In the US, Planned London City Paid Antifa Violence against Trump Supporters Is now Normality in An Escalating Purple Civil War.

A wave of  politically preplanned leftist violence in the streets are sweeping across  Western so-called democratic countries – and they always leave more police state and censorship behind them and bring the Illuminati/Masonic one-world state closer.

Former president Barack Obama openly encouraged the mobs, pushing them to continue “expressing themselves”.

Obama is just a London City puppet – commanded by Rothschild agent George Soros, whose Open Society uses international thugs to instigate riots. Especially Serbian Otpor NGO has been used  in Serbia, the Ukraine, Russia, the Arab spring

Former Attorney G Loretta Lynch called for blood in the streets. Democratic members of Congress openly call for Trump’s assassination. The mainstream media ignores or refuses to accurately report these stories.
Staged anarchist agitation and violence–“protest culture”–is not only being normalized, but popularized. The masses are being successfully indoctrinated. Witness the pervasiveness and viciousness of Hollywood and sports celebrities, who have not refrained from calling for violence against Trump.

During the 2016 US election Campaign Lynn de Rothschild promised her friend, Hillary Clinton, that Trump would not become  president. Well, he did win the election – but the London City can stymie him and the US society – and that is what is now happening.

Henry Makow September 2, 2017
It’s hard for good people to conceive but Soros, Obama, Clinton and Co. are Satanists and they brazenly seek to do evil.

“What is taking place is not simple protests from supporters of a losing political faction, but a domestic terrorism operation planned and executed by the establishment majority–supported by neo-liberals as well as neoconservative Republicans–in defense of their system against perceived existential threat from anti-establishment movements.
Mob violence has always been a weapon of the oligarchy.  It is in fact a mainstream establishment operation, which uses “left”, “progressive” and Antifa symbols to pursue its political objectives.”

The ultimate objective is to create social divisions which prevent the development of a real and independent mass protest movement against the seats of corporate power.

This “chaos agenda”is a purple “color revolution“. The elites and Deep State figures behind today’s American anarchy are the same ones that funded and orchestrated “color revolutions” around the world, the toppling of Ukraine and the installation of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Svoboda regime, unrest in Turkey, the destabilization of Syria, the European refugee crisis, and the Arab Spring. What worked overseas is now being applied within US borders.

The Purple Revolution began the night Trump won the presidential election that foiled the installation of Hillary Clinton. This warfare has escalated and intensified in the months ever since, culminating with Charlottesville.

The increasingly failing Trump/Russian hack narrative is being replaced by a variation on an old theme: Nazis. “Trump is a Nazi”. Nazis must die.
Trump’s repeated denials and long history of standing against Nazis, the KKK and white supremacists, and having nothing to do with them, are to no avail.

WASHINGTON - JUNE 3: Philanthropist George Soros (L) greets U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) after she introduced him at the Take Back America Conference June 3, 2004 in Washington, DC. The conference aims to unite progressive issue groups as well as train for organizing campaigns in 2004 and beyond. (Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images)Henry Makow 4 Aug. 2016:  During the FBI investigation of Clinton’s emails, an anonymous FBI “high level analyst-strategist” answered questions in a forum called 4chan. He confirmed that the goal of the Masonic Jewish bankers is “to create a global government where all people intermingle and breed  and become one people ruled by a racially pure Jewish race.”

The mainstream media predictably fails to report the fact that Antifa anarchist groups are responsible for the majority of the continuing political violence, including Charlottesville, Boston, and the Battle of Berkeley, enabled by police stand-downs and incompetence.
Local police forces, university police, and local mainstream media in heavily liberal cities (such as Berkeley) openly back the Democratic Party’s anti-Trump agenda and act in support of the anarchists.

Masked, armed authoritarian anarchists, provocateurs and terrorists are referred to blandly in mainstream media accounts as “counter-protestors”,when in fact they are the instigators and shock troops of the larger national coup, and vastly outnumber Trump supporters (not all of whom are “right-wing).

