the first ”partner” to have attained this advanced status

The EU’s REC Program also recently financed the publication of a handbook with guidelines for journalists on how to write about migrants and migration. The guidelines form part of the RESPECT WORDS project — also EU-financed — which “aims to promote quality reporting on migrants and ethnic and religious minorities as an indispensable tool in the fight against hate“.

The handbook was launched on October 12 by the International Press Institute (IPI) — an association of media professionals” representing leading digital, print and broadcast news outlets in more than 120 countries. IPI boasts that it has been “defending press freedom since 1950. Seven other European media outlets and civil society groups based in Europe participated in the project and presented it at an event at the European Parliament in Brussels attended by MEPs and civil society experts. According to the press release, the guidelines are “supplementary to standards already in place at news outlets”.

Specifically, with regard to Muslims, the guidelines recommend:

“Challenge existing anti-Muslim stereotypes that have become pervasive in public discourse… Increase the visibility of Muslim men and women in your general reporting… Take care not to further stigmatise terms such as ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam’ by associating them with particular acts…(terror).  Don’t allow extremists’ claims about acting ‘in the name of Islam’ to stand unchallenged. Highlight… the diversity of Muslim communities… where it is necessary and newsworthy to report hateful comments against Muslims, mediate the information. Challenge any false premises on which such comments rely”.

Not even Orwell could have made that up.

The satanic Coudenhove Kalergi / Nicolas Sarkozy Program underlies this Masonic betrayal of the European peoples.

The EU is  forcing more than willing, corrupt journalists since 2006 not to tell us the truth about the background of catastrophic Muslim mass immigration; That the plan of Rothschild’s paid man, Coudenhove Kalergi, is now being implemented by another Rothschild agent, George Soros

The EU´s Masonic politicians are firmly in the grip of the  London City

Because the white race must disappear – with the help of Angela Merkel in particular. It is the revenge of the Phariseesespecially against Germany.




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