Muslim Imam Solving Mystery: Why Feminists Advocate Mass Immigration of Violent, Raping Muslim Macho-Conquerors. “They have only a Quarter of a Brain”, He says

As I have written, Islam dangerously infects feminists and youths.  Feminists gladly accept that “it is ‘not Permissible’ for a Women to go more than 48 miles without husband or close male relative” – and other humiliations. Young European women are even being brainwashed to kill their own parents.

Actually,   Europe is crumbling due to emancipated, brainwashed, Marxist feminist Robots wanting to exchange their freedom for Islamic female slavery – for they like having promiscuous sex with macho Muslim men instead of with the sissies they have educated – a phenomenon also known from Denmark.

As Angela Merkel so beautifully says: “The Lord God has sent us (women) the refugees” False. The majority are not refugees, in fact, in 2016 97% of the people ferried by i.a. Italy to Italy were no refugees – and 83% are young, potent men with just what the feminists like – and this is what this imam cries: “We will  bring them fertility”!

The feminists  want to cover up that these invaders rape the sisters of the feminists – as in Cologne and elsewhere.

To me this was an incomprehensible mystery, which I could explain only by religious-communist brainwashing. But now another Imam has the explanation:


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