These supposedly leaderless domestic front groups, including Antifa, Black Bloc, Black Lives Matter, Occupy, Disrupt J20, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) and others can all be traced to the Democracy Alliance, elite “civil society” foundations, establishment politicians, Democrats and Republicans, and assets of the Deep State. The connections between the Washington establishment and the myriad anarchist groups are well known. They are invariably funded (directly or indirectly) by corporate establishment foundations.

These various groups have been combined and mobilized into one coordinated anti-Trump agitation apparatus. Like the terrorist networks that they are, they function like any other CIA covert operation.

The Justice Department has done virtually nothing about these groups, while CIA-connected media such as CNN devote puff pieces to puff pieces in support of Antifa’s “peace through violence” agenda, and then scrubbing the (accurate) title post-facto for more favorable publicity.


Charlottesville was not a spontaneous eruption of violence but the new stage of civil war.

The white nationalist events were long planned. The removal of Confederate statues led to the incitement. These relatively small, fringe, politically insignificant groups are routinely monitored and/or infiltrated by the FBI. The idea that US domestic intelligence and law enforcement, and Virginia and Charlottesville authorities were not fully aware of, and ready for, any possibility of violence is preposterous. Permits were granted.

There is compelling evidence that the police stood down. (Also see here) The venue was turned into trap, a kill zone, with alt-right nationalist participants crammed inside barricades, surrounded at chokepoints by Antifa.
While chaos in Charlottesville erupted on all sides, many accounts strongly suggest that the Antifa forces instigated the violence

The man who drove a car into a crowd, killing Heather Heyer, committed an act of terrorism and murder by any definition. But this act of murder occurred after hours of street warfare that was stopped, and allowed to escalate.

It is also not clear who the driver actually was. Was it James Fields, the man who was arrested, or was it someone else? Whoever it was had the skills of a stunt driver. Adding to the confusion are questions about the identity and behavior of those who were attacking the vehicle with baseball bats.

Was Charlottesville a staged false flag operation?

What is crystal clear is that the entire Washington political establishment, Deep State and mainstream media are benefitting. Trump’s opponents have their pretext and potent new propaganda weapons. They have Heather Heyer as a martyr and symbol of “resistance”.


As detailed by Lee Stranahan (and on Twitter) there are disturbing connections to Ukraine. These same connections were also noted by Julian Assange.

James Fields, the alleged driver, connected to Ukraine is spotted on videotape chanting “Blood and Soil” and torch-marching, the slogan of Nazi Ukraine Svoboda Party. The Charlottesville torch march was identical to the torch marches in Ukraine. In fact, Ukrainian flags were flown in Charlottesville.

The Washington politicians now spewing outrage about racism and Nazis at Trump today, including John McCain are active collaborators with the Ukrainian Nazis.
Former US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland together with leader of Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Party Svoboda Oleh Tyahnybok (left)

Is it also coincidental that these Ukrainian Nazis, working in conjunction with US establishment DNC and Republicans alike, also happen to be the central figures behind the completely false Trump/Russia hack narrative that never seems to die?

Oleh Tyahnybok greets. Victoria Nuland paid 5 bn. dollars for die Installing of the Nazi-government in the Ukraine -acc. to Prof. Chossudovsky, Global Res.

Staged mob violence and authoritarian threats are not limited to the streets. Thought itself is under attack. Not only Trump supporters, but all opponents and critics of the political establishment cannot express themselves without threat of reprisal, censorship, and violence.

A full-scale assault is being carried out against alternative media.

The campaign against “hate speech” and “hate content” labels any anti-establishment media as “hate”. The attack is so broad-brush that entire networks are branded right-wing or “alt-right”, when in fact, many are not right-wing, and many are non-partisan. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, among others, are engaged in campaigns of censorship and control, including the policing of content, the demonetization and suspension of sites, control of political content, and outright censorship through deletion.

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