What Do We Know about Life after Death?

I am sitting at the deathbed of a person very close to me, pondering about what we know about life after death. For everything indicates that the soul is, indeed, immortal.

How do we know what?

I. The Bible
From the Old Testament I recall Ezekiel 37 – the dry bones-  and Daniel 12:13  both  dealing with the resurrection of the dead at the end of time.

In the New Testament, however, life after death is the central element: At the 2. Coming of Christ (Matth.24), the dead are raised and saved or condemned as are the few survivors of what looks like WW3 (Luke 21)  – according to their deeds or lack thereof in the service of Christ (Matt. 25).

In fact, Christ said, whoever believes in him (that is, living according to his commandments – John 14: 15,21) has already passed from death to eternal life (after death) (John 11:25).

In the parables, however, Christ speaks of life  immediately after death.

Now many of my readers will surely say: There is no evidence of  life after death!

To be sure, there is  evidence: 1) The disciples of Christ  abruptly turned intodeath-defying heroes after hiding as true cowards at the arrest of Christ. They had seen and touched the risen Christ after they had seen him die. And they had ascertained that it was not a double: They had put their fingers into his wounds, he had no fever, and walked completely unhindered.

2) There is also a neutral proof: The Shroud of Turin and here and here and here, which I have so often described. This Shroud scientifically proves the resurrection of Christ from the dead.

At the coming of Christ (Matt. 24), the Last Judgment will be set with the condemnation of  many to the “eternal fire which is reserved for Satan and his angels,”-  and the faithful who go into eternal salvation (Matthew 25).

The nature of eternal life with Christ is not described in detail, while the life of the damned in the parable of Lazarus and the rich man is terribly described (Luke 16: 19-31).

Near-death experiences
Many report that they have been dead and have entered the hereafter.

A very trustworthy vicar, whom I knew, and who died a few years ago, could report many such cases.

By the way, he was clairvoyant, had seen white and black angels at deathbeds.
Three times, while awake, he would also have the same vision of the future of Europe , which is now coming true: He saw Europe under the weight of a heavy cross, under which a many small black men were running around, while Europe  was  breaking apart through a crack in the earth. A voice said that Europe would face a heavy tribulation, but 7 countries would be spared – because they had already suffered enough.

I had a patient at Flensburg who died clinically on the operating table. He was revived, but  had experienced the following in his state of death: From above, he saw the surgeons struggling for his life . Then he passed through the often-described tunnel, saw light at the end, and came into a sphere full of peace and quiet, was received by friendly voices, who told him that he should have no fear, and “we know all about you.” Then he slid back through the tunnel and was very unhappy after his awakening. He would have liked to remain in the hereafter.

Eban Alexander, a brain surgeon, has described his near-death experience; He had not previously been a believer, but after  his near-death experience, where he was in an area of ​​a completely different dimension from the one he had known, and which had a beauty and harmony that he had never known before and could hardly describe he does believe in Christ.

Spiritism and Swedenborg
I cannot write much of this – only that spiritism was often gobbling.

From a patient, I got a book in German  based on Arthur Ford: “Unknown but Known. My Adventure into the Meditative Dimension”, Harper & Row, New York 1968 and “The Life Beyond Death”G.P. Putnam´s Sons, New York 1971 Arthur Ford, Scherz Verlag Bern, Munich Vienna.
The souls are asid to live on different spiritual levels –  the levels knowing nothing about each other. They  live at the described level as trivial as here on earth.

At any rate, Swedenborg’s visions are incompatible with the teachings of Christ: No judgment after death – heaven and hell are only places for people with different psyches, who can move from one place to another – no punishment.

Everyone believes what he wants to, most think that there is no more life after death.

This is the achievement of the Illuminati who, in the name of their God Lucifer and his New World Order, rule the world through their proselytes, the Freemasons, and possess the mass media.

This “elite” is deeply religious, which they signal with signs of the devil’s horns and the 666 sign, as well as the pyramid and inverted pyramid sign (Babylonian “Mysteries“: Semiramis -Nimrod – Baal – Horus).

 They think themselves to become gods by serving Satan and completely surrendering to him this Earth   as stated by Christ’s (John 14:30)

However, the only one who has proved his divinity is Jesus Christ (11 blood witnesses, the Shroud of Turin).

So I sit with with  peace in my soul,  seeing my wife being divorced from this world, the Limbo. For death is only a transition to a spiritual life in another shape.

I know; “At home, at home, we shall meet again” – Germans know the melody of this old soldier song.
There are, however, also many  reports of near-death experiences in a terrible place.
many videos can be googled – and no one knows if they describe the truth about Hell – although they resemble the parable of the rich man and poor Lazarus.

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