The Trump Cards of London City´s Planned Chaos in US and Europe: Trump and Merkel.

Have you considered the real NWO use of Mason President Trump – his unique gift to split Americans and the “international community” – including separating his closest allies Canada and the UK from the US ?
Trump  also has a unique gift to split the US population. A Poll in the Daily Express showed that 49% of readers thought Trump to be in the Illuminati.

The Sun 20 Jan. 2017

Has Trump been installed to start the planned civil war in the US?

See this shocking video on the resolve and methods of Antifa to promote the Soros/London City aim: Civil war in the US

Is the other side – the Trump side also ready for civil war? Yes, in the case of Trump impeachment.

Trump as King of the World on Tarot card brought by Rothschild´s “The Economist”

Is Pres. Trump an Illuminatus or an idealist?
The Daily Express 20 Jan. 2017:  The Conspiracy Zone website says: “We know that Trump is a mind control programmer.
“If his ego takes him down a road the globalists don’t want him to go, expect him to receive the same end that came to Kennedy.”

They aren’t the only ones to link Trump with the cult.

Last September, Janis and Gregory Kaighn filed a lawsuit against Trump just before he won the election saying: “Donald Trump is ineligible to run for president because he is plainly a member of the New World Order.”

David Icke, who shot to fame as a BBC Grandstand presenter and now hosts conferences on his theories such as the Illuminati conspiracy theory, also agrees with Trump’s affiliation.
He also said that it doesn’t matter who is charge ultimately, as the Hidden Hand control the country’s leader.

However, there are conspiracy theorists who think Trump is genuinely an outsider and has gone against the Illuminati when he was selected to be president.
Writer Cory Scarola, however, explored the theory that Trump is fully in charge of the group.

The Daily Beast 29 Sept. 2016 these theories are now leaking out into the legal world.

The Trump family has planned for the New World Order and this overthrow of government for many years,” one lawsuit filed Sept. 19 in a California district court charges.

“They have worked in tandem and in ‘lock step’ with the New World Order, the Axis of Evil, and the Roosevelt dictatorship that is described in the ‘main action,” the statement, listed under the “facts” of the suit, continues.

“The planning for the ‘Donald Trump role’ in the New World Order, World War III, and the 2016 Presidential election has spanned multiple generations and decades of the Trump family.”

The lawsuit is one of two filed by Janis and Gregory Kaighn, the latter of whom is an attorney. Trump, they allege in the first lawsuit, is the final player in a long game to overthrow the government and install a permanent dictator.

In an impressive series of legal leaps, the plaintiffs argue that Donald Trump is ineligible to run for president because he is plainly a member of the New World Order and “Communism is a fiction created by the Illuminati.”

According to the transitive property and a clause in the 1954 Communist Control Act, Donald Trump is a communist, which would make his campaign an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government, they argue.

What is Donald´s NWO role? To split countries, politicians, people to destroy the old world order in favour of the NWO? 

Let us see:

1) Correctly he  has  alienated  the international global warming gang´s Paris one-world treaty

2) He is now hitting his closest Masonic allies, Canada and the UK,  by imposing high tariffs on the import of i.a. Canadian aircraft, which has created an outcry.

3) He condemns the NFL/US footballers not wanting to salute the US flag, which they see as supremacist!

5) Now this disrespect to the flag is apparently an extension of the ongoing racial/hired Antifa rioter conflict und hier in the US instigated by George Soros- the London City agent: the Charlottesville and the Ferguson, Boston psyops, the Purple Revolution joined by so many Communist elitists who are sour that Hillary Clinton spilled her chance to become president – i.a. because people cannot forget her Urias murder od Ambassador Stevens  at the Benghazi Embassy in 2012 – in order to conceal US sale of weapons via the embassy to Al-Qaeda in Syria.

But no matter what Trump says, the leftist media and Hollywood attack him.When he speaks the Truth, that  Antifa and Black Lives matter are equally guilty of the Charlottesville riots as the Ku Klux Klan racists there is a leftist outcry!

6) Trump wants to separate the US from Mexico by a wall in order to avoid immense numbers of illegal migrants. This has aroused the anger of the leftist elite who used this card to acquire voters for the dying democrat party.

7) Trump´s White Staff is fired on a monthly basis or so – no stability. This may be to blame on the deep state, however.

Not only Trump has been assigned this role:

 Jewess Angela Merkel (Kasner) has been assigned the same role: To destroy Germany totally

And this is how it was brought about: After GDR boss Erich Honecker had decided to let the Wall fall he emigrated to Chile. There she had a visit by a zealous woman from the GDR´s FDJ – corresponding to the previous Hitlerjugend. They  discussed one whole afternoon – and Erich Honecker´s sister, Erika, said she had the firm impression that brother Erich entrusted the woman with an important task. This was confirmed when she forgot her briefcase in the car to take her back to the airport. The finder tells in this video that it was a 20-year plan for the destruction of Germany (for the NWO one-world communism)

The name of the woman was… Angela Merkel – who through an incomprehensible coup d´etat in the year 2000 stabbed her  mentor, Hellmut Kohl  in the back – had him ousted through one article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung whereupon she took his post!!.
Superlodge Mason Merkel must have very strong backing from the hidden hand of the London City

Hellmut Kohl was axed by the hidden hand powers because he was not the person to destroy Germany – although he was also a Jew – a Kohn.  The following may have cost him his chancellor post:
The Daily Mail 18 April 2017:  Hellmuth Kohl: Europe can not be home to millions deviating from Judeo-Christian beliefs. Self-righteous policy must remain in the past.

Merkel-fdj Left: Merkel as an enthusiastic  uniformed Communist FDJ member.

I have written about Merkel´s past here.

Merkel has apparently a Jewish mother  – speaks Hebrew – which she calls her mother language – and has a Jewish passport! See video below

Und die Merkel hat pharisäische Sympatisanten, die genau wie sie Europa durch muslimische masseneinwanderung zerstören wollen. Denn die NWO ist modernes Pharisäertum

And  Merkel has Pharisaic sympathizers who, like her, want to destroy Europe through Muslim mass immigration.


The stage is set: Collapse of the US through collapse of the petrodollar and here and a Soros paid and incited rage of the leftists.

With Trump as the central figure, the Illuminati are now staging Lenin 2 phase strategy:  The organizations spouting civil-war rhetoric are following a playbook taken from the writings of Vladimir Lenin, founder of the Communist Party. It is a rhetoric that demonizes all enemies as ‘capitalist exploiters’ (in America, where there still is a latent affinity to capitalism, the word ‘Fascism’ is preferred.) and calls for an overthrow of the government. Followers are not supposed to think about what would replace it but, for those who are curious, the answer is a ‘socialist’ government responsive, not to big business, but to the people.

Classic communist strategy involves  2  types of revolution. The first is by force and violence (they call it a war of national liberation), but the other is political and peaceful (what they call a proletarian revolution).
Major political changes always are achieved by minorities. All revolutions are the work of less than 3% of the population.

It seems that the type one revolution is upcoming in the US thanks to wildcard trump – while the type 2 revolution has already taken place in Germany which was broken in the 2. world war of Masons Roosevelt, Churchill, Hitler, and Stalin – and must remain broken under the rule of the London City.

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