Oligarch Csar Putin´s Luxury Life in Poor Corrupt Russia

We remember the embarrassing revelations of the Panama tax-exemption haven of Putin´s Jewish oligarch friends. Putin tells us a tale about his  small salary as President – 119.000 euros – – but forgets to tell that as authoritarian ruler of Russia he has access to the Russian treasury.  And that is certainly the case: The state builds luxury castles and give them to Putin. And no wonder: The Russian  Orthodox Church proposes Putin as a new Csar – and his Jewish fellow Tribesmen have de facto appointed Putin King of Jews.

I recently wrote about Putin´s brand new luxury castle on the Black sea (below). Here follows one more castle, 18 km from the Finnish border – while his people are growing poorer and poorer due to sanctions and rearmament. Putin is estimated to have a fortune of 200 bn dollars, which makes him richer than Bill Gates.

The Daily Mail 27 Aug. 2017 Vladimir Putin has a new lavish holiday home with gold-plated tiles in the swimming pool just a few miles from Russia’s border with the West, according to the Moscow media.
His sumptuous bolt-hole is part of a complex involving a restored tsarist mansion famous as being used in a Soviet movie about Sherlock Holmes.
Villa Sellgren is built on an island in the Vyborg Bay, around 12 miles from the Russian border with Finland.
Officially it belongs to close friends of the Kremlin president but locals say it is the latest prestige home in a stunning property portfolio rumoured to be Putin’s.
3D images supposedly highlighting the interior of a 16,150 sq ft Putin dacha show a grandiose indoor swimming pool, a steam sauna, a billiard room and study with the Russian double headed eagle emblem.

A source told independent TV Rain in Moscow: ‘After 2010 they started building a dacha for Putin there.’

Putin has every reason to grin: With Happiness? At the stupidity of poor Russians hailing him in his luxury at their cost? Every 5 Russian is officially poor.

Vyborg Castle

But wait! There are a few additional luxury articles:

The Daily Star 26  March 2017:
Putin enjoys 20 houses, four yachts, 58 aircraft, and a collection of watches worth £400,000, according to a scandalous dossier drawn up by a former deputy prime minister in 2012.

Boris Nemstov, the author of the dossier, said: “In a country where 20 million people can barely make ends meet, the luxurious life of the president is a brazen and cynical challenge to society from a high-handed potentate.”

This yacht belongs to Putin

Putin has every reason to be thankful to the blind Russian people who adore him like a god and Pays his luxury life..

Do you think Putin could by that in  an honest manner with an annual salary of 119.000 dollars? By the Way: Russia is a very corrupt country – and Putin swims like a hungry pike in this muddy water

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