Interview with Putin´s “Brain” and “Rasputin”, Alexandr Dugin. The Ongoing Fight is Metaphysical: Between Humanism and Posthumanism. Goal: Deletion of Christ by London City´s 2 Political Cleptocracies

I do not often  bring Alex Jones videos here – for they are always very long – and I do not like his boisterous style.
I have seen him admitting to repenting having been in the claws of the globalists – just as Udo Ulfkotte did. Instead he said to now being working for Christ, which he does in the  sense that he is exposing and warning againts the NWO globalists.

In the following video interview with “Putin´s brain”, and “Putin´s Rasputin”, Putin´s mentor, Putin´s strategist in respect to conquering Europe to build the Russian dominated Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostock, fascist Alexandr Dugin, Jones states to be on the same line as Dugin:

Dugin: The globalists are posthuman and here  and here satanists wanting to brainchip us – as Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo – in order to make us interfaces in their global computer, so as to have total control of us in their technocratic one world state.

Dugin points out that what is going on today is a metaphysical/spiritual fight in which Putin is the last barrier against the coming of their Antichrist (Rev. 13, 17).



Dugin points out that Trump is on that team too, an American Putin, while Putin is a Russian Trump!

Both insist on nationalism, traditionalism and “Christianity”.

Dugin tells us that Putin is fighting the oligarchs in Russia the same way encircled Trump is fighting the deep state in the US.

Dugin advocates the 4. ideology: Giving the peoples what they want, the leader being one with empathy for the soul of the people – a populist in the positive sense.

Dugin sees WW3 as inevitable due to the US deep state

This all sounds very positive – but is it any more  than disinformation?

Rothschild agent George Soros has launched a website propagandizing against a postulated Trump-Putin connection.  The website is said to be astonishingly alarmist, and demonstrates that the Washington establishment are grooming the public for war with Russia.


Here are my arguments for Dugin´s statements aout Putin being false  

  1. Dugin is a fascist wanting to complete what Hitler failed to achieve: A fusion of Europe and Russia.
  2.  Putin is – just like Merkel – a member of Rothschild´s masonic super-lodge “Golden Eurasia”. Christ said: “My kingdom is not of this world”!
  3. Putin is a Royal Arch Mason and has has purportedly been appointed the Antichrist of the Illuminati (see Comment 9 Febr. 2007). That is, if Pres. Putin is Vladimir Putin   and was not killed in 2014 – as stated by his former wife, Lyudmila – Putin himself would be the Antichrist.
    Today there is a widespread cult about Putin – both in Russia. Nearly 90% of Russians and very many Westeners – especially Germans – see Putin as the saviousr of the world – See Rev. 13:4.
  4. The present Putin has been appointed king of  Orthodox Jews. The KGB and FSB Putin was brought up by Talmudic Jews and apparently was a born Jew by the name of Epstein. Today he has a personal Jewish Chabad Lubavitch rabbi and friend, Berel Lazar . Chabad Lubavitch are the rulers of rulers and have just one agenda: To promote the 2. coming of their ben David, aka their Rebbe Menahem Schneerson in the apocalyptic Gog Magog invasion of Israel (Ezekiel 38,39) – whereupon Israel will rule the world!
  5.  The leadership of the “Christian” Russian Orthodox Church always was the stooge of the Russian rulers, betraying real Christians, at least since the Bolshevik Revolution.
    Lately, the Patriarch of all Russias has proposed Putin to take the title of Tsar!

 Patriarch Kirill I, the Moscow Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, with Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin – probably of Jewish origin – behind him. Kirill is a good friend of Putin´s  and also superrich. He is a former KGB agent – like Putin – as was his predecessor Alexei II (The Telegraph 23 Febr. 2008). The Orthodox Church was a loyal collaborator with the Soviet system, although it killed 200.000 clergymen. The Church is infiltrated by many Crypto-Jews – like Putin.

6. P´s past as head of the FSB, which is even worse than the KGB, where Putin was an agent, and the high death rate among Putin´s critics, both speak against him being a Christian – although he pretends to be one (Antichristian):
The Business Insider 11. March 2018: Alexander Litvinenko, Anna Politkowskaja, Natalia Estemirowa, Stanislaw Markelow und Anastasia Baburova, Boris Nemzow, Boris Beresowski, Paul Klebnikow, Sergej Yushenkow, Nemtsov were Putin critics and were murdered.

7. The Panama tax exemption scandal revealed Putin´s near friends and tribesmen oligarchs enriching themselves at the cost of the Russian people which is growing poorer and poorer.

Here is a BBC report on the assets of corrupt Putin – about 40 billion dollars. Public funds as well as  funds from oligarchs, especially Abramovich, were conducted into the pockets of Putin and his intimate friends for favours. Putin controls the super-rich in Russia – they are completely dependent on him. Russian wealth is at his disposal. He is often called the Czar. He lives a life in luxury like an Arab prince. Propaganda or not? From what I’ve read elsewhere, I think it’s true.

Putin’s new luxury palace on the Black Sea coast (BBC), secretly built under the cover of  investment of public money – yet it is Putin’s private property.


Dugin tells us a fat lie when he says that these Jewish oligarchs (video) are fighting Putin: They are his friends who have made him  the  richest man in the world but one (Rothschild) – richer than Bill Gates . Corruption is still widespread in the Russian central government.

Beware. This talk of the Antichrist does seem to be a blind for the one most suspect and best fulfilling that role at the moment – Mason and Hegelian antithesis to America, “Vladimir Putin” – whoever he is today.
Here are Biblical links to the “Antichrist”, “the “man of sin” 2. Thessalonians 2:3-4
Daniel 7:25, Revelation 13:31, 1. John 2:18 to lure mankind away from Christ.

As Dugin states: It´s all a matter of fighting Jesus Christ in a unilateral spiritual war.


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