Netanyahu:”Iran Building Missile Factory in Syria. War If Red Line Crossed” – Already Happened: Iran on Golan Border. It´s about Rothschild´s Oil in Golan – Twice Saudi Reserves 

IGolan-ISISsrael has problems with its borders: Iran and its Hezballah mercenaries are moving threateningly close to Israel´s Golan border. Prime Minister Netanyahu and his ministers are time and again threatening war on these forces.
Acc. to William Engdahl , the Syrian government with Russian backing is re-defining its sovereign borders with Jordan and Israel and that, under the UN charter, is the sovereign right of the Syrian government. Quoted by Russian Sputnik 25 Aug. 2017 – Engdahl says there is a special reason for not only Israel´s but also the London City´s interests in the illegally (by UN mandates and international law)  occupied Golan heights, which until  the Yom Kippur war belonged to Syria, Putin´s brother in arms.   Two and a half years ago the Israeli daughter of the New Jersey oil company Genie Energy found a vast deep reservoir of crude oil in the Golans.
This was the main issue discussed by Netanyahu in Soche on 24 Aug. 2017, acc. to Engdahl.

Now the Genie Energy is owned by Je-wish Howard S. Jonas – owning more than 50% of the shares. This Mr. Jonas has asso-ciated Illumi-natus Jacob Rothschild of London City and Rupert Murdoch as well as the second biggest shareholder, Steinhardt in investments in this fabulous oil winning.
 These so-called philanthropists are not willing to share the oil wealth, which they estimate  to be twice as big as the oil reserves under Saudi Arabia!!

So no wonder that Prime Minister Netanyahu went to Moscow to have Putin recognize Israel´s right to the Golan Heights conquered through  undeclared Arab surprise attack on Israel in 1973.

Golan is worth a major war!

Activist Post 18 Aug. 2017:  “Our policy is clear: We vehemently oppose the military buildup by Iran and its proxies, primarily Hezbollah, in Syria and we will do whatever it takes to protect Israel’s security,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a speech just last week, adding his fears that, as ISIS is destroyed, Iran will move in to take its place

The Israeli government is at it again. The Zionist settler state is currently laying the groundwork for a justification of military aggression against Syria over flimsy claims that Iran is building a scud missile factory in Lattakia.
Israel claims that satellite photos allegedly taken by its EROS-B satellite show the construction of the Scud missile factory. The location is allegedly near Lattakia near the coastline.

Israel claims the photo of the facility shows that the structure resembles a missile plant in Tehran.

The Independent cites Channel 2’s experts who claim that the facility could not have been constructed without the help of Iran and Iranian experts allegedly operating in Syria. They say work began on the facility last year and that is has both production and underground storage capacity for long-range missiles. These missiles would thus be capable of striking Israel.

These “experts” claim the facility will be completed by the end of 2017.

The Israeli claims are missing  proof. The photos, assuming they are real and not doctored by Mossad or the Israeli military, simply show the construction of a facility that “resembles” a missile facility in Iran.

The Israeli position is weakened by the lack of ISIS in Syria. Thus, Israel may have to engage in direct military action to ensure victory where the terrorists it has supported have currently failed.”

I is relatively clear Israel is simply laying the foundation of propaganda for an attack on Syria in the near future.
It is notable that the prospective date for completion on the facility is by the end of 2017 raising the possibility that, if Israel does intend to strike Syria using this facility as a justification, it may be before the end of the year.

Israeli intelligence officials are scheduled to meet with the U.S. officials later this week to discuss the situation further. This causes some to worry that the Israeli officials may influence or otherwise wreck the Russian/U.S. cooperation as Israel has managed to do in the past.

The Daily Caller 18 Aug. 2017:  White House chief strategist Steve Bannon was weary of further American military involvement, and with his departure, President Donald Trump looks to be the only dove left in the West Wing.

DEBKAfile 2 Aug. 2017: DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources reported exclusively on Wednesday, August 2, that 2,000 mercenaries had just been airlifted into the country, boosting to a total of 5,000 the number of mercenaries on hire from the Wagner Group private contractors for service under the Russian flag in Syria. They are all retirees from elite units of the Russian ground forces, air force or navy.
In another new Russian project, our military sources also report the arrival in the past few days of Muslim troops in Russian uniforms from the republic of Ingushetia.

 DEBKAfile 23 Aug. 2017:  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu set out for President Vladimir Putin Israel’s red lines against Iran establishing a permanent, expanded military presence in Syria.  Netanyahu stiffened his warning with a veiled threat that should Iran or Hizballah cross those lines, there would be a regional war.

It was the first time that the prime minister had publicly threatened to go to war against Iran and Hizballah. After talking to Putin, he said to reporters that what is new today is Iran’s attempt to “Lebanonize Syria.

“We are looking at Tehran’s future takeover of Syria through its Shiite militias.
If that happens, “we will not remain passive,” he said –
nor if Syria becomes a link in Iran’s overland corridor via Iraq and Syria to Lebanon
And we certainly can’t accept Iranians and Hizballah close to the Golan.
“We told President Putin plainly that we won’t put up with Iran using Syria as a military base for attacking Israel.

Russian colonels have been posted at the most sensitive sectors in Syria, such as Aleppo, Hama, Homs and eastern Damascus. They are taking over both the military and civilian administration there and, in effect, shouldering the Iranian officers aside.

Infowars 24 Aug. 2017:  confirms – and writes: The Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies,  one of Israel’s most internationally visible and influential think tanks, published a policy paper last year which made a direct appeal to Israel’s Western partners with the unambiguous message contained in the essay’s title: “The Destruction of Islamic State is a Strategic Mistake.”
Author and Director of the Begin-Sadat Centre, Efraim Inbar, argued against a Western military campaign to destroy ISIS while envisioning the group as an effective tool in sowing terror and chaos in Iran and Syria, with the added benefit of keeping Russia bogged down in defense of the Assad government. Inbar spelled this out clearly:

The continuing existence of IS [Islamic State] serves a strategic purpose.  IS can be a useful tool in undermining Tehran’s ambitious plan for domination of the Middle East.

Neither Trump nor Putin have given Israel the green light for an attack on Iran or Hezbollah. But Netanyahu, who is threatened with imprisonment for corruption, is now in need of war, and is seeking an excuse for it. Therefore, you can expect a false flag in the near future.
Israel’s borders are now no longer protected by ISIS!
According to Wolfgang Eggert, just like Putin, the chances of the  Chabad Lubavitsch in Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38.39 (Gog / Magog), as well as Jeremiah 25: 29, are also subject to force their Messiah to appear (Rebbe Menahem Schneerson).

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