Fascist Strategy of illuminati Agent Soros´ Antifa-SA for Communist One-World Governance Disclosed by Its Own Manual

Have you ever wondered about the wave of white, Non- Muslim billow of violence in Europe associated with peaceful demonstrationsagainst  islamisation?
They call their organisation Antifa:
Rioters are being  paid by German Social Democrats. The Social Democrat youth organisation, JUSO, even boasts to pay professional rioters 25 euros an hour for making  riots
And they (Antifa) are strongly represented in German state governments.

Left: Victim of Antifa attack on peaceful SIAD demonstration in Copenhagen.

Rothschild agent George Soros funds Antifa





But also George Soros funded American “Refuse  Fascism” is involved (The Daily Caller 7 July 2017).Refuse Fascism  claims to have a “German contingent” at the massive G20 protests in Hamburg, Germany this week. Soros has sworn to subject Germany to shock therapy for refusing to make the EU a fiscal union with Germany as paymaster for the weak South European economies.


Of course, I cannot exclude that this program is a fake dropped by Antifa opponents – but the contents ti in accordance with what we do see in the USA (Fergusonville, Baltimore, and Charlottesville, the Purple Revolution against US´legal President Trump etc..

Freedom Daily:  Thanks to a random discovery made on college campus after an Antifa terrorist accidentally dropped their training manual, patriots across America now have access to Antifa´s “top secret” tactics.

As we’ve previously exposed, George Soros and Barack Obama are the ones behind the violent uprising we’re now seeing popping up around the country. Antifa is Soros’ and Obama’s pet project, as the pair has been behind the scenes secretly funding this violent anti-American, anti-free speech radical group.We now have our hands on their very training manual providing incredible insight into their tactics, and their startling plan to destroy America “at all costs.”

Antifa has borrowed many of Saul Alinsky’s tactics for their training manual. One of their key strategies is demonizing the other side with outlandish false claims, as they believe that if a lie is repeated enough, it will eventually become the truth.
This is why these idiots are constantly screaming that Trump is a fascist and Hitler, and why they constantly label Trump supporters as racists and homophobes. Their ultimate goal is the complete destruction of capitalism, patriotism (See Adam Weishaupt´s 6 Commandments) , and Americanism, as they work towards establishing a one world government order.

Das Antifa-Handbuch

Page 1: They make it clear from the beginning that they have no regard for free speech, and are willing to do whatever means necessary, including straight-out deceit, to achieve their goals for America. Demonizing the white race is paramount, but white males are their most fervently hated group of people in America. They believe every white male is as evil as Hitler.















Page 2: “To create a culture we must first eliminate all forms of hate speech”, i.e. every idea critical of our movement must be condemned as racist, homophobic., misogynist etc.
When everything else fails, compare someone with Hitler.
Refugee crises like in Syria is the perfect way to get more colored persons into America.
Use imagery such as dead babies washed ashore to get support for refugees.
Never call a refugee illegal – call him “undocumented”.
Our goal is that in 100 years, 70% of the US population will be non-white (Movement funded by stupid whites!)

















Page 3: It is necessary to gain control of the media by any means.Use white guilt and shame to kowtow men in positions of power to follow our ideals.

Social media are the battlefront of ideals. We have seen their power to kick whites off their platforms. Use social media to slap down people with fascist viewpoints. Become teachers – educate the youth to hate fascism.















Page 4: People who do not share our views are fascists and will be fired! That will make them shut up!
Our goal – when we control the media – is to socialize capital. First a better healthcare.















Page 5: Children from coloured communities will some day  build the NWO.

Imagine a world where you will never be called a nigger again , a world where you can be so gay as you want to!! (Isn´t that a noble goal?)

Eradicating all hate speech will be achieved by microchipping everybody on the planet. Chip them in the arm or neck – and Antifa-approved regulators will monitor the citizenry of the world

Force is tricky. Instead disrupt their speeches. Force the media to show our cause is the righteous one.
















Page 6: Our movement will spread to other nations – has already begun – and will be successful where Communism failed.
Starving Africans will be lifted out of poverty by redistribution of the wealth of the 1% (And together with the white world sink back into poverty when that money has been eaten up – due to low IQs! and extinction of the whites).

Container ships will become ferries and transport Africans into the US and Europe – and those who cannot work will be provided for with a stipend for a living and have all the drugs they want to pass their freetime.
















Antifa is fascist SA troops once again. By means of the NWO-MSM, their war cry: Everybody who does not agree with their fascist NWO doctrine  (Government by the Illuminati Corporations via the false Washington DC-Constitution of 1871)  is a fascist is seen by more and more people as the truth because this totalitarian lie is repeated so often:
Where is the difference between them and the Nazi strategy?

Not Trump – but Antifa is to be compared with Hitler – and the latter two both have/had their roots in the same ideology: The London City´s — Illuminism.



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