A Real US Motive for War on North Korea: World´s largest Rare Earth Elements Reserves (7 Trillion Dollars). But CIA says NO NUCLEAR WAR!

Do you remember Saddam Hussein and his “weapons of mass destruction”? Do you remember Libya´s Gaddafi? Or Syria´s Pres. Al-Assad? They did not want to have a Rothschild central bank to rob their poor countries. They did not want to trade their oil in petrodollars. Saddam and Gaddafi were eradicated and their countries turned into chaos – just like Syria – by the US.
Two rogue states remain: North Korea and Iran. Now the US accuses the cruel dictator of North Korea of developing nuclear weapons to destroy the US. Well, who can blame him for playing the nuclear card? The US footprints scare him!

Now CIA director Pompeo says there will be no nuclear war with North Korea.

But does Kim Jong Un have nuclear weapons?
Acc. to The Sun 11 Aug. 2017  and The BBC 10 Aug. 2017 , North Korea has made nuclear test detonations in 2006, 2009 and 2013 and 2 times in 2016 – probably with uranium, the country having  uranium ore. NK maintains that the latest test detonation in 2016 was a Hydrogen bomb much stronger than the uranium bombs.

The seismic measurements of NK nuclear tests – most forceful in Sept. 2016

Revised estimates mean that the total of missiles could now be between 13 and 21, and the country is also believed to have 4 warheads.


Each of the weapons are believed to have half the explosive power of those deployed by the US against Japan in WWII.

The problem is to miniaturize the bombs so that they can be contained in the missiles. The Washington Post just hypothesized that NK might be able to minituarize now – but states it to be unclear.

Thae Yong-ho, who has defected to South Korea, made the chilling revelation during a press conference in December that Kim Jong-un plans to be armed within the next 12 months.

According to reports, North Korea’s Musudan missiles – with a range of 3,500 miles – would be able to strike the US air and naval bases in Guam, and any location in South Korea and Japan, both critical regional allies of the US, as well as swathes of South East Asia. NK just successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile – purportedly able to reach the USA.

Writing in April, Jim Walsh, an expert in international security and a Senior Research Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Security Studies Program, said war unlikely to break out as no one wants it.

He told Al Jazeera: “North Korea doesn’t want a war, because it knows it will lose and lose decisively. That would mean the end of the Kim dynasty, and if there’s one thing Chairman Kim Jong-un wants, it’s to stay in power.”

Former Russian general Leonid Ivashov said Pyongyang´s threat to attack Guma was a “bluff”. The last thing Kim wants is a war in which his country would be leveled with the ground by a widely superior US – and Kim knows.

So, if NORTH KOREA DOES NOT WANT THE WAR, KNOWING NK AND  KIM WOULD BE TOTALLY DESTROYED THEREBY – but just wants to scare the US from repeating the dirty tricks from Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan – the US would  once again be guilty of war crime in case of an attack on NK, THE US, TOO,  KNOWING VERY WELL THAT NK IS NO DANGER IF LET ALONE

Business Insider 20 April 2015: In 2013  SRE Minerals, a British private equity firm, announced its estimate of North Korea’s REE reserves. According to their assessment, North Korea holds a stunning 216 million tons of REE, a figure that is more than double the current global stockpile of REE and one valued at several trillion U.S. dollars.

To date, SRE Minerals has signed a 25-year joint venture agreement with the DPRK state-owned Korean Natural Resource Trading Corporation for the rights to develop all rare earth elements deposits within Jongju, North Korea. In addition, there are signs that China and Russia are ramping up investment in North Ko
rean infrastructure.
North Korean REE reserves are more than five larger than those of China.

It could break China’s monopoly on the REE market, a factor that China has leveraged in political disputes against tech industry-oriented countries like South Korea, Japan, and the U.S. 

North Korea has a history of expropriatory behavior, even towards its allies. In 2012, Xiyang Group, a Chinese mining conglomerate, invested $40 million towards building a mine and training North Koreans. However, the DPRK promptly ordered the firm to leave the country once domestic workers were sufficiently trained to operate the mine on their own.

Russian investors have also griped about the tendency for North Korean firms to violate the terms of their contracts.

Russia also showing military interest in North Korea

Why do Rare Earth Elements matter?
Geology.com: Rare earth elements are a group of seventeen chemical elements that occur together in the periodic table. The group consists of yttrium and the 15 lanthanide elements (lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, promethium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium, and lutetium). Scandium.

In 2010 China significantly restricted their rare earth exportsThen REE prices skyrocketed exponentially. In addition, Japan, the United States, and the European Union complained to the World Trade Organization about China’s restrictive rare earth trade policies.

Many rechargeable batteries are made with rare earth compounds. Demand for the batteries is being driven by demand for portable electronic devices such as cell phones, readers, portable computers, and cameras. Rare earth elements play an essential role in our national defense. The military uses night-vision goggles, precision-guided weapons, communications equipment, GPS equipment, batteries, and other defense electronics. These give the United States military an enormous advantage.
Color Television Ignites Demand.

If a single country controls almost all of the production and makes a firm decision not to export, then the entire supply of a commodity can be quickly cut off. That is  dangerous.

I think this wealth in REE is the real cause of US aggression – and of a potential upcoming war. Who rules such REE rules a huge chunk of the industrial, military and financial world market.

I think that´s the reason why Pres. Trump is under extreme pressure from the deep state.

Sputnik 13 Aug. 2017: Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci said Sunday he believed there were people in the US administration seeking to “eject” President Donald Trump as he does not belong to the political establishment class.

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