Las Vegas False Flag Apparently Pretext for Large Scale US-Intervention in Middle East: Russia Warns US of Severe Consequences of US-Guided Rebel Atacks on Russia-Led Syrian Army

The Las Vegas false flag more and more seems to have the purpose of raising a bellicose mood in the US population against the US´Al Qaeda partner and the joint US, Israeli, Saudi, Turkish ISIS-project – the US-Israeli pretext for escalating war in the Middle East.

The signs more and more point to a storm with the US engaging itself much more in the Middle East conflicts – doing the job of   and its master in the London City.
This is very dangerous and can hardly avoid leading to a war with Iran and probably with Iran´s and Syria´s ally, Russia – which the US is now provoking to the point of explosion 

Infowars 6 Oct. 2017 During a dinner with military leaders tonight, President Trump gave an ominous warning seemingly out of the blue when looking at a photo: “You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm,” he said: “It could be the calm… before… the storm.”
A reporter quickly asked what the storm might be –“Is it Iran, ISIS, what’s the storm?” to which he replied… “…you’ll find out.”

Infowars 6 Oct. 2017 makes the whole thing even more ominous:

That Infowars brings this statement without any other evidence than this: “Former Massachusetts Trump campaign official James Brower posted a series of tweets last night claiming he was leaked information about Paddock being inspired by ISIS to carry out the mass shooting.
“There is a video, this video will prove the motive. He had a secret digital profile that was uncovered over the last 24 hrs,” claims Brower” – is extraordinary – although Infowars also states that this.” Besides, Infowars states the official version that Paddock had been radicalize by ISIS – without proof.
This is no proof – but a rumour, but could promote the apparent ominous meaning of the Las Vegas false flag: A government  excuse for war in the Middle East.

Left: ISIS photo of the Mandalay Bay Hotel – but it seems to have been published after the terror act

For Trump is about to decertify the nuclear treaty with Iran on pressure from the Israeli lobby
Decertification itself would not break the US’s agreement with Iran. It would start the clock on a 60-day congressional review period, during which legislators would have to decide whether to reimpose sanctions. If they decide to do so, they would effectively dismantle the deal.

Russia Enough is enough. US provocations in Syria is fatal  

Russia Today 20 Sept. 2017 writes that the US is behind Al Nusra alias Al-Qaeda

Russia Today 4 Oct. :

The Russia Defence Ministry’s spokesman Konashenkov said that the recent well-coordinated actions of the terrorists against Syrian Army Troops on 3 occasions indicate that they possess intelligence data that can only be obtained as a result of air reconnaissance. He noted that all the terrorist attacks originated from the same US-controlled area.

All those attacks “have only one thing in common: all of them originated from a 50-kilometer zone surrounding the city of al-Tanf on the Syria-Jordan border,” he said, adding that it is precisely the same area, where the US military mission’s base is located.

The Moon of Alabama 5 Oct. 2017 writes: “It seems obvious that the U.S. military is again cooperating with terrorist groups in Syria. There must be at least some information flow between U.S. intelligence and al-Qaeda and ISIS. It seems that deconfliction data the Syrian-Russian alliance is sharing with U.S. forces in Syria is ending up in the hands of the extremists. This explains how al-Qaeda and ISIS can suddenly and very precisely attack critical Syrian and Russian positions which are known to only very few people”. (In one such attack, a Russian general was killed)

The Russian have protested several times and had warned the U.S. not to continue with their nefarious scheming. The third severe warning came yesterday with statements by the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and direct accusation against the U.S. military by the spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry.

Konashenkov accused the U.S. of “flirtation” with the terrorists and warned that, should similar happen again, Russia will take severe countermeasures.
There have now been three significant incidents against the Russian-Syrian alliance in which, according to Russia, U.S. malignancy played a role. Each time Russian officials warned of consequences. To some extend the U.S. hostility is incited by Israeli nagging. But the record shows that CentCom, the U.S. military command in the Middle East, is overtly aggressive and not always following Washington’s line.
Should these U.S. provocations continue Moscow will have no choice but to order harsh retaliations.


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